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Cultural Marxism Part II: A Primer on Battling Its Plague

Cultural Marxism (CM), is also called critical theory. The crux of the CM cult is about playing the victimization card/scam or “being oppressed” by some mythological class, gender or race of people (typically white). Any criticism or judgement of the cult is taboo. This iteration is worked endlessly by Social Justice Warriors (SJW) into a multitude of imagined slights. They then parlay this into some benefit, leverage or power grab.

A whole generation and movement has been built up around CM. The next video shows the method and mentality with which the CMs were raised: far too permissive, cut too much slack, treated as special, political correctness extremism and rarely subjected to criticism. Merit is not a factor within this crowd.

In recent months, I’ve tried my hand at engaging with some of these SJW types. There is also a derivative of this that I have dubbed Perv Justice Warriors (PJW) that has shown up around Pedogate issues. These people are primarily moral relativist extremists and will attempt to go after you for “intolerance” of obscenity. They are fundamentally degenerates or are very friendly towards degenerates. In their Brave New World, you can’t dislike (aka hate) degenerates or reprobates.

Social media, like Tumblr and Reddit, is infested with them. I always let them reveal themselves and never pre-judge. But in due course, I do judge. Typically, they have serious think stoppers present.

They speak and think in a different language and have agendas. Having a common ground for conversation is nearly impossible. They have you labelled from the get go as “right wing” or “old white man,” “racist,” etc. They use LOL before white a lot. Therefore, it’s a waste of energy to debate the majority of them as they are not even on the same planet.

They often have “trigger words” that will get them riled. This is mostly based on an “I feel” and “I’m special” mentality or meme. Unfortunately, because they are reinforced by the controlled mainstream media and corrupted entertainment complex, they have gotten away with intimidating the so-called “oppressors,” who are reluctant to stand up to them.

The best term for those who won’t stand up to them are “suppressed normies.” These “normies” need to be shamed and coaxed to fight back. That is what I’m doing here right now, because I know there are normies in my audience and even I was once to a degree. Spend time working with normies using mostly tough love.

Men who have regressed from normie and are cucks are a special project and require something like this derisive satire (warning: hardcore). Conversely, all interactions with SJWs are to be quick hit-and-runs designed to rattle them and challenge their “I’m special” self-image.

The Method Against SJWs


CM activists, or SJWs, are a true plague on the world. Therefore, I’m suggesting a powerful and ferocious push back against them. This of course is primarily for younger folks with the time and energy to do mental battle in cultural wars.

Depending on the degree of SJW radicalization you are encountering, I recommend varying degrees of derision and mockery. Derision strikes right at the heart of inflated self-perception and the twisted self-worth SJWs have. This “specialness” is the weak link in their psyches.

Here’s my recommended strategy:

Yes, bitch, we are in total agreement that you are repulsively ugly and fat.

No. 1: Drop all social graces with them. That may be hard, but remember SJWs take advantage of good manners and put no value on them anyway. So flip this on its side. Our objective is to trigger them via harsh criticism and ridicule (not threats or violence, in case that’s unclear). For example, the ultimate insult or trigger to a female SJW third or fourth-wave feminist is the word “cunt.” That’s a bit over the top for me, so I’m mostly going with “bitch.” Absolutely refuse to engage in sex with SJWs or PJWs.

For non-cucked men, never ever trash talk femininity, but rather defend heterosexual women passionately. TNN addressed this in our Milo Yiannopoulos article. (((Milo))) is a problem and faux nationalist because he trashes women generally. Keeping such women out of harm’s way is the mark of manhood. Also, do not use racial slurs. This is about individual behaviors and culture wars only.

Seriously, bitch, when will the question of who makes the sandwich EVER be an issue at home with you?

No. 2: Show no sensitivity toward SJWs. Insult them matter of factly. If they (of either sex) show marginal or metro-sexual gender identification, insult their appearance (“there is a new thing going around, it’s called soap”). If they are over-the-top SJW homosexuals or transgenders, never use the contrived newspeak term “gay.” Let them know that you are armor proof to their accusations.

