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Do Some of Trump’s Advisers Want a New Civil War? Media Already Declaring 2nd Civil War is Here

By Melissa Dykes | 7 February 2017

THE DAILY SHEEPLE — The entire system is pushing everyone toward chaos, repeating the word ad nauseum, stirring people up into an all-out left-right frenzy.

If you take a peek on Twitter, you’ll see lots of people calling for martial law and civil war.



Yes we are in the millions waiting on the left to start this civilwar “Trump’s Army” is ready

So many people are just blithely talking about a new civil war … like this is the new normal now.

Well yesterday The Guardian actually posted an op-ed by Paul Mason titled, “Trump’s advisers want a new civil war – we must not let them have it” where he wrote about how Newt Gingrich and Steve Bannon are engaging in “dangerous fantasies” about how America is at war.

But Gingrich isn’t really the point of the article. The main focus is on Trump’s chief strategist Bannon. […]

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