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10 Reasons for Staged-Deception Hoaxes Other Than Gun Control

One of the more fuzzy-logic arguments being applied against the reality of hoaxes states that gun control hasn’t really happened to any significant extent; therefore, the idea that hoaxes are in play is invalid. This overlooks that there are about 10 other reasons for hoaxes other than simply gun control.

These are multi-level frauds and agendas, with gun control being but one element. Here are 10 other reasons these frauds are committed on the public:

  1. There is the victimization stance which allows the aggrieved to proceed with their agendas (such as gender fluidity in the case of Orlando) without criticism. The subset of this is gaslighting, or calling truthers or “conspiracy theorists” crazy.
  2. There is a mental health and pharma agenda, and that extends so far as “pre-crime” detection or get ’em before they “act out.”
  3. There is a Muslim demonization boogeyman agenda in the case of Orlando, Paris and others. There is a “right-wing nut” demonization agit-prop being promoted as well.
  4. There is large-scale charity fraud and looting from government involved. I believe global crime syndicates and the media are behind this. For example, just one charity in Orlando has scammed $6 million in only 10 days.
  5. There is promotion of and expansion of the police state, sales of equipment, security services and implementation of the Israeli security model.
  6. There is an effort to take control of the Internet and to curtail free speech using the misnomer “hate speech” and nonsense like “radicalized on the Internet.” This links backed to the victimization stance. Immediately following Orlando, the Senate was just two votes away from granting the FBI warrantless access to your browsing history and emails.
  7. It is a form of black magic or agit-prop mind control to run live tests of what they can pull off on the population.
  8. There is a power grab in which federal agencies, such as the FBI and DHS, grab jurisdiction over local police in any crime they choose.
  9. Creates fear and synthetic realities which promote a problem-reaction-solution atmosphere.
  10. The Luciferians behind these hoaxes and/or false flags are sick, evil, twisted psychotics and psychopaths. They feel superior and get their kicks from this. My term for this is the “get-off factor.”

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  1. These would be great exam questions (is Professor Tracey’s position still open? ha ha) – just add “discuss” – I think “Muslim demonization” or, say, the Muslim gambit involved in some of these events works in a rather more subtle way than you suggest; after all, there are very few “credible” voices who engage it in (even e.g. M Steyn is barely tolerated) – indeed, starting in earnest right on the night of Sept 11 we were sternly admonished that we mustn’t demonize Muslims – and considerable fears were expressed that Americans would be their racist selves and go after the practitioners of the religion of peace … something else other than straightforward demonization is going on – or at least was in Sept 2001. It’s a deeply double game in some way that I certainly can’t figure out. (Guess that’s why they call them PsyOps!) Maybe start with Zbig. Brezinski’s (sp) famous dismissive remark from the late 1980s after the Soviets left Afghanistan – something to the effect “who cares if a few Muslim fundamentalists got stirred up” – perhaps someone along the line re-thought that and saw some real strategic possibilities in stirring up jihad.

  2. # 11……Many right-wingers would have you believe that such acts are orchestrated – or at the very least rather cynically exploited – as a pretext for passing further gun-control legislation. The government wants to scare the people into giving up their right to bear arms, or so the thinking goes. And there is reason to believe that this could well be a goal.

    It is not, however, the only – or even the primary – goal, but rather a secondary one at best. The true goal is to further traumatize and brutalize the American people. This has in fact been a primary goal of the state for quite some time, dating back at least to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on that fateful day in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

    The strategy is now (as it was then) to inflict blunt force trauma on all of American society, and by doing so to destroy any remaining sense of community and instill in the people deep feelings of fear and distrust, of hopelessness and despair, of isolation and powerlessness. And the results have been, it should be stated, rather spectacular.

    With each school shooting, and each act of ‘domestic terrorism,’ the social fabric of the country is ripped further asunder. The social contracts that bound us together as a people with common goals, common dreams, and common aspirations have been shattered. We have been reduced to a nation of frightened and disempowered individuals, each existing in our own little sphere of isolation and fear.
    ***More @


    “…The kind of ties that will allow it “to spread handpicked ‘information’ and keep other news quiet, … to control the internet, to wage electronic warfare against disobedient media, and to control commercial satellites.” (2) Most of which, it should be noted, the intelligence community already does to varying degrees. Still, the control is not yet complete enough…”

  4. Good summation, although evisceration of due process via the psych system’s pre-‘crime’ intervention is the primary goal.

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