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Oakland Ghost Ship Conflagration Should Be Wake-Up Call For Those Toying With The Dark Side

The third-world city of Oakland’s Ghost Ship fire in which 36 went to the great beyond should prove in spades that both social Darwinism and Lucerifians are alive and then dead.

New photos reveal that the so-called art collective was a hideous and filthy firetrap. Dry wood and kindling was strewn everywhere. There were no fire extinguishers or smoke alarms. Sao Paulo, Brazil, probably has better building and fire codes.

A former tenant told how cats urinated everywhere, and it was the venue for an orgy. She said, “Every month there would be a calamity, blowing the transformers, intermittent electricity, arguments, fights and crime.”

Welcome to the zombie untermensch apocalypse. With the criminals allowed to run amok lacing and spiking substances, this is no time to be a party kid, let alone go to the dark, degenerate side.

Summary of the Zombie Archetype
Cognitive capabilities: Insane
Moral compass: Non-existent
Desired agenda: Self-entertainment
Worships: Nothing
Typical dress: Rags
When you’re not looking, they will: Eat your face or burn down your surroundings

Some background on the owner of Oakland’s Ghost Ship.

Many of the pre-fire images show altars dedicated to Shiva the destroyer, skulls and symbol of death. With open worshiping of Shiva, Kali, satanism and Santa Muerte, no chance for anything to go wrong there!

Auntie Torchy offers advice for the perv justice warriors (aka gaslighters), who seem to be checking into TNN now to mock “how intolerant, crazy and insane we are”: You don’t present Shiva in her Dance of Death and Ma Kali dancing on her in corpse form with the necklace of severed demon’s heads around her neck unless your expressed intent is to invite chaos. Got that PJWs? You’re playing with fire.

The pieced-together electric wiring and what appears to be a propane cylinder in a filthy bathroom surrounded by piles of junk were a disaster in the making. It looks more like Moloch lured his followers into disaster and death.

The Molach worshiping media per usual are going on and on about these deviants, who choose of their own free will to go to this hell hole to do drugs, orgies, engage in bad karma, worship satanism and ended up burned to a crisp. To the mainstream media: Quit honoring twisted people and wasting viable press coverage and karma that should be used on far more humanist and compelling issues, such as pedogate, the criminalizing of bestiality, the kleptocratic loot of India, Trump filling the swamp, Mediterranean human trafficking, etc, etc, etc.

Meanwhile, over $1.3 million has been raised via charity scams — ahem, I mean “funds.” The following clip is of a survivor talking about all the stuff that he lost and describing how his friend wasn’t able to escape. Notice the crocodile tear attempt to cry. Would you trust this guy, let alone enable him with money?

The Ghost Ship apparently had a show that featured a familiar, contorted figure also recently spotted as artwork in the home of John Podesta’s brother Tony and as the gruesome work of Jeffrey Dahmer.

Moloch is the god of:

  • Perverts and degenerates
  • Pedophiles
  • Orgies
  • Human/child sacrifice
  • Sick looking “art”
  • Neurosis and other perversion
  • Gaslighters and fellow sociopaths
  • A lack of physical fitness/unhealthiness
  • Fourth wave feminism/unhinged women
  • Physical fatness and gluttony
  • Blue hair and piercings, unkeptness
  • Lies and Deception

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