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Nothing But Stagecraft Ever Emerged from Orlando Pulse Shooting

'Crime Scene' photo taken inside of Pulse 'nightclub.' PHOTO: via Dark Horse News

In the year since the Orlando Pulse shooting, researchers by and large have been fed a big nothing burger. If you were waiting for CC-TV or iPhone footage from the hundreds of “eyewitnesses,” it never arrived. However, a few body-cam videos from numerous police on the scene were put out and are notable for what is lacking. And as presented later in this article, some astonishing crime scene photos emerged of this dump, aka The Pulse.

On May 31 of this year came never-before-disclosed body cam footage of police entering the nightclub. Bear in mind that the time and date accuracy of police body-cam imagery as legal evidence is paramount. The footage itself is mostly theatrical and in most part dark and non-revealing. But then we see the hallmark screw ups seen so often in these events — in this case a time stamp that says 06:10 June 12. The FBI said that police and first responders engaged the shooter inside the club at 2:08 a.m.

Full video:

There is a debate in the dwindling truth community who follow these events as to whether these ops are run by B-team fuck ups, or do they do this deliberately as sort of a joker calling card. I lean toward the latter.

This video from a police cam came out in November. Keep in mind that this was a mass casualty event with 49 people killed and 58 wounded. Shouldn’t one expect to see evidence of that scale and magnitude of carnage here? In fact, we see nothing but a surreal scene. The interior lighting effect is a nice Hollywood touch though. I could find little that combined with the crime scene photos below.

Here are Pulse crime scenes photos released in January. This place is far beyond dive condition. Was it even in use? I don’t think so. Looks like a set to stage a fake massacre. More of these photos are here.

This is the layout for a nightclub? I thought homosexuals had much better taste.
What on earth?
Why are hundreds of bottles scattered all over the bar? WTF? Another round bartender!
This “crime scene photo” is simple screw you mockery.
Words can’t express- better resolution image.

Walk around any city street or most establishments in the world and you will see CC-TV surveillance cameras everywhere. Try looking sometime. But in the world of false flags and staged hoaxes, apparently surveillance cameras simply don’t exist — at least none showing anything of importance. And if we get anything from one, it will be a still shot taken from a CCTV. In those rare instances when rolling CC-TV cameras are presented, the critical footage is stopped or edited out. Why is that exactly? The Orlando Pulse “shooting” was no exception. This and the “1963 Dealey Plaza” film quality is one of my main tells for calling out frauds.

From the 320 people allegedly at Pulse that night, we only saw a few grainy videos. The one below is also very surreal, as one “Amanda” is shown not reacting to the unusual sounds in the background. Much like in the Bataclan shooting in Paris, the camera is turned off precisely at the crucial moment. All these videos come with a “disturbing” warning.

There are some videos taken outside, as you would expect. Focus in particular on the next clip starting at 0:25. I think this is stagecraft. Can you see casualties? There is an impression only. The film is blurry, grainy and a fraud. Where was it taken, when? It could have been shot anywhere or anytime.  It is not up to the standard of even older-generation cell-phone cameras. The second video is a night test on the older generation 2012 iPhone 4s and Galaxy s3 cameras. Of course, subsequent technology used in the cameras that most carry, is even better.

My personal favorite from Orlando: Actors walk by camera and once out of range drop “injured” off for some high fivin’, happiness and a little jig. Focus on the red shoe.

You will next be distracted by the emotional narrative. This will be centered around victimization stance and gender fluidity. This method needs to be understood.

6 Comments on Nothing But Stagecraft Ever Emerged from Orlando Pulse Shooting

  1. Profound amidst the above, as Russ Winter writes of “…the dwindling truth community…”

    People getting burned out & quitting … People recognising / feeling they are not accomplishing that much … Too many of us merely a minority in the boomer generation, & in time our health will fail & we will die off

    But on the other hand, tho ‘truth’ of specific cases is falling by the wayside in the general info-crush, there is a huge ‘everything is a lie’ meme gaining traction across society, especially in the USA … As Gordon Duff of VeteransToday just wrote, giving credit despite his own anti-Trumpism:

    « With few quality journalists & most press outlets controlled by powerful corporate interests, the pin Trump stuck into the “fake news” balloon, exposing what has been going on for many years as “what it is,” made up lies & garbage, opened a door. »

  2. The real tell is that there are NO BODIES in any of the crime scene photos. If 49 people were
    killed, a minimum of 40 would likely have been pronounced dead at the scene. These bodies couldn’t be moved until the forensics were done. Forensics takes a good 2 to 6 hours at a the scene of a solo murder – at the scene of the worst mass shooting in American history? try 24 hours, minimum, with forensics teams from everywhere in the area pitching in to help.

  3. It is hard to mimic nature, the market. When trying to design a bar that would appear normal they have screwed up and not used instinct. Instinct would go for comfort and appeal. The bar we see is something out of a cartoon.

  4. The whole absurd scene with bar in the photo above reminds me of sitting at one in one of the nicer establishments. The bar, which was wood, was rather narrow and designed for drinking. There was a divider were the bartender had his gear. Not being an experienced bar drinker, I was toying with his shaker on his side. He spotted me, and jumped down my throat, a big no-no.

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