Cashless Society Scam in Full Swing

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The cashless-society Cabal/Crime Syndicate stickup didn’t take long to manifest itself. First, (((Bloomberg))) came up with a preposterous, thinly veiled op-ed calling for a cashless, or crypto, currency. As always, we are now being exposed to a series of virulent, dominant social memes (stories, aka lies) that will attempt to confuse the reality of what is actually happening.

At the last mucky muck Jackson Hole gathering, another Harvard professor arch-echoberg (((Ken Rogoff))) proposed not only taking $100s but $50s AND $20s out of circulation. The argument given was not just fuzzy logic but once again nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt at controlling people on the plantation via electronic corralling.

Incidentally, a long list of be-forewarned key Tribe economist hacks and sycophants can be accessed here. It comes “unbiased” straight from a Jewish organization.

Bottom line consideration: Basically, you will need to have a bank account in the e-system and will be issued an e-card. Once this happens, you will have been given the equivalent of a microchip as all your economic life can be tracked and controlled.

A definitive false flag event will come that the Crime Syndicate (CS) will claim is demonstrative of how physical cash is the primary means of funding evil acts in the world. The false flag will be used as the excuse for an economic crisis.

The CS declares a date on which paper currency will become illegal. Until that date, it can be deposited into a bank. The big question will be whether all jurisdictions go along with the program, but for sure the countries controlled by Anglo-Zionist Cabalists (ZOG/banksters) will.

Besides the Bloomberg article, we’ve seen the following headlines in just the last few months:

Then last December throughout India, people were put into the grip of a hardcore, extreme and quite evil crime syndicate cabal operation: the confiscation of their cash and money holdings. Indians historically hoard stashes of currency, gold and silver. The reason is fundamental: They don’t trust banksters or the authorities — and rightly so.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who revealed himself as a Cheka-style tyrant of the worst kind, implemented a destabilizing confiscation and looting program. The set up is to invent a shadow language epithet, similar to “fake news,” called “black money.” This is classic, as the psychopaths practice their reverse-projection scams.

The next step was to eliminate as legal tender 500-rupee ($7.30) and 1,000-rupee notes ($14.60), which accounts for 85 percent of the money supply. This would be equivalent to taking current ten dollar $10 and euro bills out of circulation. Incredible! This is in a country where tens of millions are lucky to even have a few 1,000-rupee notes on hand as a safety net. How diabolical to run them through this evil drill. The idea is to create a plantation-style digital/cashless system by which the tyrants can monitor all personal and commercial activity.

Not surprisingly, India’s economy entered into a state of collapse. Only 35% of ATMs nationwide were operational. The shortage of cash continues to incentivize the use of alternate payments, including extension of informal credit and a return to barter systems. Addtionally, the slowdown in activity is dramatically reflected in lower tax collections. 

Of course, evidence suggests the politically connected and the rich were tipped off in advance. This is a classic Parasite Guild stealing operation, as the criminal kleptocrat class will scarf up the distressed bargains throughout India.

The next knock at the door in this criminal, Indian-Cheka operation is aimed at gold jewelry holders. This practice of holding gold is widespread throughout India and has been for millennia. Is it just a matter of time before we see checkpoint body scans and cavity searches for gold?

True to the bureaucratic hell-hole world that is India, the gubnut issued rules to “reduce the chaos and confusion,” stating, “Nothing would happen “if the gold holding is limited to 500 grams per married woman, 250 grams per unmarried woman and 100 grams per male.” This is a true definition of actual sexism, in this case reversed against Indian men. It also said that there would be no limit placed on jewelry “provided it is acquired … from inheritance.” Also, the “officer conducting the search has discretion to not seize an even higher quantity of gold jewelry.” Without a doubt, this is leading to bribes and an explosion in extortion corruption.

The New Nationalist (TNN) is feeling it and extends heart-felt sympathy and god speed to our fellow human beings in India, who are suffering under this insane, evil regime. We new nationalists are the true humanists, because as usual, hardly a word is being spoken in the hypocritical, nasty, (((mainstream media))), dream-world state about this exploding human tragedy. Where are all the crocodile tears, libtard human rights NGOs? Apparently they’re too busy in the Mediterranean running industrial-scale human trafficking operations. This lack of reaction is no doubt deliberate, as TNN worries that the rest of us are on the same menu. We are all in the grip, ladies and gentlemen, all of us.

NWsurveyfincapfinal2015_finalSo the components of the enslavement plan are as clear as daylight. E-cards will force individuals and business to rely upon some form of bank that issues the card. Cash transactions of more than 2,500 euros have already been banned in Spain. France and Italy have both banned cash transactions of more than 1,000 euros. And the ECB has killed the 500 euro note. Then you will be nickeled and dimed to death with fees and subjected to negative interest rates. In the Brave New World, you pay some zombie bank to hold your money.

Finally, now that your money is totally captured, you will be looted via bank bail-ins. On Jan. 1, a new bail-in system went into effect in Europe. On Oct. 14, new “break the buck” rules for money markets went into effect.

Once your money is captured, it becomes a simple matter to actually microchip the population, which then allows complete martial law, rationing and tracking.

Most people on this New Plantation will be so poor that the e-system is a moot point. Those people who don’t comply wouldn’t be GMO-fed and thus starve, so the system can actually corral them with ease.

Taking guns from the hands of the population swings open the door to low-resistance extractions and roundups of those who are resistant or non-compliant. A form of gulag awaits.


In America, the population has become so depraved and debouched that there is no way you would want to end up in a FEMA Gulag. As a clue of what’s in store, here is a story of how common anal hazing is among young people. Enter “anal hazing” as a Google search term and you will see thousands of porn entries. Any kid can click on and avail themselves without restriction.

Would you really want to end up in the hands of such depraved, brain-washed Americans today? You can be 100% assured that criminals will run the gulags and use these “pizzagate” perverts.

This is going to be hard to overcome, but the first step is to anticipate the New Plantation e-system and convert as much of your wealth into something tangible so that the prospect for escape or hiding are enhanced. Gold will probably be used as real money, but I anticipate it will be highly concentrated and monopolized into the hands of elite kleptocrats. They will mark up the price. There will be huge demand for smaller bills still in circulation.

A sleeper currency might be Jefferson nickels, but you will need a lot space to store many and it won’t be portable. Cupronickels consists of 75% copper and 25% nickel. Coinflation tracks its “melt value,” which is currently about 3.6 cents. With returns on savings nearly zero, a nickel is an open-ended call with a floor on both inflationary spikes in these metals and moves by the U.S. Mint to melt down the Cupronickels and reissue a cheaper version, thus putting Gresham’s Law into play.

For more well-to-do people on the New Plantation, gold and silver will be a quasi-black market with large participation. Since you will be chipped and electronically spied upon, precious metals may be hard to hide. Your jurisdiction will be critical.

The advantage is that it is portable and relatively light weight. But the risk of holding precious metals is far less than being robbed, looted and tracked under the e-system. Bitcoin is nothing but a fraudulent extension of the e-money system. Goldmoney has major Cabal backers (such as Soros) and should be viewed with suspicion.

This is a topic in motion, and I will be tracking developments; but recent news is very alarming.

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  1. Definitely something to follow and be concerned about. I have a feeling that Trump would not be on board with something this crazy, but we won’t know for a long time where he stands. I’m sure it’s a topic way on the back burner for his administration.

  2. I just dont see how there is any way forward but revolution if they pull this, I will not be a slave. This has to be a line in the sand.

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