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Renegade Films Releases ‘Pizzagate and Beyond – The Big Picture’

Part I of Renegade Film’s documentary “Pizzagate and Beyond – The Big Picture” far exceeds my expectations. The “beyond” reference points to a wide-ranging pattern by elites of child sexual abuse and trafficking in what is better described as “pedogate.” In particular, the film was very well documented and cited in a way that brings the elements together. A home run. Part II is in the works.

I have personally contributed to this and future Renegade productions. I urge readers to do the same here.


24 Comments on Renegade Films Releases ‘Pizzagate and Beyond – The Big Picture’

  1. liked the film, tied a lot together. With a little more breadth, you could do an expose with similar material to George Webb’s investigation. You need to add viruses and vaccines, sex entrapment, and how about get-a-new-heart cruises to Haiti? Or how about Chicago?

    IMHO, the main miss was the inclusion of little David Seaman and calling him out as a snark. Is he really that significant a person to put in a video like this? And the inferences to Trump being a pedo by showing him with Epstein was not helpful. Felt like a couple of personal vendettas were snuck into the film. Better to keep to the main subject.

    • Trump is in a position to show he is on the right side of this. But about all I see was getting rid of the few guys who got it: Gen. Flynn and his son.

      Trump may not be a pedo, but he seems very compromised so the Epstein clip sets the stage. Because in Part II Renegade will develop the compromising entrappment, blackmailing ops and control mechanisms- Dutroux affair, UK, etc.

      • Looking forward to round 2. This is nuclear material, Trump isn’t going to touch it until he gets a foundation under him. I’m giving him some more time. Hopefully he has a little more time – things are gettin’ hairy out there!

        Lots of Samson options out there for various folks.

        • There is a lot of activity now at the lower levels of the pedo beast. These must be cases that were being hung up under Obama, but are now being resolved. But what about the elites?

          • If the indictments only come at the lower levels of the pedo beast, then
            we have a problem and we know that the elites are still being
            protected. We have to give this a little time to shake out. Sessions
            has to have his team in place and things settled down somewhat at
            Justice before he can bring the hammer down.

            We’re all so eager for a sign of real movement here, but people are not lined up yet to take down the bigger fish.

    • Some background on (((David Seaman))), a publicity hound or worse.

      -wrote a book called, Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz: How to Attract Massive Attention for Your Business, Your Product, or Yourself. In this book, you can advice such as “Always be controversial and outrageous in everything you do” and “Enemies are more important than friends.” You’ll also learn interesting tidbits such as how he loves Bill Maher and Michael Moore, and hates Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly. This seems to be very contradictory, seeing as how he claims to be such a huge Donald Trump supporter. He also refers to himself as a “veteran promotional stunt planner,” not a reporter or journalist. In the “About the Author” section, you’ll find this info: Seaman is the founder of Shutterline Interactive, a vehicle for rapidly deploying new publicity stunts.

  2. Woot woot Ben Swan.

    Great film. Most sleepers are filled with so much cognitive dissonance that the idea this even exists and that our holy institutions of the Crime Syndicate are involved draws only blank stares or ridicule at worst. The signs are there, some of their own are outed via their personal dossier if they get tired of playing in the mafiya. Why would someone assume they are isolated cases?

  3. Excellent video, well done. I feel that they would have done better to leave the David stars off the screen though. It will discredit them. The sheeple publice can only take one assault at a time on their beliefs. Widespread pedophilia and child abuse will be tough enough, adding “antisemitism” will detract from the impact of an amazing video.

    • People need to know WHO is doing this. It will all come together in the end. “Blood libel” is real; it’s now just called “fake news”.

    • There was once a time when the “Jewish Question” was open to public discourse.
      Not so today and THIS is why we continue to spiral down the proverbial toilet. We MUST bring back the “Jewish Question” into public debate. Do not fear the Jew. If your average Joe Six Pack can’t deal with the topic of the “Jewish Question”, shake the dust off your feet and move on. This is not our soldier for change. The only people we can reach right now is someone who recognizes something is seriously wrong with not only our Country, but the world in general. I don’t even bother with someone who looks upon this life right now as good and normal. Just walk away.
      But Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh intellectually discussed the Jewish Question. It is ‘historical’. It is a simple question to ask someone — “Why have Jews been expelled from White Nations over 100 times?” The answer is not ‘mental illness’ as the Jew would like us to believe. And ((( they ))) spend a great deal of time, energy and resources to ensure we do. Why?

  4. I didn’t like the implicating of Trump in any of this, except for knowing rich people. He is the one these same pedophiles are fighting tooth and nail. Satanists always accuse others of what they are doing. Trump has already started the raids. Sessions will take care of some of this. We all need to spread the word.

    • Mmm, don’t let recent elections mislead you. Our presidents are not elected in the sense of the way we are told in primary school. Trump was allowed into office or given a Faustian deal. His love for the police state and hitting the MSM issues lead me to believe he is one of the compromised like in the BeyondPizzgate video. There are certain things he could do to prove otherwise, but I’m not holding my breath. Justice delayed is justice lost.

  5. Interesting video, compelling. But a lot of news/vids are compelling at this juncture and somewhat difficult at times to separate fact from fiction. I’ll have to agree with several other posters and wonder aloud why Trump is in the video. He and AG Sessions have the potential to turn this country upside down, but in a good way.

    • Probably because he was casual friends with Epstein. I don’t believe there are too many white knights in our upper echelons of oligarchs and political elites. The system would have churned them out.

  6. PATIENCE. There is absolutely no clinical observation of the grand horror of the world without full saturation of patience. We populated while depending on lies. And people nary catch the path-that-is-not-rage; the very weird thought- that in the end we can starve to death gracefully so we don’t have to spit on honour by giving window to anger or fear.

    Yes, we are ruled by the insane. People who’ve all their lives have been taught that grownups have to lie sometimes. Yes there is horror. The anguished child-terrorizing fear-eater spirits and such. There is also the fact that all animals are people.

    Patience. You have all the time in the world. The mania of enlightenment does pass. There is a moment of greatest sadness, but then you are not alone and all is forgiven. Patience. I think Heaven starts now. In a nick of time hate is pulled from the world.

    It is like a planet sized rainbow gathering… some prophecy says for a thousand years or so, but whatever. Now is the age of truth. You are a tip of the infinite past. You are an angel of God stretching into the future, just like everyone else.

    If you’ve done stupid things know there is nothing that cannot be forgiven… at the same time, if you need to face those who’ve you ruined, and they want to kill you, forgive them and let them do it.

    fear is fundamentally repulsive

    The only truth you need to measure anybody is that of the fatedness of the universe. A person simply does not know what they are, yet, if they think they have a beginning. Pride. The great effing lie that did all this. The principality that made delusional slaves of all of us.

    no one is to blame. its also not about saving the world. Its about not being horrible, which is funny because as soon as we get of a mind to just rather be dead than bad we subsequently save the world.

    Patience. Peace.

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