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What Really Happened to Flight 93 on 9/11?

The following video is the recording of CeeCee Lyles calling her husband while allegedly aboard Flight 93 that crashed at Shanksville, Penn., on 9/11. She speaks in a canned-sounding voice, as if reading from a script. Listen closely to second 0:35 as she whispers, “It’s a frame.” RIP.

The next video is an interview with the husband of CeeCee Lyles. The last section is of interest, as he says he checked the number of the call and could see it was from her cell phone. He then correctly observed that a cell phone call from an airliner flying at high altitudes in 2001 is not possible.

Then we have a comment from an on-the-ground eyewitness to the Flight 93 crash. He said, “There were no people.”

This one is a critical view: Listen to first few minutes of this interview with Pittsburgh field office FBI agents, who arrived on the Flight 93 crash scene. There were no signs of an aircraft or people, just hijacker passports and their paper notes.

The next video clip provides some background on cell-phone technology of aircraft flying at higher altitudes in the early 2000s, as well as “debunkers” from Popular Mechanics magazine. When I finally became curious and more inquisitive about 9/11, I watched these wizards in an absurd 2009 pseudo-History Channel (owned by Hearst/Disney) documentary and was fooled into thinking “nothing to see here, move along.” I hold special disdain for these criminals, as I went back to sleep for four more years afterward. It wasn’t until 2013 that I fully woke up to the truth about 9/11.

Furthermore, readers need to be aware that the “senior researcher” for Popular Mechanics in their highly publicized debunker articles and documentary was one (((Benjamin Chertoff))). Incredibly, this “researcher” is the cousin of Department of Homeland Security kingpin and Israel First stooge (((Michael Chertoff))). More background on the Hearst takeover and purge of Popular Mechanics can be gleaned here. Hearst’s top management is almost exclusively Jewish.

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  1. The Air National Guard admitted to shooting it down. That’s all there is to it. How could the author forget this fact?

      • My theory is that CeeCee Lyles was taken hostage and forced to read that script. She was then “disposed of”. She tried to sabatoge the production with the canned sounding voice. Her husband called out the cell phone transmission aspects which suggests he was not an actor.

        • I agree. Not only was the tone of voice improbable (except for the final part when she lost it; sadly all too real), but no one outside of an alimony dispute refers to “my children” when speaking to the father of same. Real victims grieve, while actors play at grieving. (n.b.: I don’t buy September Clues‘ premise in its entirety).

  2. Totally agree. Planes without passengers is a good short read also. Hearst corp owns a lot of local news stations too.


    The risible account of Mark Bingham’s cell-phone call to someone whom we are told is his mother – “This is Mark Bingham” – should be enough to call psy-op. Then, in true Hollywood style, they create a identity to forward some pet cause. The gay Rugby player. Shanksville and the Pentagon are so obviously plane-free events.

  4. As much as 11 Sep 2001 itself, what can drive home to people the total corruption of media with government, is when they see how they were sold the biggest media hoax of this decade, the fraud of the fake ‘dissidents’, liars & Israel-tied intel agents, mega-frauds Edward Snowden & Julian Assange

    This Mossad duo has been totally successfully debunked on Veterans Today with a pair of recent VT articles:
    Also see

    Here, a short key VT excerpt focusing on the Israeli-Mossad ties: “For the past seven years, Wikileaks has warred on the enemies of Israel, pushed for attacks on Iran, leaked material, often found to be fabricated, embarrassing to political enemies of Israel. This has been done under a guise of phony anti-imperialism & anti-Americanism, easy to sell to the undiscerning dumbed down public

    “Nearly six years ago, Wikileaks was ‘outed’ [by Zbigniew Brzezinski] as an intelligence operation. As Assange has spoken often of his admiration for Israel’s Netanyahu & has, in extremely critical areas such as 9/11, moved to quell controversy & actually suppress any investigations, particularly those that might lead to Israel, there can be little doubt who runs Wikileaks

    “Running background on Sarah Harrison, supposed editor of Wikileaks credited with spiriting Edward Snowden to Moscow leads us, not only into the middle of Britain’s MI6 – Harrison has been repeatedly tied to Mossad press assets in the US & Britain & has a clear association with destabilisation efforts against both Iran & Russia

    “The Wikileaks organisation, when rosters are checked, is made up entirely of former employees of Radio Liberty & Radio Free Europe, organisations that work under an advisory board which includes former Bush cabinet members Donald Rumsfeld & Condoleezza Rice … As Wikileaks has never leaked a single document or email involving Israel, a nation central to global controversy … Wikileaks is Israel”

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