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Paul Singer … The Jew in Samsung Woodpile

PHOTO: Steve Marcus/Reuters

29 August 2017

WIDE AWAKE GENTILE — Samsung is a huge Korean chaebol. Its goods and services amount to  nearly one fifth of the South Korean economy’s GDP.

chaebol, from Korean jaebeol, is a South Korean form of business conglomerate. They are typically global multinationals and own numerous international enterprises, controlled by a chairman with power over all the operations. There are several dozen large Korean familycontrolled corporate groups that fall under this definition.

Since they own banks and other financial institutions, they are financially or commercially almost self-sufficient

In other words, they don’t need Jew high finance.

On Aug. 24, after months of high profile trial a bribery and a “scandal” that  already toppled a South Korean president, a Seoul court sentenced Lee Jae-yong, the acting chairman of Samsung, to five years in prison for crimes including offering bribes and perjury. […]

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