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Freemasons in Action: the Southern Staged Deceptions

As a followup to Wednesday’s story of a major freemason run computer hack in Italy, a further examination of freemasons is in order. Regular readers know I don’t believe in endless coincidences, and I’m particularly alert to aspects that don’t add up in agitprop hoaxes.

One theory making the rounds is that Freemasons sworn to secrecy are used as minions and moles in many staged deceptions. I suspect there’s validity to that but as role players rather than leaders of these operations. They are rife throughout police forces and the Department of Homeland Security.

Freemasons have audacity and leave ritualistic calling cards. Their motto is “hidden in plain sight”.


First, we see a photo of Michael Slager. Notice he has his left pant leg rolled up (will get to that in a moment) after allegedly shooting his Freemason sidekick, a black man, Walter Scott, in Charleston, South Carolina, on April 4, 2015.

Eyewitness Feidin Santana just happened to video record officer Michael Slager shooting Walter Scott. Notice Scott is running on soft grass to break his prat fall.

Yes, the same Charleston as the Storm Roof church shooting farce and charade. Roof and Slager are supposedly “jailed” next to each other. Charleston has one of the oldest and most powerful U.S. Masonic lodges. Incidentally, the Slager case is moving into star chamber mode and the Department of Justice is taking over the case. His recent court case ended in a mistrial. 

Next, observe this photo of “police” in shooting poses during the Chattanooga Muslim agitprop of July 16, 2015. There are a few additional things to notice about this photo besides the mysterious rolled up left pant leg. It also looks altered by Photoshop. The right leg and foot is disproportional and overly large to the rest of the body. Notice the out-of-place brownish ground calling card between the foot and the “officer’s” knee (no calf). And the “officer” on the left, what’s with the line of fire?



Compare these images to this illustration of a man with his left pant leg rolled up, as is part of Freemason ritual initiation and code. The meaning of this is submission, literally kneeling or preparing to kneel. These ops and moles are minions carrying out orders.

Incidentally, to be a Freemason you have to be male, age 21 or older and a believer in a “supreme being.” So you can be a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim or Luciferian, but not an atheist or agnostic. 

Baphomet, the occult demon that some Freemasons were claimed to worship

That said, there are the freaks and Luciferians. This is all too real and greatly underappreciated. Satan apparently serves as a “supreme being” for this brood as well. Luciferian Freemasons would be a useful group to have on hand and are probably among the real culprits we are dealing with.

Of course only a small percentage of Freemasons are Luciferian or are involved in the subject of this conversation, but in the US the Freemasons are large organization. Even those who haven’t gone over to the dark side are schemers, universalists, and new world order promoters.

Last week we received some clues from the Israeli school of fakery on their role in staged deceptions. As you will see in the following video- the “truck attack” in Jerusalem was so weak and so amateurish that it makes us wonder if the Israelis are just winging it with B teamers and have budget contraints. The scripts are largely the same, but this event was so glaring and poorly executed that it makes one wonder if the better done A team operations and hoaxes are done by Freemasons hired by the Crime Syndicate.

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  1. I think you severely underestimate the masons. They are a big part of the cabal and it is all about satanism, it is just not revealed to the lowest levels. Churchill, FDR, Stalin, George Washington, the Bolsheviks, the leaders if the French “revolution” were all high(est) degrees masons. Masons were merged with Rosicrucians and there are sister organizations like B’nai Birth or Skull and Bones and masons were completely subverted by the Illuminati, who were themselves started by an “ex Jesuit”. So all these secret societies are interlinked into one whole wide body and they all worship the occult / mystery religions. Masonry can also be defined as Kabbalah for non-jews.

  2. A key writer on points of the Masonic – Illuminati – CFR cabals, & the biggest critic of Israel’s just-buried Shimon Peres, was found suspiciously dead just a month before Peres’ own death, preventing the scathing historical statement on Peres’ life that would have been made … Canadian-born rebel Jew Barry Chamish often presented evidence tying Peres to horrid murders & crimes … Chamish wrote how his own health problems seemed like a Mossad-induced-disease ‘hit’ in progress, & was found dead in Florida USA 23 August 2016

    In his book about the 1995 assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Chamish gave evidence that Rabin’s killing was a plot under Peres, who became Prime Minister after the murder, & that the accused ‘lone gunman’ was not the killer at all … Chamish documented Peres as tied to the Vatican, western war-mongers & NWO globalists … & especially horrible crimes by which Israeli Sephardi & Yemenite Jewish children died in horrible agony in nuclear experiments (In Israel, dominant ‘white’ European Ashkenazi ‘Khazarian’ Jews, demean darker-skinned Middle Eastern & Spanish-heritage etc Jews, who had lived peacefully amongst Arabs & Muslims for centuries, let alone black African Jews often not allowed into Israel at all)

    Chamish led in exposing the links of Israeli leaders, to Rothschild-connected ‘Frankist’ Jews often working through Freemasons, following 18th century Jacob Frank & 17th century Jewish ‘messiah’ Shabtai Tzvi (Sabbatai Zevi) … Chamish led in pointing out the satanic – Masonic – Illuminati themes in Israel’s Rothschild-donated-&-designed Israeli Supreme Court building … Chamish presented evidence high-profile killings in Israel were false flags … Though remaining a ‘religious Zionist’, Chamish saw Israel’s government as neo-satanists eager to kill even other Jews who were sincerely & non-satanically religious, or in any way opposition to the NWO

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