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HOAX: White Supremacist who burned NC store apprehended

A North Carolina black man staged a crime to make it look like 'white supremacists' were the culprits.

By Dianny | 10 April 2017

POLITICAL RHETORIC BUSTERS — Golly, what part of White Supremacist am I not understanding?

Once again, a racially-motivated crime was committed.

And once again, the perpetrator wasn’t exactly what they expected.

Sunday, Curtis Flournoy, a 32-year-old African-American was arrested for setting fire to an Indian-owned market near Charlotte.

When he committed the crime, Flournoy left behind a note demanding all immigrants and Muslims leave the country. And he signed the note, “White America.”

Now, either Flournoy is “trans-racial” like Rachel Dolezal. Or he wanted to create yet another “It’s the White Supremacists’ fault” hoax hate crime.

Either that or the White Supremacist movement has the biggest Big Tent in history of Big Tents. […]

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