The Nationalization and ‘Israelification’ of US Police

Last year, Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake appeared on international news channels making statements about the protests of police violence and riots in her city, and I couldn’t help but notice a certain weirdness — a sort of agit-prop persona — about her.

For example, at 0:25 in the following video she said the city “gave those who wished to destroy, space to do that.” Then, she later criticized (gas lighted) the public’s interpretation of what she said. Just another idiot? You decide.

After putting up posts about it, I discovered that she is a key player and stooge in Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing. The primary goal of this task force is the nationalization and take over of local police departments. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is financing the takeovers through grants for local-level anti-terrorism programs.

This likely explains why we have witnessed a slew of bizarre and seemingly staged incidents carried out by incompetent local yokels. These incidents appear designed to convey an impression that local police are not only racists but are totally incompetent and dangerous and thus need to be controlled by centralized authorities. We are asked to believe stories such as the one in which a 73-year-old reserve officer shot and killed a suspect as he confused his revolver with a taser.

At the behest of the DHS, police are being trained and supplied by Israeli groups. As part of this training, there is an increased move to use military uniforms, armored vehicles, heavy weaponry, illegal surveillance and lying to the people.

The door to this foreign influence in America was thrown open by the DHS and, in particular, by Michael Chertoff, a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen, who was most instrumental as former director of the DHS. He implemented policies challenged as unconstitutional, and he and his cronies are the prime architects of the police state. Chertoff is one of the most unprincipled, unscrupulous men on the planet, and I believe he was deeply involved with the 9/11 cover up, the botched execution of hurricane Katrina relief, as well as peddling intrusive security products.

The “Israelization” of American police by the IDF in Israel is occurring through a simple process: Training in the militarization of police and the use of extreme military tactics in a militarized country with a culture that has an utter disrespect for civil liberties and constitution rights, and unbridled growth of centralized power under unlimited corruption of government by money and organized crime.

All the playas are on board, including Donald Trump. He said during a post-convention interview with The New York Times, “We’re going to federalize every police department in this country.” There is now a big push to identify and detain illegals, possibly in sweep operations. Watch for efforts to include biometric ID cards and ultimately chipping. Recent George Soros leaks have revealed that he is pushing this skulduggery. See “Leaked Memo Reveals Soros’ Plan for Federally-Controlled Police.”

Also planned is a seamless coordination with military and “internationalist” groups to prepare for mass internment of sectors of the population numbering in the millions. Coordinated use of full military power may include but is not limited to bombing, strafing, heavy artillery and summary executions — the same methods Israel uses on nearly a daily basis to prevent Arab protests and uprisings.

Israeli whistle blower and white hat Eran Efrati spoke about his experiences as a former Israeli soldier, including about how American and other police forces around the world are being trained and co-opted by Israel and what the U.S. can expect. Efrati’s father is Shlomo Efrati, head of investigations for the Jerusalem police. His full and powerful lecture is here.

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  1. the Zionists are destroying the planet in other ways too, they have totally corrupted congress, turned political discourse into an israeli shouting match, and corrupted the media. it’s not the jews, just the Zionists who are the opposite of jewish

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