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Lest We Forget: Top Officials, Insiders Recently Convicted for Child Pornography, Sex Abuse

Jesse Ryan Loskarn, center, former top staffer for U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander, had been charged for possessing and distributing hundreds child pornography videos. PHOTO: WJLA TV/AP

History shows high ranking government, security and law enforcement agencies can become safe havens for pedophiles, especially those who obtain seats of power. And the media has a long history of complicity covering for them. As an experiment, simply Google “New York Times pedophile ring,” and you will see page after page of disgraceful debunking of  “insane conspiracy theories.” I could not find one story listed from below reported by the NYT. Feel free to debunk in comments if you find a couple.

Unlike the “nothing to see here, move along” mainstream media, The New Nationalist (TNN) is willing to provide the evidence of possible crimes that have already been revealed sources largely ignored. The FBI itself says child exploitation has reached epidemic levels. The following is just a sampling of what we’re talking about — the ones who were, by some miracle, actually caught. It’s stunning to see how many are involved in high level security and law enforcement positions. Let’s review, shall we.

“Capitol Hill rising star” Ryan Loskarn, chief of staff for Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), committed suicide in 2014 following his arrest for trading films involving the rape and torture of children. Loskarn originally turned up in a massive investigation by Toronto police called Project Shade that resulted in the arrest of 348 participants in a pedophile ring in 2013. It is unclear why it then took federal agents almost three years to question or detain Loskarn. TNN’s theory is that agencies are infiltrated by pedos at all levels, but occasionally the remaining “clean” law enforcement make busts, except at the very top levels (Podesta, etc).

Next up is U.S. State Department Director of Counter Terrorism Daniel Rosen, who was arrested in February of last year on charges of online solicitation of a child under 15 years old for sex/sodomy. Rosen would be an ideal target for foreign intelligence services looking to blackmail a government employee with access to classified information. He had high level security clearance and worked on programs to help train law enforcement agencies around the world in combating terrorism.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman was accused in 2013 of “routinely… soliciting sexual favors from both prostitutes and minor children,” according to an Office of the Inspector General (OIG) investigation. Former OIG investigator Aurelia Fedenisn said her unit had found widespread evidence of “sex and drug scandals,” but that the OIG “were told not to look into it.” Fedenisn said, “Investigations into the allegations were called off by senior officials to avoid political embarrassment.

Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Director of Cyber Security Timothy DeFoggi, 56, was sentenced in January of last year to 25 years in federal prison for “participating in a child pornography ring that sources say was so depraved, it even shocked veteran investigators.” DeFoggi was a registered user of an online child rape and torture (aka child porn, trading) website, where he “expressed an interest in the violent rape and murder of children.” He suggested “meeting another site member in person to fulfill their mutual fantasies to violently rape and murder children.”

Deputy Press Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security Brian Doyle was arrested in 2006 “for trying to seduce online someone he thought was a teenage girl.”

There are  dozens of cases involving Homeland Security, TSA Agents and probation officers, indicating non-existent vetting and, in fact, the opposite. Are like-minded pervs being deliberately recruited?

Washington, D.C.’s National Children’s Museum Chief Operating Officer Robert Singer, a 49-year-old father of two, was arrested in November 2007 and charged with five counts of child porn distribution. He plead guilty and was sentenced in July 2009 to five years in prison.

Child Protection Services (CPS) staff member William Shaffer was arrested in July 2013 for purchasing nearly $7,000 worth of child pornography (aka rape and torture). According to the criminal complaint against Shaffer, “A 1987 police report alleged Shaffer sexually molested a boy between the ages of 8 and 9. The police report alleged the incident happened while Shafer was a Child Protective Services employee.”

Another CPS employee, Stanley Dorozynski, 53, was arrested in December 2010 and charged with two counts, one each, of possessing and receiving child pornography. Upon his arrest, Dorozynski was in possession of more than 2,400 child sex abuse images and videos, including the abuse of children as young as four years old.

David O’Brien, America’s chief scientist responsible for monitoring global nuclear activity at Patrick Air Force Base’s Technical Applications Center, which operates our Atomic Energy Detection System, was arrested in May 2013 and charged with 10 counts of possession and distribution of child pornography. His large child porn collection was discovered at his home and on Air Force computers. In October 2014, he was sentenced to five years in federal prison. O’Brien had download videos of the sex abuse of children as young as three years old. He had taken pictures of his own granddaughter and placed images of her face over those of children being sexually abused.

