A Torchy Rant on NFL Anthem Kneelers

Iknow most of The New Nationalists’ (TNN) readers pop by to read Russ. Periodically, Thomas and I chime in and share our views.  Such is the case with the NFL kneelers. So here are my observations and my rant for those following the issue. Feel free to disagree.

First, allow me to set the scene.

A dear friend of mine is a long-time hardcore Steelers fan. (I’m a Pac-12 gal.) He was immensely proud last year that his team never took knee during the national anthem, presumably (and even if for no other reason) out of respect one of their teammates: Alejandro Villanueva, who is a three-time Afghanistan war vet and Army Ranger. But then, yesterday, the Steelers announced they wouldn’t be taking the field for the National Anthem.

Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin, who is also a NFL executive committee member, said his team didn’t take the field for the anthem because they didn’t want to play politics. What they don’t seem to appreciate is that standing for the National Anthem is not a political act, it’s a patriotic one. It’s about an America united under one flag that represents freedom. By not taking the field, the Steelers garnered the contempt of both the kneelers and patriots. And doing it in the immediate wake of Trump’s inflammatory comments politicized their unprecedented action all the more. It should be noted that the Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans also refused to take the field for the anthem.

My friend swore off the Steelers over breakfast Sunday and contacted his friends who did the same. Initial reports Monday morning indicate NFL viewership fell 10% over this same week last year, which was already down 14% compared to 2015.

A J.D. Power survey in July revealed that anthem protests were the top reason NFL fans watched fewer games.

The pollster said it asked more than 9,200 people who attended either one football, basketball or hockey game whether they tuned into fewer games and why. Twenty-six percent of those who watched fewer games last season said that national anthem protests, some of which were led by Colin Kaepernick, were the reason.

After that, 24 percent of those surveyed who said they watched fewer games said they did so either because of the league’s off-the-field image issues with domestic violence or with game delays, including penalties.

After watching my friend sadly pack away his Terrible Towel and delete future games off his DVR, I took a look at Twitter. And while my friend took out his frustration on his backyard plants, I discovered a touching video of Villanueva standing alone with his hand over his heart. #StandWithVillanueva

It choked me up seeing Villanueva standing alone at the entrance to the tunnel. I think many patriotic nationalists can relate to this isolationism when standing up for greater-good ideals against polarizing politics. By the way, sales of Villanueva’s jersey are soaring.

The anthem demonstration – much like the destruction of monuments – appears to be about destroying core American values, traditions and history in order to placate the perceived injustices of the day as dictated by those without any awareness of or appreciation and respect for American liberties and freedoms.

Sports is like war. The anthem shows unity, allegiance to one another, as well as respect for those who fought real wars for our freedoms – freedoms that special-interest groups would like us to forego for sake of their feelings. I think the coach of Virginia Tech’s basketball team describes it best. Bravo.

I and others suspect that the end result of these anthem protests will be the discontinuation of the National Anthem at sporting events altogether, just as the Pledge osf Allegiance was discontinued in schools. (Is a single Millennial willing and able to recite the pledge? Doubt it.)

Sports and sports fans tend to be pro-masculine, pro-American and non-racist. They’re not part of the hyper-liberal agenda and are, therefore, targets to be discouraged and dismantled. We’ve written about this topic ad nauseam on TNN. We are constantly analyzing and asking, “Who does this serve and how?”

When San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick controversially took a knee last year, it was in protest of police violence against people of color. Police violence is a real issue, but cloaking it in race-baiting rhetoric is a distraction. Kaepernick, like George Soros, further drove home the anti-police, anti-white messaging by writing huge checks to the radical group Black Lives Matter. By the way, Kaepernick is now without a team. Nobody will sign him.

The reality is that more white people are killed by police every year than any minority group. Publications like The Washington Post acknowledge this but then try to dismiss it with faulty national demographic ratio analyses. National demographics are misleading. The majority of these deaths of black people occur in communities that are predominantly black and where crime committed by those same black people is disproportionately high. But I’m not going to get into a race and numbers game here.

The argument is whether police use deadly force far too often. I don’t envy the scary job police have and wouldn’t presume to tell them how to do their job. I’ve done several police ride alongs and fully appreciate and respect their role in the community. But years ago, laws changed that – along with IDF training and militarization of equipment – allowed cops to use deadly force if a suspect presents in their view any sort of threat to the community. That’s why they can shoot to kill a person with a knife who is acting erratically, rather than just maim them.

