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Migrant Unemployment Hits Record High in Germany- 2 Million on the Dole

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Merkel’s dream of ‘refugees’ replacing the aging German workforce goes up in flames as 2 million immigrants go on the dole.

By Vijeta Uniyal | 6 October 2017

TRUTH REVOLT — Remember the Progressive claim that ‘refugees’ swarming into Europe will boost the continent’s workforce? “What the refugees bring us is more valuable than gold,” Germany Social Democratic leader politician Martin Schulz assured his countrymen witnessing the migrant stampede.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, too, assured the anxious Germans that a labor market boom was just around the corner.

“Angela Merkel says Germany needs ‘viable solutions’ to integrate refugees into the workforce,” reported the Germany broadcaster Deutsche Welle last year. “Many [refugees] are in integration courses or waiting to get into them,” Merkel said. “I think we will need to show some patience, but must be ready at any time to develop viable solutions.”

More than two years after Merkel fateful decision to open the country’s border to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, Germany still has an aging workforce, but migrants lining up to ease the country’s workforce demands are nowhere to be seen. The migrants, mostly Arab and Muslim man of fighting age, instead heeding the call of the Teutonic workforce, have taken refuge in the fatherland’s generous welfare system. […]

3 Comments on Migrant Unemployment Hits Record High in Germany- 2 Million on the Dole

  1. ..these wogs DON’T come to Germany (or Canada, Britain, France, et. al.), to work, but they come to MOOCH the social welfare system! Go to Toronto (Canada), and see EVERY Syrian woman is pregnant, their men folk are built like wrestlers, they push 3 little wogs in tandem baby carriages, get fast tracked into TCHC (social housing), collect welfare cheques and DON’T want to work, but make babies for Allah and plot how to kill the stupid, white Canadians that are paying their welfare cheques!…..30 years, and FINAL collapse of the West?

  2. Plus these 2 million migrants, are just the leading edge for an estimated 7 million more relatives of those migrants, who will be allowed to move to Germany under its ‘migrant / refugee family reunion’ laws

    Classic Cloward-Piven, the Western countries’ generous welfare systems to be milked & over-used until they collapse

    Brewing beneath the radar, is the readiness of Eastern Europe to ‘build a new wall’ against Western Europe, to keep out migrants currently in Germany etc … the EU’s ‘open borders’ do not have a long future

    • People in the West do not have a good idea why these ‘migrants’ are coming…we are given very conflicted information in the US, if at all, about this situation in Europe. It needs to be broken down so people can understand it. They try very hard to contain us in an information bubble over here.

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