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Down the Dead Rabbit Hole (Again): The Multiple Resurrections of Baghdadi

Baghdadi’s grooming style is to grow his beard on only one side of his face

AP is reporting that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed once again, this time in a Russian air strike in Raqqa. A run down of his previous deaths and resurrections can be gleaned below in the article.

The boogeyman concoction of the American-Israeli-U.K.-Saudi deep state operatives is ISIS. The fictitious head of ISIS (during periods when he is alive) operates under the name Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a graduate (with a four-year degree) of the U.S. mind-control prison system.

ISIS is an invented fraud to achieve the objectives of chaos, mayhem and destruction in the various for-profit psychopathic proxy wars in the Middle East. The following parody describes Baghdadi perfectly.

Some have suggested
that the original Baghdadi was Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim al-Badrisimply, who “simply disappeared” in 2011. Shortly thereafter a Mossad agent named Sam Elliot was propped up in his place. This is the Baghdadi boogeyman portrayed in the (((media))). A man very much resembling the boogeyman can be seen in the photo at left smokin’ and jokin; with Senator Jogn McCain.

Washington’s script on this has been disorganized and convoluted even by the low standards of the Ziopathic press, which knows sex sells and takes every opportunity to inject perversion into a news story. You may recall CNN’s big 9/11 story last year featured a heart-wrenching interview from Zeinat, Baghdadi’s sex slave, who recounted in graphic detail her abuse by this fictional spook.

Reuters, however, veered away from terror porn. Its 9/11 story focused on ISIS-al Qaeda cooperation: “Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri dismissed Islamic State and its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as illegitimate but said his followers would join them in fighting the Western-led coalition in Iraq and Syria if possible.”

This was a dystopic Orwellian backstory so that Zio creation “al Qaeda” can be used to join forces with Zio creation “ISIS” or “ISIL” in a united boogeyman front against “western forces.” Confused yet?  Well, let’s go back down the rabbit hole of some of the Baghdadi creations, deaths and resurrections stories that Ziopathic media has sloshed out during the last nine years.

Reuters in 2007 reported“Brigadier-General Kevin Bergner told a news conference that the leader of the self-styled Islamic State of Iraq, which was purportedly set up last year, did not exist. …”

“To further this myth, Masri [al Qaeda] created a fictional head of the Islamic State of Iraq known as Abu Omar al-Baghdadi,’ he said.”

New York Times in 2007: “… American military spokesman provided a new explanation for Baghdadi’s ability to escape attack: He never existed.”

Three years later and now under the Obama administration, Baghdadi was brought back to life, bore a son and then both were killed.

Reuters in 2010: “Abu Ayyub al-Masri, and Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, the purported head of its local affiliate, the Islamic State of Iraq, were found dead in a hole in the ground inside a house after it was surrounded and stormed by troops. …”

“An assistant of Masri and a son of Baghdadi were also killed in the fighting and at least 16 people were arrested.”

Then in 2013, Baghdadi was resurrected again and awarded a PhD from Baghdad University. Shortly after, he’s killed again in a U.S. airstrike.

Then he “resurfaces” in 2014 and the well-known images of him preaching to a group are circulated by mainstream media internationally along with an audio tape in which he states: “… America and its allies are terrified, weak, and powerless,’ he said, repeatedly attacking ‘the Jews’…” According to the article, the audio file was released with transcripts in three languages — Russian, English and Arabic. How considerate of ISIL’s now-dead press agent.

A month later, one of fictional Baghdadi’s many wives and a son were arrested. During this period, he was also said to have raped the American aid worker as well as many Yazidi women he had taken as wives and sex slaves.

In 2015, Baghdadi was been a busy boogeyman. In brief, he beheaded that American aid worker in February, was “badly wounded” in March, was injured and died in a drone strike in April, was seriously injured in an airstrike in May, was “spotted” (with Elvis perhaps?) in Syria and Iraq in September, during which time he issued 11 commandments to Christians, etc., etc. etc. Too much to list it all.

shocked animated GIF

In May, 2016 The Guardian reported that there were numerous Elvis- and Osama-like “sightings” of Baghdadi during the first half of this year: “Officials in Iraq’s Kurdish north and in Europe believe that, having mostly recovered, Baghdadi is now moving regularly around northern Iraq and north-eastern Syria. In the past six months there have been confirmed sightings of him in Shadadi in Syria and the nearby border town of Boukamel, and a strong belief that he has also visited Ba’ej, Abbasia and Tal Afar in Iraq’s north-west, as well as Mosul …”

In October, 2016 a member of ISIS reportedly beheaded his own father for calling Baghdadi a “dog” and disrespecting the group’s ideology.

Newsweek on Oct. 9, 2016: “For President Barack Obama to be able to announce the death of Baghdadi in his last weeks in office would change the political landscape and salvage a foreign policy legacy undercut by the rise of ISIS.”

Next, the (((media))) claimed Baghdadi is cornered somewhere is Mosul. Oh, the drama! Will he be killed again? No, recent reports indicate slippery Baghdadi slipped out of surrounded Mosul to Syria.

The lapdog media will then undoubtedly and unquestioningly resurrect him yet again, because he’s a useful tool to justify ongoing — or even expanded — U.S. “intervention” in the Middle East: “White House hopeful Hillary Clinton plans to capture or kill Islamic State (Isis) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as part of a proposed ‘intelligence surge’ if she becomes president.”

Now we hear that al-Baghdadi is finally dead in Syria. Yep, we have some swamp land in Florida to sell you too. All the while the man has had a $25 million bounty on his head.

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  1. Paul Craig Roberts uses the word, “insouciant” to describe the typical Murican. I think this is a light weight description because there is a more willful ignorance at work. People don’t want to know and they don’t want to believe they are being heavily played. They don’t want to be bothered with troubling thoughts of being manipulated.

    The only thing to wake people up is PAIN. Until the day arrives that people are seriously inconvenienced, nothing will change.

    The only way this country will wake up is if we get nuked or the financial system falls apart and people starve. Anything less and we will just slither along without protesting our condition. So I hate to say it, but I think a WAKE UP CALL is in order. Better to have a great trauma to propel change than a bunch of whining morons not knowing what is going on.

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