Deadly force is the issue. NFL players from all teams could band together on the steps of D.C. or through spot advertisements to argue the issue, rather than perpetuating a race-baiting, politically polarizing sideshow on the sidelines that does nothing but disrespects veterans, patriots and nationalists.

But yesterday’s anthem sideshow was a Trump protest more than anything else. Let’s not kid ourselves.

Speaking of sideshows, the NFL commission (aka executive committee) continues to prove itself a bastion for liberal hypocrisy. While it touts “free speech” for its hands-off approach to the anthem protest, we shouldn’t forget that the NFL wouldn’t allow Steeler DeAngelo Williams to wear pink cleats in memory of mother, who died of breast cancer; and it wouldn’t allow players last year to wear “Arm-in-Arm” decals on their helmets in support of police and in memory of fallen officers in Dallas.

In other news, I’m happy – and frankly shocked — to see a New York court sentenced Jewish politician and pervert Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner to 21-months in jail today for sexting with a 15-year-old girl. His plea stipulates no appeal. And a so-called “free speech” rally at Berkely over the weekend was a bust. Are people finally wising up to self-aggrandizing Milo? Hope springs eternal.

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  1. With the USA ‘football’, the major thing to my mind, is how many Yank citizens, not only the professional players but also simple high school boys, are brain damaged by this ‘sport’ … there is also brain damage and especially a set of spinal injuries from the UK rugby … what is it about Anglos & ‘sports’ that maim young people for life just out of their normal ‘play’?

    Ditto for boxing … The final film of the great USA actor Humphrey Bogart (1899-1957), was ‘The Harder They Fall’ (1956), an exposé of the corrupt, manipulative, life-destroying horror that is commercial boxing … in the last moments of the film, Bogart’s character calls for outright banning of this ‘sport’

    • The NFL has tried to hide the brain damage caused by the sport, and for this they’re being sued and rightly so. Players know they’re gambling with their health and future well being. That’s why they can and should demand big bucks. As long as the risks aren’t hidden from them, they can make an informed choice for themselves, in my view. The technology for helmets is being redesigned, which is long, long overdue.

      • Another long time joke has been the Superbowl is just a match up of two teams from two different FEMA regions. 2007 (Colts/Bears) was the last time teams came from the same FEMA region. 95 was the ONLY other time with Chargers/49ers. Twice in 50 years might be a pattern.

        • Yep, FEMA Region 1 (the Patriots of course) and some other region…another reason I’m no longer following NFL is I’m tired of the Brady Bunch! aka “Cheatriots”…

  2. On a minor point of Torchy’s article above … it can be quite reasonable to kill a menacing or unstable person with a knife in his hand. People have gotten quite false impressions from Hollywood movies … What is especially important in such cases is human reaction time, given what we’ve learned from many police & citizen encounters (especially in Yank USA)

    A person with a knife can throw it into your throat & kill you, faster than you can react even with a pistol ready in your hand. Ditto for the fake Hollywood ‘drop it’ scenario. If a bad guy has a gun, and a police officer or home-owner with a gun says ‘Drop it’, the bad guy can in fact usually turn around, raise his gun, & shoot & kill the police officer or citizen, before the person with pointed pistol can react.

    For one famous case relating to this, how it really happens – read of how NYC policeman Jim Cirillo, facing three gunmen with his revolver, shot all three of them before they were able to shoot him

    • Excellent point. Again, I cannot know the best response in every type of situation. There have been many instances in which police have unloaded on a suspect in situations where it seemed that less-than-deadly force could have been equally effective. But again, that’s not my call. We are only observers on the outside. The use of deadly force is what’s at the heart of the issue, and it’s an issue that’s worth exploring — without the distraction of race-baiting and politics.

      • Don’t forget puppycide where our trigger happy cops unload on a family pet (including the non violent breeds), or the botched drug raids where the wrong door is kicked in. The cops of today are no longer the cops of yesteryear. The cops of days gone by even with their faults of the time are 180 difference from the cops of today. Their masters have changed and I don’t know of anyway to fix that problem.

  3. Hopefully the NFL tanks from all of this and takes MLB and NBA with it. People should continue meeting in small groups Sunday afternoons and cooking outdoors but without involving a television set or radio (unless music is involved). I am doubtful of the earnestness of these kneeling players. Viewership was already on the way down last year and like the NBA the owners will stoop to new lows to gin up support and viewership. I feel this kneeling circus is part of that to keep viewers ‘tuned in’. The duality theme (aka no room for 3rd position) is back too as there are zero mentions of differing opinions other than kneel/don’t kneel.

