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Hedge Funds ‘Gleeful’ That Trump ‘Conned His Supporters’ and Appointed Wall Street to His Cabinet


By Aaron Dykes | 1 December 2016

TRUTH STREAM MEDIA — It seems apparent now that Trump supporters – believing they were electing an outsider and populist reformer – got conned.

President-elect Trump may or may not go on to keep some of this campaign promises; then again, he may not. What he has done is invite the elite of the elite into his cabinet, and it is absolutely not a good sign for things to come under a Donald J. Trump presidency.

For better or worse, Trump can’t effectively be held accountable for four more years. Until then, he has something like a blank check – and that should worry everyone because he has already proven to be very duplicitous and he hasn’t even officially been sworn in yet.

People ignored the warning signs – like having War on Terror-monger Rudy Giuliani as one of his closest allies – because voters, fed up with the status quo, tend to project their own values, hopes, and dreams upon the often vague or empty promises made by candidates.

That isn’t specific to Trump, but ubiquitous to most all politicians, but this guy is different, I promise.

Now Wall Street is laughing at Trump supporters. […]

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