No. 3: Answering the “check your white male privilege” plague would be some attitude variation on this and could be rather militant and most certainly unapologetic. Get fit, and become more of a principled warrior. If you have high intelligence, teach “the attitude.”

Defining the Concepts of Phobia, Dislike, Hate and Crime

Relish it if they call you one of their nonsensical “phobic” or “hater” code words, because frankly you hold their views in total disdain.


Dislike or disdain is not the same as phobia or hate. Hate is defined in the dictionary as extreme dislike or antipathy. However, dislike in the extreme is not even remotely a crime, it is more of a personal judgement. “Hate crime” is more absurd SJW newspeak. For example, are we not supposed to dislike these people, even in the extreme? Only a SJW or highly intimidated and repressed normie and/or a cuck wouldn’t have extreme dislike (hatred) of this. Normal functioning homosexuals may dislike these degenerates as well.

Why would anybody dislike these people? Can’t imagine.

There is a huge difference between hate and crime. They are not even close to the same. Real crimes against body, health and property have been well established for eons and need no further redefinition today. Only a knucklehead gets involved in real crime. Even if a criminal’s act was based on hate or extreme dislike, it shouldn’t change the equation one iota. He’s a criminal, period, and his act of violence is what counts.

Phobia is defined as a type of anxiety disorder, or a persistent fear of an object or situation in which the sufferer commits to great lengths in avoiding to the point of being irrational. Would avoiding contact with, criticizing or opposing the agenda of the hideous bitches referenced in the first few photos above be an irrational phobia? Of course not.

No.4: Knock the SJW’s unearned trophies and “specialness” badges off the shelf by telling them they have little of value or intelligence to offer anyone.

No. 5: Demonstrate thumbs up, support and accolades to the anti-SJW movement. Older generations need to wake up and get engaged. Offer carrots and sticks and encouragement to repressed normies. Godspeed.

14 Comments on Cultural Marxism Part II: A Primer on Battling Its Plague

  1. Great comments in this thread. It’s all about people wanting to have and wield power. SJWs have carved out a place in the sun in the face of bewildering oligarchic power systems. They’re not going to give it up easily.

    Hopefully, a new kind of self-powerment arises in a new decentralized economic regime that doesn’t marginalize people so much. Then we can just get down to business and trade with one another and stop all the bitching about being victims.

    We can only dream at this point in time.

  2. I understand the SJW trend, but I will maintain that AFrican America is exploited. The inner cities have been tailored to provide hubs for drug sales and distribution, the kids are are drafted into the industry by hook or crook and the residents are terrorized into cooperation. You can say all you want about charter schools and poor teachers but they’re deliberately ghettoed to ensure the survival of the system. The ptb has no intention of improving their lot no matter what they say.

    • You’re quite right that black USA is super-manipulated, not only by the gov-&-CIA tied narcotic sales, but by the corporate music industry, which has been exposed for some years as intentionally selling the gangsta-crime-&-drug-selling culture to blacks, in order to destroy them, the music executives of course being the usual cabal … I think Russ Winter may have covered this at an earlier point

      There is a tradition of black self-empowerment & dignity which the dominant US culture has tried to suppress … One interesting guy was US dissident Robert F Williams (1925-96), who authored a 1962 book, ‘Negroes With Guns’ … he was forced to escape the USA for a time, and met with figures such as Chairman Mao in China … but in a less fascist USA of the past, Williams was allowed to return to the USA eventually without being hounded and imprisoned for life or killed by the authorities, as would happen to him today

  3. Tho the SJW trend, following on what was created a century ago by the Marxists of the World War I era, is a bunch of cuck-o-sphere garbage … its popularity merits us looking at what drives it … and maybe we can see why it doesn’t stop