    To hell with the NFL!

  4. Villanueva took back his stance, cucked by his teammates and his sponsors, for fear of losing his career and money. A video clip by Mark Dice today:

  5. This flag ceremony with players at attention only started in 2009. That’s when DoD started
    funneling TAX dollars to the NFL. Prior it was voluntary and casual.

  6. I couldn’t care less if all the players kneel. I never salute because I would never want my son to go war for any of the slimebuckets in government. I do, however, believe this NFL choreography has been coordinated with the BLM movement partially as an anti-Trump message and partially just to rile everyone up. More of the chaos method of governance. The Khazarians love keeping us divided and race baiting consistently delivers. That the black community has been exploited is not in question really, the problem is they’re confused about who’s doing the exploiting. They want to blame the white middle class, but that’s not who’s responsible; it’s the kingpins behind the crime industry and that’s a lot of people of specific heritage. The real profiteers are rarely mentioned, save the Bush Empire, but there are others including the Mafia ( which is no longer exclusively Italian), the Hispanic drug lords, and all the alphabet agencies that look the other way when deliveries rumble across the borders. Heck, most of congress is probably profiting. Are lots of black men in jail? Sure, disproportionately so? Yes, and we know it. The dealers get out eventually because the kingpins have lawyers to get the successful ones out, the weaker ones will stay in forever. Bill Cosby used to castigate the whole community for allowing their own exploitation. No one ever talks about this. I heard an ex-black panther once eviscerate the Black Caucus in congress for selling out that community. Never heard from him again. He was on FOX, boy were they sorry. Weaver, I believe.

    • Its also been mentioned here the the takedown of Cosby was partly from his comments on leaving the plantation.

  7. …. Is it Time to reconsider “taking a knee” As much as I disagree with most of the pro-kneeler idiots ….. I disagree with the Militarized ‘police” concept more. Divide & conquer … keep White & Black from uniting to demand honest police. by instigating conflict.
    So many have written ineffective tomes on police abuse of power and of the citizens. For decades we have voiced concerns. The Militias, etc., were largely born of those concerns. More Whites are shot by police then Blacks — https://www.statista.com/statistics/585152/people-shot-to-death-by-us-police-by-race/
    Why aren’t the Fans kneeling TOO?! All you FEMA camp prospects. All those worried about millions of hollow-point bullets that can store for decades.
    Free Speech ….. kneel for it.
    The police are the ones that Disrespect our Anthem and the Nation by murdering American Citizens, people’s beloved pets, People shot in bungled raids on the wrong house , they murder the Rule of Law. Look at all the people being freed from false convictions based on lying police and corrupt prosecutors. Time to DEMILITARIZE the police. What became of those millions of hollow-point bullets? Those FEMA camps await, when shall you speak out?
    Yeah sure, the POLICE – — Currently, in the U.S., law enforcement kills around 1,200 citizens per year. Ironically, that number is actually four times higher than those who die from rifles. As has been recorded, cops have killed 450 percent more people than have died in the past forty years of mass shootings.
    So now I say why are the football fans not kneeling WITH the players? After Ruby Ridge, Waco, LaVoy Finicum and the Bundy Ranch ALL fans should be joining the Players arm in arm and demanding the “police” start serving ALL the Citizens. The “Thin Blue Line” should be dismantled by any means necessary. There should be througho and objective THIRD PARTY investigations of shootings.
    The police have NO Constitutional obligation to protect you/your loved ones. The police can legally stand and watch your loved ones be beaten to death and there is NO recourse. “all that needs to be understood, and remembered is they are armed, and paid, to protect and serve the State. you are not the State. once that is thoroughly understood, the rest falls into place.”
    9/11 did NOT magically transform cops into Honest Trustworthy Lawmen. Get over the misplaced school-girl “hero worship” and start demanding fair treatment of ALL Citizens.
    Former law enforcement officer Matthew Horace explained comments made in his new book, “The Black and the Blue,” that describes various police officers as “time bombs waiting to explode,”
    Shooting a Citizen and then whining “I was in fear for my life” should result in immediate LIFE ban from law enforcement not a “license to kill” and if you pass the criminal investigation —- you can go work at a Walmart where you will be safe. Shooting a harmless pet should mean immediate firing.

  8. Took me a while, but as of 2019 I no longer have anything to do with the NFL. Player protests are just the tip of the iceberg–signed, Aggie Mom

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