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Mass Shootings: What a F’ing Coincidence

All of a sudden, as if by osmosis and mushrooms sprouting in a forest, reporting on “mass shootings” goes off the charts. Prior to 2007, it was hardly ever heard of in American life. Now, there seems to be one weekly, especially on Fridays. Although Las Vegas shifted to a Sunday, it has gotten to be an inside TGIF observation between The New Nationalist’s Torchy Blane and I.

Starting in 2012, a plague of crazed “no-motive” boogeymen came out of left field. The latest twist and iteration is the “ISIS connection” and, of course, “mental illness” and “manifestos.” It’s amazing what hoaxes and a Crime Syndicate-controlled media can create.

Setting a new standard for photoshopped-looking crazed personas

Looking at the long-term trends and based on my close examination of a number of high profile shooting events, my estimate is that at least 90% of these reports in recent years are hoaxes or agitprop fabrications.

I have heard no plausible explanations as to why there has been at least a 20-fold increase of these reported mass-shooter events against random-stranger targets in recent years. Where did the mentally ill, online “jihad forums” osmosis come from? What’s with Fridays? Why is it always low-value targets, while as in previous eras it was high-value and ranking targets? What are the odds? What is the standard deviation? Astronomical is the answer.

Assassination of Czar Alexander II in 1881

We have also witnessed unprecedented numbers of miraculous recoveries from severe bullet wounds throughout the events of the last several years. A couple stand out from Las Vegas. Yes, we have all seen the absurd images of Jesus Campos walking onto the “Ellen” show two weeks after taking an AR round in the leg and looking 35 pounds heavier. But what about this actor climbing out of his hospital bed to greet President Trump days after being shot through the leg. Notice the WTF look on Melania Trump’s face. She’s probably not in on it.

Here we have the Gofundme page of one Braden Matejka. Shot in the head, Braden informs us that he has brain bleeding, brain swelling, fluid in the brain cavity, blurred sight and is cross-eyed. He still was able to muster up his charity page 26 hours later and take this photo. His face exhibits no signs of trauma, swelling, or blackened eyes. Nor is he even crossed-eyed as he claims. He doesn’t look to be in the slightest discomfort. He was also kind enough to provide us with a photo of what bullet entrance and exit wounds into the head are supposed to look like. Fail.

Renegade Radio had a top notch show with Kyle Hunt interviewing Dr. Nick Kollerstorm (hour 1) and Dr. James Fetzer (hour 2) on staged deceptions. Kyle was superbly prepared on the topics and questions. Late in the show, Fetzer mentioned that their researchers had seen evidence that some corpses were utilized at Las Vegas. As mentioned in earlier posts, this was my sense as well. I am open to the targeted individuals or hybrid theory, but I’ve seen no evidence of it to date.

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  1. Absolutely agree. Always the same profile, frequently ex-military, disillusioned, troubled. A lot of it is to rally people around gun restrictions and ultimately confiscation. It also incites lots of fear and loathing towards Muslims/jihadis. But people don’t realize that a lot of the rabble that passes for jihadis is in fact released felons from all corners of the Muslim world and planet rounded up into mercenary terror units. Great piece about the the Turkish situation on by Meissen explaining the nature of these jihadi groups and how they are fundamentally devients looking for a violent outlet. Erdogan finds himself against the wall this time. All with US help of course. Have you seen any footage of this drama, Russ? I’m sure the film is blurry and useless, just like the recent beating of the handicapped fellow posted on FB. Not buying that one either. Oh, a friend of mine reports that the Polish TV news reported a similar incident in Poland on THE EXACT SAME DAY! What a coincidence!

  2. So illogical for ‘turrrroists’ to waste money and time by attacking an airport in a random shooting. As Douteux said below, same profile, same background, same buzzwords thrown out by the media. Why is this considered terrorism and not just a regular crime?

  3. As an aside – I recall you used the word “hybrid” to characterize Las Vegas in your first post and that word has directed my own thinking.

    Evidence for a “targeted individuals” event? – I suppose much of the actual evidence has been destroyed or prevented from existing – that’s SOP. So you’re left with highly speculative, meta-evidence – this one just feels different – it’s the (at this point) agenda-less staged atrocity. Go through every one and see the clear agendas – Boston Marathon – martial law practice event … Orlando – pride month add-on – and on and on and on.

    But LasVegas is down the memory hole – don’t expect a grievously injured survivor to be at center ice for a new Vegas NHL game – like for the Boston Bruins (am I the only one getting this sense?! – the true test as I have said will be at the SuperBowl in Feb)

    That means two things – either the execution was thought so embarrassing that it was felt best to put it to rest (a very similar thing I think happened – much smaller scale – for the on-air shooting of the tele-journalist in Virginia – that was totally pathetic execution-wise and soon forgotten)

    Or – the actual agenda was necessarily private – perhaps, for example, “targeted individuals”

    I don’t know – I vote for the second – just too much commotion and LasVegas – predictably to all – will take huge tourist dollar hits for someone not to have been pursuing high value targets of some sort. (It will be interesting to see how that “body-scanner-in-casinos” theory plays out – think any casinos are eager to give their guests that news right at this point?)

  4. “Why is it always low-value targets, while as in previous eras it was high-value and ranking targets?”
    This is the loudest evidence possible. Perhaps these foreign ISIS terrorists are so dumb that they miss the low hanging fruit of invading a school, grocery store or a gas station. Yet they show up always to targets that are guarded and have FEMA drills going on at the same time.

