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The Latest Clues from Vulture Capitalist (((Paul Elliott Singer)))

With Trump giving clear signals that his economic policies will be run by banksters, raiders and leveraged hedge-fund gunslingers, I thought it was the right time to check in with heavyweight ((( Paul Elliott Singer))). If you are an investor or trader, listen to Singer’s words and follow his actions. I last checked on Singer back on Aug. 19, when he was calling for the bond bubble to burst. This would have been a very good article for you to have read because fast forward to today, and global bonds are under heavy pressure with $2.8 trillion in losses over the last two months. Chi-ching for Singer’s $30 billion fund. But in fact, nobody read those articles back then, even prompting me to write:

In fact I am rather shocked at the low read through of my recent yellen wolf posts here at TNN. This indicates that even my more loyal readers are asleep. Snooze you lose, but take it from Paul Singer et al if you choose to dismiss me.

Although he is a extreme moral relativist who supports the perv justice warrior (PJW) agenda, Singer is also refreshingly straightforward and does offer the public honest insight into his brilliant mind and his schemes.  Let’s have a look shall we.


Singer did not support Trump; but as a high ranking member of the Tribe, he no doubt gets the memos. We learn that Singer as well as (((David Einhorn))) and (((Julian Robertson))) scored big wins by betting on private prison stocks. This offers good clues as to the future of America under Trump. Also see The New Nationalist (TNN) article on Trump proposing Israeli security model. After a pause, it looks like various demonization staged deceptions are being rolled back out.

  • We also learn that Singer believes a large inflation spike is coming that will crash the stock market.
  • Singer believes that the artificial market created by central bankers during the past seven years will undergo rapid “renormalization.” He states, “The natural price levels of stocks, bonds and many other assets,  are operating in denial of reality.”
  • Singer on gold: “Given the market gyrations that have accompanied each of the Fed’s previous attempts at hiking policy rates over the last few years, now would seem to be an inopportune time to abandon the only actual safe haven that investors may reach for as an alternative to the really bad deal offered by fixed income instruments given current pricing.”
  • On Dec. 4 Italian referendum: Italy, he said, is in a state of “tremendous flux” that will only continue should Prime Minister Matteo Renzi fail to win the referendum.
  • On Germany and Deustche Bank: Singer is predicting the German government will bury itself in the standard Parasite Guild practice of bailing out the bank. He states, “Regardless of what Chancellor (Angela) Merkel currently says, Germany will stand behind Deutsche Bank in extremis.”
  • Singer (like Soros) believes the EU will come unravelled. See “Paul Singer Sees European Union Disintegration.”

Incidentally, now that the Parasite Guild is running the Trump train economic policy, one would be well served to start tracking and do research on its linkages and degrees of separation to Trump’s cronies. That is a method we will be using at TNN. It is our contention that these people “get the memos.” Notably, of the 25 top hedge fund managers, 18, or 72%, are Jewish. Jews are 2% of the population, thus are over-represented by 3,600% among the big hedge fund operators.

George Soros
David Tepper (raised in Jewish family)
Steven A. Cohen (raised in a Jewish Family)
John Paulson (Mother is Jewish, father is not)
Carl Icahn (family of Jewish decent, father an atheist)
James Simon (Jewish family)
Paul Elliott Singer
Larry Robins
Leon Cooperman
Daniel Loeb
Eddie Lampert
Nelson Peltz
Daniel Och
Israel Englander
David Einhorn
Seth Klarman
Marc Lasry

Not Jewish
Ray Dalio
Kenneth C. Griffin
Paul Tudor Jones
Ole Andreas Halvorsen
Christopher Hohn
Robert Citrone
James Dinan

Chase Coleman

4 Comments on The Latest Clues from Vulture Capitalist (((Paul Elliott Singer)))

  1. Typo: “seperation”.☺

    The Trump entities’ significant debt-funding and heavy-weighting towards (overvalued) real estate will prove challenging to his decision-making autonomy.

  2. Hey Russ…
    You say “if you snooze you lose.”
    What is your advice to those who are awake? I personally do not have any money tied into the system. If that is what you mean. Thanks.

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