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Shock. Confuse. Reframe.

PHOTO: via Renegade Tribune

By Aria Whitebeam | 9 June 2017

RENEGADE TRIBUNE — When I watch these ‘episodes’ of drama unfold, I like to try to gain some sort of understanding about what is happening. I have always been a people watcher. I can guess how people feel by their body language, how confident they are by how they talk, move their head or hold their hands, and if their is a slight tremble in their voice-box before they speak. This has always been a fascination of mine and since becoming aware of the system we live in, the effect of the environment upon our behaviours is now ever more of an interest.

For any of you familiar with my work you may have found a pattern, that when I get into a subject I like to go back in time and see where that subject used to stand. I like to know the beginning, the root. I was often scolded during my time at university for reading old books; I was told I would be marked higher for reading journals. I was once left a remark upon my paper, saying ‘did you really read this book from 1948??????’. I have always found an interest in the beginning of an idea, since when you go to the beginning you get the method, not just the recipe, therefore you can adapt the idea to your own ideal. Of course our universities do not want such thinkers in the world, only those who repeat are destined for greatness in this society.

As I have been gaining a better perspective of NLP lately, I have again gone back to the beginning to understand the roots of Neuro Linguistic Programming. I have been reading about Milton Erickson and how he discovered a way to entrance people; he had a hypnotic recipe for changing people’s beliefs, which I believe is being used widely upon us all, right now, in the name of ‘terror’.

When watching this video below you may feel a little confused and shocked at the bizarre behaviour of the parents. […]

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