Former CIA Chief of Station in Algeria Andrew Warren, 42, was arrested April 2010 after neighbors called Norfolk police to report Warren exposed himself in public. “He had his genitals hanging out of his pants, over the top of ‘em,” said one witness. Warren reportedly said, “Excuse me. I’ve had minor surgery so I get a little horny sometimes.” He had been terminated from employment with the CIA in May 2009 after he drugged the drink of a woman in Algiers and raped her. Warren plead guilty and, in June 2009, was indicted on sexual assault charges. Diplomatic Security Service agents also found child pornography on Warren’s laptop computer in 2008. When he was the CIA’s Chief of Station in Algeria, he allegedly “drugged and raped multiple women before getting recalled home.” Warren was sentenced on sex assault charges, among others, to more than five years in federal prison.

Former FBI agent Donald Sachtleben, 54, was arrested in May 2012 and charged with distribution and possession of child pornography. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced in November 2013 to eight years in prison. He was also sentenced to unrelated charges, including one count of disclosing and one count of possessing classified information. At the time of his arrest, Sachtleben was director of training at the Center for Improvised Explosives at Oklahoma State University.

Army Colonel Robert Joel Rice, a 55-year-old war games developer at Army War College, was charged with 130 counts of child pornography. He had more than 30,000 images and videos of child sex abuse. His wife discovered his files and notified local police. Army War College continued to employ Rice and allowed him supervised access to Army computers while on bail pending trial.

David Bourque, a 51-year-old police captain in Granby, Conn., was sentenced to 10 years for child porn possession and distribution. He had more than 328,528 images and 4,000 videos on his police department computer, including “sadistic and violent acts” against infants and toddlers. His “collection” was organized into more than 300 sub-folders named “photos — babies — men” and “6–10 yo boys pics.” Bourque showed “callous disregard” for the children being abused, telling people to “enjoy” themselves and “have fun.” Samples of his online chats included extensive discussions of rape and bondage of children as young as 2. Bourque was an officer with more than 31 years in law enforcement.

Army prosecutor and judge advocate Daniel Wollverton, father of two, was convicted in 2011 for infant sodomy and possession of over 30,000 images and 1,000 videos of brutal child sex abuse, including that of a 3-month-old infant.

Maine Assistant Attorney General James Cameron, 52, was sentenced to just over 15 years in federal prison in December 2014 for seven counts of child porn possession, receipt and transmission. Cameron, widely recognized as Maine’s “top drug prosecutor,” had been trading in PTHC (pre-teen hard core). Images and videos that investigators seized “depicted prepubescent children, sadistic and other violent conduct.”

Former Undersecretary of the Navy James Daniel Howard, 70, was arrested for child porn possession and reproduction in 2013. Howard had served as special assistant to President Ronald Reagan. He plead guilty to 10 count of child porn and served only seven months in jail.

Navy Joint Strike Fighter Program officer Bruce Babchyck was arrested in 2014 for downloading “hundreds of gigabytes” of young girls and bestiality on government computers. He received a one-year sentence.

Southern Florida Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Anthony Mangione, 50, was arrested on “extreme child abuse” charges in September 2011. He was sentenced in November 2012 to nearly six years in prison. Mangione is a 1982 graduate of the University of Maine Orono (UMO), where former Child Protection Services (CPS) senior Cynthia Wellman claimed, at the time, CPS was operating a child sex ring on campus with UMO’s involvement.

US State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security special agent James Cafferty, 45, pleaded guilty in January 2012 to child porn charges and was sentenced the following April to seven years in federal prison. Upon his arrest, he had more than 30,000 images of child sex abuse.

10 Comments on Lest We Forget: Top Officials, Insiders Recently Convicted for Child Pornography, Sex Abuse

  1. I’m more appalled that our brave government employees have nothing better to do than look at porn and illegal porn all day while on the clock. Outraged I tell you, outraged…..
    Our government men and women serve and important and vital service to all of humanity by doing what they do. Without government employees, we would have shear anarchy and dystopia all around us….

  2. Tho there are lots of elite cabal paedophiles, there is zero trustworthy about the USA corrupt courts & prosecution system … and ‘child porn images’ is one of the most easily-faked criminal accusations, on a par with US police officers planting marijuana on minority victims they falsely arrest

    So we don’t know if some of the above were actually patriots / potential whistle-blowers, falsely smeared … the cabal loves to accuse people of disgusting crimes they themselves do

    TNN beware: Recently there was a set of bogus charges & jailing of UK barrister Michael Shrimpton, a journalist on the truther (at times) Veterans Today website … Shrimpton was ‘convicted’ of having gay child porn images, as well as ‘false reports re terrorism’ … but then it turned out the computer drive that was ‘evidence’ was an after-market item that couldn’t have been the original on his pc …i.e., it was stone-cold clear, the kiddie porn evidence was planted via UK police / intel out of their own inventory

  3. To the Editor of Your Rag:

    So today a man with a rifle went into Comet Ping Pong Pizzaria with fire a rifle into the establishment and fired a shot or shots based on your fake news stories. How and why would you print fake news stories about child abuse taking place as you did? How would you have felt had someone or multiple people had been killed? Sadly my guess is you would have felt nothing or laughed about the situation thinking it was funny. You sit in your little office thinking what you’re doing is edgy and cute, but it is destructive, deadly, disruptive, and shows the maturity level of a spoiled little teenager.

