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MSNBC’s Brian Williams: ‘Our Job Is to Scare People to Death’ Over North Korea

IMAGE: via New York Post

By Tyler Durden | 9 August 2017

ZERO HEDGE — On Tuesday night MSNBC’s Brian Williams bluntly told his panel on the channel’s flagship prime time program, The 11th Hour, that “our job tonight actually is scare people to death” over North Korea. The remarks came in the midst of a vigorous discussion which included Andrea Mitchell giving a detailed description of what the potential death toll on the Korean peninsula might be should a ballistic missile exchange occur. The panel also included MSNBC contributor Malcolm Nance, to which Williams’ remarks were specifically directed. [Remark at minute 2:00.]

n response to Williams’ unexpected and very revealing comment, Mitchell appeared to shake her head, though it’s unclear if she was approving or disapproving of what he actually said – there was no push back by the panelists or attempt to seek clarification on Williams’ words.

Though the world is currently witnessing a dangerous and escalating war of words between President Trump and the so-called hermit kingdom, mainstream media reporting has long been driven by simplistic fear mongering concerning the geopolitical dynamics driving tensions in the region. The American public is generally woefully uneducated regarding to history of US-North Korean tensions and war. […]

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  1. hard to tell what is real on north korea anymore after reading Aangirfan’s recent posts.

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