    Humans are hard-wired to seek ‘power’ in human relationships, which ‘feels’ as if connected with prosperity & survival … people who feel ‘powerless’ in a normal way in life, are driven along the path of least resistance to seek any power technique that seems to ‘work’ … in other words, if they can’t sublimate the ‘power desire’ thru productivity & achievement & relationships, they are tempted to locate a class of ‘victims’ over whom they can feel superior

    The poor Muslim may be too afraid to fight his corrupt dictator … but can indulge himself against some ‘unbeliever’ etc … Western students with few job prospects don’t see a path to fight their own oligarchy (except for, e.g., USA kids in a few brief months with faux-leftist Bernie Sanders) … but they do see a media-approved path to badger & berate some specific ‘others’ who spoke the trigger etc words … this stupid power-game is the only one they feel they have, so they play it as if obsessed, it is almost a biological matter, they are ‘driven’

    So the game won’t stop unless these people find another substitute game to ‘feel power’ … and that’s not easy to provide … some of them (literally) convert to Islam & seek jihad

    • Another issue behind the SJW craze, is the small kernel of truth buried inside all the insane SJW abuse of others … that truth being, as Nietzsche said, that there is nothing good in history without blood sticking to it … the SJWs instinctively feel, with some correctness, they are living amongst thieves, & hence they feel justified in being devious to try to get some advantage in a ‘rigged game’, as Donald Trump has told us

      ‘European culture’ was built on theft … For more than two milennia we have been pirates & bandits … Greece & Rome stole & slaughtered … and then, in modern times, the foundation of the ‘Renaissance’ was when Vatican-backed crusaders sacked Constantinople in 1204 & stole all the Eastern gold there … shortly afterwards Florence had new art & literature along with the first gold coins in Europe in hundreds of years … Russians remain very aware of this theft today

      Colonialism in the New World & Asia, gave Europe enough riches that it could slowly recover an ‘Enlightenment’, picking up threads from an earlier Enlightenment, in the at times hugely gentle (no death penalty even) & sexually sophisticated (Kama Sutra etc) cultures of ancient India & Persia … this culture had partly transmitted in the West via Pythagoras & then the Stoics / classics, lurking underneath all the Abrahamic religious barbarism, & also partly via sub-themes in a largely oppressive Christianity, which is a sort of 30% Buddhist, 70% Jewish hybrid, & couldn’t totally suppress the Indian side

      In the West, we are in some ways, still spending the riches that our ancestors stole & which are governments are still, in some ways, stealing via economic exploitation arrangements … it is not easy to think about correcting all of this … and it is clearly not the answer just to hand ‘reparations’ to a bunch of SJW yahoos who will just be more oppressive with more resources … nonetheless, there are not only centuries of blood & injustice, but current practices of ongoing exploitation, that need correction & re-balance … how we get there & fix the world is not easy to say … one idea was ‘communism’ & well we saw how that worked out

      But I quite understand why that brave USA Washington State presidential elector this week, cast a vote for Faith Spotted Eagle, the 1st native American ever to get such a vote … it was a symbol & hint of a direction which is good to consider

    • This is true, an excellent point, and only anecdotally, I have seen people start to leave SJW status as a result of more personal empowerment. I myself (although always a normal, feminine woman, not much of a feminist, and always too busy & productive to bother with being a SJW) have been much less sympathetic ever since I gave up even more the victim mentality, the trace that I had, as I’ve gotten older and smarter. But it’s not always the case, as some are so stubborn that anything that may threaten their status as a victim, they will attack and lash out. It makes sense that the reason for that would be is that it is their sliver of power they’d be giving up.

    • I think the problem with SJW is not so much the power fight, but the socially engineered brainwashing that these are highly important topics to be engaged with (and sources of “threat”) and then the slow acceptance of this as the “new normal”.
      Now what do our social engineers aim with this? Obviously limiting the scope of debates (censorship), but also promoting degeneracy, softening and pacifying the sheeple, opening a new divide and conquer / distraction fault line. All on the way towards a “1984” type of controlling a zombiefied, cattle-like population of slaves.