    Let me guess you think you are being a good citizen, a great patriot , a supporter of the Constitution, and that all people should hold your values true. Yet in reality you would gladly trample on the rights of anyone who does not agree with your views. If left up to you, you would take away all rights allowed through the Constitution to all people who fall under being LGBT, Muslim, Latino/Hispanic, Black, Asian, Jewish or anyone who is not white anglo-saxon protestant. You have no shame and could careless about the rights of other people. Your so called patriotism that you claim to possess is none existent. In short you are a con artist and a sham in every sense of the definition.

    Maybe what you really were hoping for at Comet Ping Pong was a mass shooting. I think you want people to react to your stories and rile your readers to the point where they start killing the people you don’t like. I mean that is what the Nazis did in 1930s Germany through the propaganda efforts of Goebbels. Maybe in the end you work for the alt-right and the neo-nazis and you are trying to clear the land of political dissidents. I mean you are a far right supporter. Oh and by the way I am an Independent, because you people on the far right and far left are enemies of the state in my eyes. So I will close here. I know none of this matters to people like you and that my words mean nothing to people like you, but there may come a day of reckoning for you so take care.

    • Magically, posts by him will appear out of thin air…
      Must have struck a nerve and had to “activate” a lone wolf asset to do something crazy. Now anyone believing pizza-gate is obviously some crazy, just like this guy.

    • Another, “did you know”, fact of the day. Beatnick poetry writer Robert Duncan (friend of Allen Ginsberg, Timother Leary, counter culture) had a homosexual relationship with Robert Henry De Niro, abstract artist and father to actor Robert De Niro. Robert Henry De Niro was born in New York to Italian and Irish parents. His dad would have been in Italy, Ferrazzano region, about the same time the communist/anarcho-syndicalist culture was heating up and ushering in the arrival of Benito Mussolini as premier, oddly as a purported Fascist dictator. Mussolini was a man with no background or drive to be an anarcho-communist leader like Lenin or Attaturk (both Rothschild proteges) except for his desire to rule, says JA Borgese in Goliath, March of fascism in Italy. (Borgese is a marxist). But, Borgese does point out two influential jewish women had an influence on Mussolini more than any other. I will have to go home and find their names in the book and will reply back to you. Odd though, Borgese’s language in the book wants to pin Mussolini’s drive on his early attempts at being a black shirt anarchist but failing to make a name (many of his insurrections failed and he wound up in prison), than on his higher success rate as a printer and orator of anarcho-communism literature.

      Robert Henry De Niro’s mom was from Ireland, assuming early 20th century, she would have been accustomed to influence from the marxist Sinn Fein party. We can make our own conclusions from that as she married a man from Italy. In short, actor Robert De Niro comes from a pedigree of a beatnick gay fling father, and two high potential communist expats from Italy and Ireland. Only half way through the book, but it has some great tidbits.

    • No name give, except “two Jewish women”.

      Pg 195-196, Early Career and Failure. “Goliath: The march of Fascism” by G.A. Borgese, 1937.

      “Two women, as far as the historian is concerned, had a definite influence on Mussolini. The first was a Russian-Jewish emigree, who tried to infuse in him the conviction that the future belonged to the socialist revolution, and wanted him to be for Italy what Leninwas to be for Russia. The second was an Italian-Jewish authoress, formerly a socialist but ineradicably rooted in the middle bourgeoisie in which she had been brought up. She not only introduced Mussolini, the blacksmith’s son, to a white collar society; but, having a tinge of cosmopolitan culture and art and being acquainted with the derivatives from french decadence such as syndicalism and Neo-monarchism, helped him mix the socialist-nationalistic cocktail by which he, rather a zealous bartender than an honest drunkard himself, was later to intoxicate his nation and several others.

      Both the Russian and the Italian Jewesses were intellectual and instrumental experiences: tools to serve the only purpose which inflamed his weill. wife and children acquired a wider significance much later, when he, already an established dictator, resolved to exemplify his novel doctrine of state and church. “

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