The Anticipated Takedown of Trump on Course

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The orchestrated takedown of Donald “The Red Queen” Trump that The New Nationalist (TNN) has been predicting [here, here and here] is gathering steam. A memo touted by faux rag The New York Times alleges that Trump spoke to former FBI director Comey about the agency’s investigation into Michael Flynn and personally asked him to “let it go.” This and other issues — such as Trump asking Comey to declare a loyalty oath to him — will have to come from Comey’s mouth under oath. That may happen soon enough, as now even some Republicans support an independent investigation. House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) indicated he’s willing to issue a subpoena to obtain Comey’s memo.

Then there’s The Red Queen’s tweet that Comey better hope his conversations with Trump weren’t recorded. This is straight out of the “Tricky Dick” Nixon School of Impeachment and couldn’t be more scripted. Who but an actor or stooge would do this?

Adding to The Red Queen’s drama is the claim that he passed along so-called “sensitive intelligence” about fictitious boogeyman “ISIS” to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak. The source of this “intelligence leak” by Trump was Israel. To TNN, this suggests that not only does Trump drink the Kool-Aid but that his go-to source for “trusted” intelligence is the Mossad rather than U.S. operations. This, in turn, has allowed American allies such as Germany to engage in the Trump pile on and takedown.

The real kiss of death for Trump, as reported by the Jewish Forward, is that the Israelis themselves are alarmed. The Israelis’ “worst fears [were] confirmed,” an Israel intelligence source told BuzzFeed. You might as well stick a fork in Trump at this stage.

This further confirms TNN’s assertion that Trump was the stalking horse for Mike Pence. Pence will be given enhanced executive powers to “deal with the emergency” that we believe includes a major false-flag event [see “Operation Blackjack Dead Ahead“]. The role of Crime Syndicate stooge Mike Pence will be to completely disassemble the United States economically and in terms of personal freedoms. The model to be utilized will be the Washington Consensus invented by banksters for use in foreclosing on Latin America and elsewhere. You can get up to speed on that aspect here.

It has been TNN’s contention all along that something coming from Trump will trigger the long-overdue bursting of the financial bubble excesses. Trump is set up to be a fall guy or foil similar to Herbert Hoover. This will allow the real banksters and crooks to largely walk free.

Meanwhile, even before the financial crisis, the odds of impeachment are rising. Our call is that Trump will be removed sometime this year by his own VP and cabinet, well before impeachment. As if on cue, the New York Times this morning penned an article on how the 25th Amendment works to accomplish this.

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    • Faux outrage though? They know it is a clowns’ role in a dunk tank if they take it. I imagine someone as high up and entrenched as Cornyn knows what is coming. (quite a sorry lot of public servants, aren’t they?)

    • Chelsea Manning was released also this week. The LOTR quote from Gandalf comes to mind about Gollum. “Escaped? Or released?”. I’m sure he will be a player on the chess board.

      • Mind control must be sufficiently complete to re-introduce into the world scene. With the many likely physical changes, how can we even be certain who it is that is released?

  1. One of the bigger tip offs is the rising reluctance of FOX news pundits to support Trump. They’re all having trouble defending him. TNN was right all along about his trojan horse function. I believe he will actually resign himself and skip off to Lago del Mar amid lots of circus acts calling for his hanging which will disappear once the true overhaul is underway. All the actors will be compensated and the refugees will start pouring in along with coersions to take the veil. The debut of “The Handmaid’s Tale” is not just a coincidence especially along with the vote to include Saudi Arabia on the panel for women’s rites at the UN. I’m quite curious to see how much advanced tech makes it out of the facilities once they have the US population under lockdown. Good bye to all our jobs. The Republicans are toast, but then, they never really were at all. It looks like they’re priming for a false flag cyber event with probable physical fallout. The Wannacry virus situation has morphed considerably and is seemingly unstoppable. Heaven help our children. I was rewatching the Hunger Games, final episode recently and noticed that President Snow tells the parents all to give him their children first so he can protect them. Ahhh, the messages they send…

    • Good point on Fox and think your play out scenario is about it.

      I am out of the US TV loop now; what is the story with “Handmaid’s Tale”? pre-programming of some type?

      • Handmaid’s Tale was written by <<>> in the 60’s or perhaps earlier. A tale in which women have become both slaves and sterile due to environmental toxins. Young women of child-bearing age are given to important married men who try to impregnate them while their wives watch thereby legitimizing the child and becoming its mother. Otherwise they are allowed out of the house for limited reasons and always wear a burka-like garment in red (!) and are only fed and cared for as long as they can produce children. The wives of important men have some freedom but they’re quite warped. If you’re out of the important circles you’re consigned to work farms or you just disappear. I just read that among the Swedish delegation of visitors to Iran in February, several chose to wear headscarves. Houellebecq will be proved right- Soumission was the book.

  2. Guess the ‘Enough is Enough’ card is still in play.

    In other news: Walt Disney’s participation in project Monarch and MK Ultra can be clearly seen in the 1993 release of ‘Blank Check’. Female star in her 30s kisses and goes on romantic dates with an 11 yr old (early signs of pedo ring?), love of money and consumption, sterile uncaring parents. Another strange movie trivia from the 90’s, Trump was in Little Rascals as well as Home Alone 2 lost in new york. In Home Alone, child star and Michael Jackson (pedo ring master) friend McCauly Culkin asks Trump for directions to the lobby in a hotel. Trump made a lot of cameo’s in movies and sitcoms in the 90’s. Have to ask if it was “Hey I’m popular, they asked me” or “Hey Mr. Director, I want to make a cameo in this next movie.”
    Things to think about. Hollywood has always been a filter and projection of reality on the masses.

    • And the daily barrage of ‘Self driving cars are what is good for the people and what they are asking for” is plastered at the bottom of the DM.

  3. His foreign trip to all zionist controlled countries this week is a trifecta of opportunities for false flag.

    House of Saud, Israhell, Italy.

  4. THE LIST is a bit long. THE LIST should be mostly compiled at this point. A fantasy/hope of mine is that Scaramucci’s short tenure was sufficiently long to gather more intel on the specific globalists and their agendas. Who is keeping THE LIST? Do those with torches know the names? The less collateral damage, the better.

    Two reveals are needed: 9-11 and long-form birth certificate. The rest of the Pandora’s box opens up (including holo-shoahs) as the awakening to the BIG LIE tactics forcing much misery proceeds.

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