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‘The Big Picture of Child Trafficking – Mind Control Culture: Part II’ – A Renegade Films/Winter Watch (New Nationalist) Original

This is the second, follow-up documentary to “Pizzagate and Beyond.” This video is one of a kind. Very well researched, cited and produced. Powerful imagery, that must have taken a lot of time and work to assemble.

The documentary was deeply disturbing — even for me, as one generally familiar with the material. I will be very curious what the reaction of others is. If the video embedded in this post is not working, go here.

9 Comments on ‘The Big Picture of Child Trafficking – Mind Control Culture: Part II’ – A Renegade Films/Winter Watch (New Nationalist) Original

  1. This lays most of the world’s evils at the feet of famous secular Jews…would you like for me to make another list? Personally, for me, I would put Victor Frankl first, because he is so sweet and inspiring. Then I would go on with all the decent, kind Jewish musicians and artists I’ve been blessed to call friends, and the lawyer who saved our home, the Rabbi who sat with my husband all night when my daughter died, and many more….but why do it? Obviously you are pushing an agenda and have no interest in humanity. I’m a devout Christian, a Catholic.

    The only thing I got out of this was how immodest, nasty, and repulsive these yoga pants are and wondering at the back story behind the fad… Plus, they don’t even let women’s bottoms breathe…like these rubber bras. Thanks for reminding the readership…why don’t you pursue something useful like this???

    • The despicable neo-Frankist reprobates that spew out the toxins have been given cover by hiding under the skirts of the more decent Judiacs you have mentioned and by using the anti-semite epithet. I say bastante (enough!). It is long overdue to call them out in this fashion and rattle some cages.

      To your Jewish friends I call upon them to openly and publcly disavow the neo-Frankist Jews and support this documentary. That’s not what will happpen though. It will be banned from You Tube and elsewhere, and be suppressed.


      • Actually, a dear friend who had been a cantor but couldn’t afford membership anymore, told me he was always deeply ashamed of Dr. Ruthie and such,who were a disgrace to Jews. They do it privately and plenty….

        • Dr. Ruthie is a light weight and a minor distraction compared to the Jewish cabal covered in the film. The film really was just an intro. I assume you watched it all? You might take notes on names covered and look further.

          The cabal cites and promotes each other to the point they are the consensus in society and academia. This is no random accident- and it is done with malice.

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