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South Africa Part I: The Plight of Poor Whites in South Africa — Defcon 2

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It’s been 23 years since the end of apartheid, and in that time its white population may as well have been subjected to carpet bombing. In recent decades, South Africa burned through a half century of human and infrastructure capital and is headed toward third-world status. Forget about the “emerging BRICS” nonsense. This country is a fail.

King Zwelithini of the Zulu tribe put it thusly: The former white rulers of South Africa had “built the strongest economy in Africa,” he said. “But then came this so-called democracy in which black people are destroying the gains of the past, the economy that we are now burning down.”

Addressing the black people directly, the king went on, “You do not want to build on what you had inherited. You are going to find yourselves on the wrong side of history. History will judge black people harshly as they have failed to build on the successes of the Afrikaners.” He continued to explain that “black people loved to use matches to burn down infrastructure” built by the white government.

During this period since 1994 less connected whites were subjected to a very extreme affirmative action program including purges out of government and education positions.

I must confess that I’ve been behind the curve on the plight of poor whites in South Africa. The land confiscation scheme was finally a wake-up call. To get us up to speed, I’ve written this two-part post. Part I addresses the plight. Part II addresses the prospect for a right-of-return rescue to Europe rather than abandonment.

The latest blow and wake-up call is news that South African ruling madman Jacob Zuma called for a change to the constitution that would allow blacks to confiscate the land and properties of whites. However, the fact of the matter is that the majority of South African whites no longer have vast assets to steal. The reason is due to white flight. White millionaires have emigrated from South Africa, according to New World Wealth data, and those that have remained are on their way out.

The following chart shows the flight of high net-worth individuals (HWNI). Look at just one-year’s change.

For purposes of discussion, I will not get overly involved with terms like “Boer” and “Afrikaner.” The latter is shadow language and includes powerful Jewish interests operating in South Africa. Around 60 percent of white South Africans are Afrikaans. Just over a century ago, their grandfathers or great grandfathers were known as “Boers” and fought the British.

Most are Afrikaan speakers and are the descendants of Dutch settlers, who landed on the Cape of Good Hope during the 17th century. There is a large degree of mutual intelligibility between contemporary Dutch and creolized Afrikaans — especially in written form. Additionally, Dutch and English are rated Class 1 for language learning, meaning it’s far easier than most. Ditto for German. Many white South Africans speak English. This is important when one considers assimilation under the right to return-to-motherland concept.

Even I was laboring under the impression that the remaining white South Africans were better off. But, as you will see, the conditions for poor whites of Dutch, French Huguenot and British descent are like night and day compared to Jews. No fewer than 47 of the wealthiest 225 South Africans, measured by the value of listed shares they hold, are Jewish. This is according to the Sunday Times “Rich List” for 2015. Jews represent at least 21 percent of the list. Yet, Jews represents just 0.14 per cent of the total South African population.

Jews backed the regime of the governing party, the African National Congress (ANC), but of late there are rifts over the push to end dual citizenship and ANC’s support of the BDS movement. If Jews are also targeted for property confiscation, Jewish international capital will surely retaliate. An already shaky economy would become ever more vulnerable. This, in turn, will make the outlook for whites in that country even more dire.

In terms of the most vulnerable populations, it’s the poorer whites of South Africa — not the millionaires — who can and are getting out. Among the 4.5 million remaining white South Africans over a million having already emigrated, mostly to Australia, New Zealand or the U.K. The number in poverty seems to be a gamed figure; however, an estimated 400,000 live in segregated squatter camps. At least a million are impoverished. Aid from the black-run government is scant at about US$50 per month if that. The government puts almost no money into white camps. Many survive on charity.

The main group that is being targeted for asset confiscation are the better-off white South African farmers. When this measure is taken, all of South Africa will fall into the abyss and starvation. This strategy already failed in Zimbabwe, which is now on the international dole. South Africa is a much larger project for aid.

The farmers live in more isolated areas and are subjected to assault and murder. Genocide Watch has theorized that farm attacks constitute early warning signs of genocide (Stage 6 on a scale of 8) against white South Africans. It has criticized the South African government for its inaction on the issue, pointing out that the murder rate for “ethno-European farmers” is four times greater than that of the general South African population (313/100,000). Since 1994, more than 4,000 farmers have been murdered during the course of thousands of farm attacks. Many were brutally tortured and/or raped. Some victims have been burned with smoothing irons or had boiling water poured down their throats.

In 2015, a complaint was investigated for hate speech by President Zuma, who said “You must remember that a man called Jan van Riebeeck arrived here on 6 April 1652, and that was the start of the trouble in this country.”

As it is not my country, I don’t presume to preach to long-established white South Africans about what to do. Of course, self-defense is evident. But there are strict gun control laws in South Africa, so resistance looks very problematic. And if race war breaks out, those poorer white folks are sitting ducks to be annihilated.

The other option is migration back to the ancestral motherlands, namely the Netherlands, U.K. or elsewhere in Europe. I believe all humanists — not just whites — need to push for right of return. I dare any hypocrite to call you a racist for doing so. However, so far that is being stymied, which I will cover Part II of this topic.

Meanwhile, Sinead McCarthy at Renegade Films describes conditions in South Africa in the video segment below.

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