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Manchester False Flag!

Manchester False Flag!By Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, MD, PhD | 26 May 2017

STEVE PIECZENIK TALKS — Manchester by the Sea … of Massive False Flags!

Thanks to the inevitability of politicians’ distress and their collective infamy; citizens of the free world are witness to the falsehoods of failures. Nothing befits a waning popularity more than a requisite false flag.

Witness 9/11 or Sandy Hook or any of the nonsensical scenarios which Eric Holder and his BFF Obama/Clinton arranged in Orlando, San Bernardino and an assortment of other imaginary events that Americans have become inured to as a continuous farce. Now we peddle these faux tragedies in England, France and elsewhere.

Take a mediocre talented ingénue, Ariana Grande, born in the nadir of gauche culture: Boca Raton Florida. This is also the home of the Sandy Hook bereaved parents. Lets allow this MK Ultra starlet to script a false narrative that will probably cost her a not-too-promising career as an entertainer/singer.

Lets’s hire the same girl, Georgina Collinder, who has a photo of her cheeks aligned with Ariana’s and rename her as Jessica Pierpoint. Claim that she has been killed in a Manchester, England suicide bombing by a non-existent British born Libyan terrorist arbitrarily named, ‘Salman Abedi’. Apparently, this benighted individual ostensibly blew himself up in the Manchester Mall, conveniently leaving only his ID intact???.

What a TRAGIC FARCE! […]

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