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Liars, Frauds in Action and Their Methods: Jesse ‘The Devil’ Hughes

The Crime Syndicate behind the Bataclan fraud in Paris know that there are holes in their story big enough to drive a truck through. A question I asked from Day 1: How did masked, heavily armed gunmen get such easy access to the theater and go unnoticed by a large crowd?

The staged deception method that was used was to roll out one of the key actors, lead vocalist Jesse “The Devil” Hughes, with some true confessions and “new insights.” Jesse is spinning the yarn that when he came to the theater that night, he “noticed security was missing,” causing him to speculate on an “inside job.”

In addition, he speculates that guns saved the day. This serves not only as misdirection and controlled opposition but also to put the fraud briefly back into the news cycle with false “revised possibilities” to be “solved.” This is a common reinforcement technique. It also answers the question that those with greater critical thinking skills may be asking, such as where the heck did this big story go? Hughes also offers more ritualistic mumble jumble, contradictions and other incoherent stories in these interviews. Net net: He is not that good of an actor.

The method is called “confession and avoidance,” or “taking the limited-hangout route.” This way, you create the phony impression of candor and honesty while admitting to only relatively harmless, less-than-criminal aspects. This stratagem often requires the embrace of a fallback position quite different from the one originally taken. A fallback position need only be peddled by stooge skeptics to carefully limited markets.

A variation of this is lightly reporting incriminating facts, and then making nothing of them. This is sometimes referred to as “bump-and-run” reporting.

The add-on tactic to Hughes’ new limited hangout role is to flood the Internet with agents. For instance, Reddit’s conspiracy subreddit had the Hughes story multiple times and with liberal up votes.

In a world of such seemingly indifferent people, what could possibly motivate a person to spend hour upon hour on Internet news groups defending the government or Crime Syndicate and/or the press and harassing and suppressing genuine critics?

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  1. In plain speech, it is the dorah the explorer method. The common theme on that show and other children’s programming is the congratulatory acknowledgement of something in plain sight or that took very little critical thinking. “Yay you found the elephant behind the tree” etc.
    “Yay the mystery number that comes after 3 was discovered to be 4”. You get the idea.

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