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Faux Media Run Headlines That Fail to Corroborate Berlin Dash-Cam Video

Thinking people might assume that in the two and a half days since the Berlin “Christmas market attack” some videos might emerge of the fateful scene, but about all we have is the incredible “grande finale footage” and a newly released dash-cam video that should bring the whole preposterous story down (see below). It only requires a couple minutes to examine, and then compare it to the narrative. Judging from the overall response to the topic, zombified consumers are too busy with holiday shopping to bother.

Oh, and naturally we are spoon fed the standard fare that the “terrorist” left his ID in the cab of the truck. How convenient.

A regular and thoughtful commentator on our posts, “Brabantian,” brought to our attention a dilemma and serious issue: “Washingon’s Blog recently had a piece assembling survey data from USA, showing just how difficult is the uphill battle for truthers – and why an article’s title is the most important part.”

Key findings:

  • About 60 % of people read news headlines and nothing else
  • Only about 14% of (USA) people, or one in seven, fully read four news articles in a month, whether “mainstream” or “alternative,” which somehow qualifies them as “active news customers” (!)

This practice of extreme laziness opens the way for Crime Syndicate scams, which is now being illustrated for you in spades.

So rather than tell you what this fresh dash-cam video shows, we would prefer that you see the brief video and decide for yourself. The good news is that the video is very brief, less than a minute.

Now, compare what you just saw with your own eyes to the following headlines the Crime Syndicate (CS) runs to sell this video. Incidentally, the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters are at the top of the CS media pyramid. Their storyline is widely disseminated to the mockingbird media. Not to pick on Business Insider alone, but did they confirm that the video was accurately described in the headline they chose to run? Or are they just as lazy as their readers? Does the sleight-of-hand video show this surreal truck “plowing into” anything?

Reuters headline:

Daily Express headline:

Irish Independent headline:

Business Insider headline:

Daily Mirror:

The headline list could go on and on, as this tale was widely repeated throughout the whole lugenpresse complex. The New Nationalist is admittedly very discouraged with this nonsense given how weak and poor the script was at Berlin.

12 Comments on Faux Media Run Headlines That Fail to Corroborate Berlin Dash-Cam Video

  1. On 5 April 1986, the Berlin La Belle disco was bombed, with 3 dead & over 200 injured, in an event blamed on ‘Muslims from Libya’ … but which German television’s own broadcasters, less cucked before 2001, eventually came to see in the 1990s as the work of Israel’s Mossad & the US-Nato CIA, with talk about how the ‘Muslim bombers’ even visited the US embassy.

    That Berlin massacre 30 years ago, within the time frame of the original Gladio operations (1950s-80s) killing hundreds in Europe at the hands of Nato agents, along with the whole aftermath of Gladio, raises disturbing questions about what truthers can achieve. With Gladio as a whole, by the 1990s we had major media coverage in Europe exposing the Gladio crimes & how Nato was a mass murderer of hundreds of European citizens.

    Yet, Nato was not dismantled & kicked out of Europe as it deserved to be, not even after the collapse of its original mission alongside the destruction of the Berlin Wall & the Soviet Union. And despite major media coverage of Gladio, the ‘real perpetrators’ of the 1986 Berlin ‘terrorist massacre’ and so much more … Nothing has changed. Nato, the USA & Mossad are still around doing what they do, & the media & European politicians quickly joined to ‘forget’ what were clear facts proven in European legal proceedings, showing that the major terrorists of post-war European history, are Nato agents.

    So one can get the truth out … & even have it covered in major media, with everyone in especially Italy of a certain age, knowing about Gladio … and yet … and yet … if the truth is not *maintained* in major media as part of the ongoing memes, in the way that memes such as ‘bad Russia’ are maintained … what was exposed & put on trial & convicted in courts beyond any shadow of a doubt & put on national television … can yet be quietly obscured & made of no effect

  2. Re the ‘Berlin attacker Anis Amri’ … there was a LinkedIn file for an ‘Anis Amri’ – see photo – which was just deleted this past week, tho some people saved copies … will leave it to others to judge similarity

    This ‘Anis Amri’ has been in Sweden, an ‘Enterpreneur’ & ‘Social Media Influencer’ who has worked as a marketer for Instagram & involved with ‘’ & ‘Amritex … there has also been a web listing from Tunisia for an Anis Amri, also in marketing with Tunisian company ‘Feltacom’, with Anis in a group photo

    An older Amri / Amry (father?) lists ‘Anis Amri’ as related, & this older Amri lives a few kilometres away from Langley CIA headquarters in Virginia USA just outside of Washington … Here is the LinkedIn photo side-by-side with a ‘terrorist Amri’ photo

    • Very good … just to spell out some of the data in the above video, that at least 3 of the ‘witnesses’ who were present at the Berlin lorry ‘terrorist massacre’ … are themselves hack journalists:

      Shandana Durrani has been a magazine editor in New York City for 19 years

      Jan Holitzer is deputy editor in chief of the Berliner Morgenpost

      Emma Rushton is formerly of BBC radio, & currently Media Relations Officer at The Scout Association, & says of Berlin, “I talked to so many journos [because] I’ve been in their shoes & so important to talk to eyewitnesses. They have [a] tough job”

  3. Have you guys noted that on some pictures the truck is red!!! Then there is an upright street metal pole in the middle behind the trailer, so no way the truck ran over it. The video from the dash cam is a joke – you do not see the truck entering the market and when you see its back it it pointing straight at you and not at 45 degrees as it should be.

  4. No witnesses: Italy confirms death of the Berlin suspects


    Anis Amri, who has been expelled from Germany, is dead, according to the Italian government. He died with a police change after a normal road inspection in Milan. Whether this man really has something to do with the truck attack from Berlin is completely unclear.

  5. The “massive, heavy” truck hurtles through the intersection – we can see this.

    The additional video looking down the street towards the truck shows the truck not that far away from the intersection. My thought would be that the truck ought to be stopped much further down the road given its mass and speed, unless it had hit a brick wall.

    Also, from other diagrams on the net, it appeared the truck had made a slight left turn to get onto the main drag, and in the process had come to a stop. That’s quite a different scenario than this one.

  6. Once again, the ‘terrorist suspect’ here, Anis Amri, has been quickly & conveniently ‘shot dead’ in what is now a familiar script:

    – A Muslim well known to intel & law enforcement
    – Police record of petty offences
    – Life not piously religious, e.g., involved in drugs etc, an unlikely jihadi
    – Usually quickly ‘killed – found dead’ … Sometimes killed before the event with corpse held in reserve?
    – Often after ‘ID / passport’ is left behind … 9/11 in NYC towers rubble – Charlie Hebdo in car in front of Paris Jewish deli used for Mossad meetings – Bataclan ‘after killer exploded his suicide vest’ – & now, in Berlin Christmas market terror
    – Johnny-on-the-spot Israeli or USA figures … even some ‘coincidentally’ present at previous ‘terrorist events’ … In Berlin, as Aangirfan notes from media, “Only ten minutes before the truck drove into the booths, Professor Shlomo Shapiro, a terrorist expert at the University of Bar-Ilan in Tel Aviv, strolled in the same Christmas market”

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