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Fighting for Just Causes: Aug. 12 Rally in Charlottesville, Va.

Indications are that the rally scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 12, to defend ancestral heritage and the statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville could be quite large.

The New Nationalist (TNN) does not particularly care for many of the organizers of the event and its speakers, as we suspect some are controlled opposition. But, that said, we do support the just cause of defending southern heritage and history. 

Therefore, we are not going to rain on the parade of the rally’s organizers and instead recommend supporting and, if possible, attending to demonstrate for this just cause.


If anybody asks you why you are there, simply say, “I’m here in defense of a just cause: the preservation of southern history, heritage and free speech. Period.

We also consider those working to tear these statues down to be enemies of the highest order. This enemy is involved in replacement warfare and sleazy tactics, such as the last-minute revocation of the permit for the demonstration at the Robert E. Lee statue.

Furthermore, Facebook took down the event’s page and Airbnb cancelled the reservations of its attendees. Port a Johns were cancelled. The media (see link below) has insulted and denigrated the demonstration as a rally for neo-Nazis and haters, and completely ignored those who might demonstrate for a just cause. “Tolerance” does not mean shutting up while your country and community is steamrolled. TNN considers these actions to be civil rights violations. It’s long, long overdue that some major lawsuits be brought to bear against these transgressors.

NBC29 WVIR Charlottesville, VA News

It is also high time that the concept of boycotts be brought to bear against companies and enemies who demonstrate malice and issue slurs against the patriots carrying out their just cause and right to free speech. The high-horse enemy has lost sight of the notion that they are continually offending the sensibilities of a large economic block. Wake up, enemies, because this is a two-way street. Boycott media who persist with this extremely biased narrative and script, as NBC WVIR did, and carry signs that proclaim #BoycottAirbnb.

TNN Takeaway: Under the principle of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” we support the just-cause aspect of this event. We especially favor the “boycott the enemy” strategy. It is not necessary to be in total agreement with everybody at this event. I wish I could go to engage in discussions. The banner “Unite the Right” is not especially a good slogan. (Unite under whom? Kosher Trumptards?) But “meet with the right” is perfectly fine and acceptable.

C-ville update: large continguent of UVA students turn out last night chanting, “You will not replace us!”

At about 1:30 p.m., a car ran over several protesters. Not clear if it was an accident or deliberate. Caught live on “Right Side” feed. No recorded footage being disseminated as of yet.

State of emergency declared amid violence at Charlottesville’s ‘Unite the Right’ rally

28 Comments on Fighting for Just Causes: Aug. 12 Rally in Charlottesville, Va.

  1. Hat tip to Scott Creighton-
    Brennan Gilmore, the guy who videoed the car striking the protesters- well, guess what? Brennan Gilmore just happens to be an employee of the CIA.
    He was interviewed on CNN, naturally.

  2. totally agree with your post. IMO, too much attention is paid by supposedly resistance operations to the MSM talking points of each day. Folks, they want to organize what we talk about with their propaganda. Our attention to their talking points makes it that much more likely this will come true
    Once you know the MSM is all lies about all relevant political information (except in the rare case that truth is good for their aims) you undermine your aims and promote their aims by believing what they think and say about you matters

  3. They already have the mom of the driver on the news. Typical response for brain-dead dupes. Major family disaster or crisis witnessed on national news? Circle the wagons, lawyer up, and drop all social media posts? No, what do they do? Go on the news. Can anyone here say that is what they would do if one of their own family members had a similar experience?

  4. If correct as appears, that the US political authorities, the police & the ‘antifa’ attacking hooligans, were all acting in corrupt collusion to create a violent situation for the right-ist rally attendees – as witness testimonies indicate, good summary of that here on Unz Review, the police driving rally attendees into the line of direct assault by antifa:

    This explains the ‘sudden & surprising’ last-minute actions in court to enable the rally, by the quite corrupt, regime- & CIA-tied American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU – known for their support of the paedophile-encouraging ‘Man-Boy Love Association’ amongst other of their ‘achievements’

    This is also a painful sharp lesson for those involved in supporting the rally, who are generally inclined to favour a ‘pro-police’ political positioning … whereas the reality is that, until a certain critical mass takes place in evolution of political sentiment, the police will often ‘cuck’ & side with their masters who provide pay cheques & pension promises

  5. An acquaintance who was there said that the protesters were far away from the group that was struck..the video also seems fishy to me because why was anyone filming right at that moment?

      • No 1 dead from car supposedly and 2 in helicopter crash, which my husband actually saw since he was driving by the golf course when it happened. The photos of the car hitting people looks realistic to me. The injury count seems really high though.

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