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Vault 7: The Crime Syndicate Wins Great Victory

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Yesterday, limited hangout operative Wikileaks released 8,761 CIA documents detailing the agency’s hacking and spying of smart phones, routers, computers, and even televisions and automobiles. This revelation, called “Vault 7,” reveals unimaginable dystopian violations of privacy. It is another victory for the Crime Syndicate. This will have a chilling effect and trauma on just about everybody. It is sure to give final domination of the internet space to completely monopolize pet talk, sports, porn and banality. It also will give full reign to trolls, shills and bots toeing the company line to overwhelm discourse. Anybody who peruses Reddit can see that already. This scheme will soon be reinforced by a few fake events involving “cyber-terrorists” and the noose will be tightened.

Worse, where is the protest? Has Trump expressed shock, beyond dealing with his personal deep state World Wide Wrestling Federation drama queen battles? Young people once were the most politically charged activists in the country. But where are the protests across university campuses demanding protection of privacy? In fact, the cry bullies must be salivating now that the modern day Cheka can oppress anything and anybody that doesn’t conform to some gender studies professor’s social and pervert justice warrior fantasies.

The following list summarizes the Vault 7 release so far. Beyond the sheer audacity of it all, one item stands out: “Obama CIA built most powerful cyber attack arsenal, costing US taxpayers $1oo billion. Lost it ALL to the ‘enemy’, for free.” What’s not disclosed here is who the enemy is. I would submit this extends beyond China or Russia but to the usual Crime Syndicate (CS) Nebula suspects and their various minion contractors and private deep state operatives. Personally, my theory is that the CIA serves as a conduit and auxiliary to the CS. These criminals can now access all information, and manipulate events. They can compromise, harass, silence and control any person on the planet and in any jurisdiction.

In 2014, my son and I made this Youtube video on the death of Michael Hastings. It didn’t get much reach as we were never active on Youtube or in video making. But I don’t think anyone developed the Hastings story as comprehensively as we did. In hindsight, this is an important work. Our speculation, no doubt at the time mostly greeted as “conspiracy theory from kooks,” looks not just plausible but shows prima facie evidence of just how this spy tracking was employed against someone who was on the scent. Hastings was definitely looking into these Vault 7-related cyber issues, which is covered in the video. Ultimately, the Vault 7 disclosed technologies were used to assassinate and dispose of Hastings.

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  1. According to various US systema mucky mucks interviewed by DW on Thursday, the CIA doesn’t “develop” anything. It purchases from private firms its spycraft technology, as was illustrated in the Snowden leak. After Snowden, the CIA’s methods were revealed and so new technology had to be developed by and purchased from said private firms. Now, with the Vault 7 leak, the CIA must once again scrap its arsenal and contract said private firms to develop new methods yet again. This factoid made me pause and wonder: Could these said private firms be deliberately “leaking” to hackers the technology sold to CIA in order to generate fresh revenue through new contracts? Hmm.

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