  5. More Las Vegas massacre ‘investigation’ nonsense … the computer in ‘Stephen Paddock’s Mandalay Bay hotel room’ supposedly had the hard drive missing … so along with impossibly huge amounts of guns, ammunition & gear, & tools with which he noisily installed electronic & mechanical devices in hotel hallways “with no one noticing” … ‘Paddock’ was allegedly lugging around a useless computer. Of course.

    And then we have a story that another of Paddock’s brothers – not the Eric Paddock who spoke to media on the YouTube videos looking so fake – but brother Bruce Paddock, has been arrested in Los Angeles for ‘child pornography’. Seems ‘Bruce’ did not want to go along with the government lies and nonsense.

    Alleged ‘child porn’ is the most easily faked of all crimes, an easy tool for security services. Child porn can be planted remotely on people’s computers, or posted on the computer after the computer is seized. Dishonest ‘IT experts’ – perhaps themselves blackmailed via child porn – can be hustled up to ‘testify’ against the target.

    In the UK there was a recent political railroading of an eccentric political writer on Veterans Today, barrister Michael Shrimpton … when they seized Shrimpton’s computer on another charge, voilà they found ‘gay kiddie porn’ on it … but as Shrimpton had his computer analysed, he found that the hard-drive had been swapped … & the serial number of the new hard drive, combined with the manufacturer’s register, showed that it could not have been a hard drive either on the original computer, or one purchased by Shrimpton … it was clear the UK security services had swapped it out to plant false kiddie porn evidence against him.

  6. The harder the popular media steers me from truth, the worse it stinks. I come here for some fresh air and a look at the other side of the coin. I buy a lot of coins so I learned how to look real hard as fake stuff abounds.

  7. I think that your questions are good ones, and the kind which the mainstream media ought to be asking. So I will attempt to answer them to the best of my ability.

    > The latest twist and iteration is the “ISIS connection” and, of course, “mental illness” and “manifestos.”

    Manifestos provide a plausible motive, and serve as a cover story for mind control. Oswald is a classic example: when historians refer to how he was “sheep dipped”, they are talking about how a political backstory was created so people would believe that he had a political motive for terrorist acts that he would be blamed for later. This is indirectly addressed in the (now declassified) Northwoods memo — but when JFK refused to approve that false flag operation, the CIA and the joint chiefs of staff decided to remove him. At this point Oswald was repurposed, and given a role as the unwitting patsy in the JFK assassination. Another “manifesto” example is the UNABOMBER — a documented MKULTRA test subject. His participation in that program was trivialized and whitewashed, and the full details were never revealed.

    “I can hypnotize a man — without his knowledge or consent — into committing treason against the United States. During World War II, I worked this technique with a vulnerable marine lieutenant. I split his personality: HE TALKED COMMUNIST DOCTRINE AND MEANT IT. He was welcomed enthusiastically by communist cells, and was deliberately given a dishonorable discharge by the corps and became a card-carrying party member. The key to creating an effective spy or assassin rests in creating a multiple personality with the aid of hypnotism. This is not science fiction: I have done it.” —George Estabrooks

    > I have heard no plausible explanations as to why there has been at least a 20-fold increase of these reported mass-shooter events against random-stranger targets in recent years.

    Do you remember how, for so many months after 9/11, bogus “terror alerts” kept scrolling across the news ticker at the bottom of your TV screen, so nobody would oppose mass surveillance legislation and the ever-expanding war in the middle east?

    Wars were planned

    Manufactured threats


  8. The object is the same here: the purpose of random shootings is to terrorize the entire population, and keep us in a heightened state of anxiety, so we become eager to trade our rights for the illusion of security. The CIA has social engineering manuals which describe how to exert “maximum stress” on a society for the purpose of regime change. And now those techniques which they used abroad for generations are being turned against the domestic population.

    Who benefits from random acts of terrorism? Only people in government with hidden agendas, who want more power. It certainly does not help the shooter, or his supposed cause (if one is even presented.) So far, the deep state has succeeded in gaining the power to spy on everyone without a warrant. But they wanted a lot more than that. So mass shootings must be increased, because previous flaps did not produce the intended effect — such as martial law, gun confiscation, elimination of more due process rights, et cetera. They have a somewhat flexible timetable, but it will not remain flexible indefinitely. And the public’s ability to contradict official narratives makes them a trifle nervous – hence the YouTube purges and the obsession with censoring social media networks.

    > Where did the mentally ill, online “jihad forums” osmosis come from?

    Jihad forums are psy-ops and honeypots. They attract potential patsies, provide back-story for false flag attacks, help to justify secret budgets and illegal covert action. The mentally ill have always been with us, just under-utilized: Communism has been defeated now. Al qaeda and ISIS/ISIL are no longer credible threats. The deep state needs more terrorists to justify ever-expanding “national security” budgets, fusion centers, mass surveillance by an ever-increasing number of government agencies, continued restriction of liberties and due process. The mentally ill fit the bill:



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      • Incidentally although I have real disagreements with you- several of your comments I grade quite good such as this one:

        The object is the same here the purpose of random shootings is to terrorize the entire population, and keep us in a heightened state of anxiety, so we become eager to trade our rights for the illusion of security —-etc ,etc.

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