  4. in reponse to putie poo, trumpf said he will escalate us nukes…i guess nuclear war with russia is back on the table then?

    paul craig roberts will be very sad as this precludes trumpf from winning the nobel prize in the first week of his tenure in office….pcr might re-retire after this disappointment…

    • Now even on sites like Daily Bell & ZeroHedge – It’s increasingly argued, with substantial evidence – that ‘nuclear weapons’ are a hoax, they never existed … Hiroshima & Nagasaki were chemical fire-bombing horrors just like Toyko, people burned satanically along with their wooden houses … & today this is one of the hoaxes propping up the State of Israel … not sure if Trump personally knows this … tho he & Putin both know this is ‘good business’, diverting massive funds to the ‘nuclear weapons industry’

      Swedish engineer & nuclear expert Anders Björkman has provided evidence of this for years … On Hiroshima bombing day at the same hour, US records log a fleet of 66 bombers, a fire-bombing-size fleet, to ‘bomb nearby Imabari Japan’ … which no longer existed, wiped out in 2 previous raids

      All 10 alleged ‘nuclear bomb nations’ played along, in what seems a global scam, trillions for oligarchs owning armaments industries … wealth shared, e.g., with Soviet Union elites in the fake ‘Cold War’ over decades (the ‘Cold War’ hoax proven by economist Antony Sutton half a cenury ago in ‘The Best Enemy Money Could Buy’, with Israel a key USA-Moscow transfer point)

      1945 – USA chemically bombs Hiroshima & Nagasaki (like Tokyo, Dresden, Hamburg…), also dumping illness-inducing radioactive rubbish. Witnesses ordered to shut up under threat of death, chemical-blast ‘mushroom clouds’ in film & photos – USA HAS NUCLEAR BOMBS

      1949 – Soviet Union accepts deal for Russian elites to get wealthy by playing along with Cold War & global nuclear terror – COMMIE RUSSIA HAS THE BOMB

      1952 – UK Brits & London financial centre don’t want to be 2nd class – UK HAS THE BOMB

      1960 – France chafes not to be 2nd class to Brits – FRANCE & DE GAULLE HAVE THE BOMB

      1964 – China upgraded to major league – COMMIE CHINA HAS THE BOMB

      1966 – Israel joins the club in time to terrorise & blackmail Arabs in 1967 & 1973 wars – JEWS HAVE THE BOMB & JEWS ARE READY TO SAMSON OPTION EVERYBODY, later ‘confirmed’ by Mordechai Vanunu to MI6 London Times & then maybe living on Haifa beach, not ‘in Israeli prison’, like ‘not really in Ecuador Embassy’ Julian Assange

      1974 – India accepted as big power, debasing its heritage naming its bomb programme ‘Smiling Buddha’ – INDIA HAS THE BOMB

      1979 – South Africa’s white apartheid gov gets to play – WHITE RACIST SOUTH AFRICA HAS THE BOMB READY TO KILL BLACK PEOPLE … but ‘dismantles bombs’ before Mandela & black government can find out the scam

      1998 – Pakistan becomes central player in new Western anti-Muslim theme – PAKISTANI MUSLIMS HAVE THE BOMB & OSAMA OR TERRORISTS MIGHT GET AHOLD OF IT

      2006 – North Korea, always making deals, gets to upgrade – CRAZY NORTH KOREA HAS THE BOMB

      ‘Nuclear terror’ – A greatly profitable business!

      • That is an important part of seeing through the “establishment critic” PCR – he is a big seller of the still fake East-West dialectic.

  5. Something I try to keep in mind when engaging a SJW……………………try to always keep in mind that your comment is not necessarily for them. Most likely we will never win over a hardened SJW. But it is those who ‘read’ the comments that we might influence. Try not to make it personal. Write in such a way as to plant a seed for the ‘fence sitter’ reading the comments. Peace.

    • Indeed an odd & un-settling video … Adding to the oddness – but fitting the modern trend for gender confusion – is the mannish voice which Miley Cyrus has in ‘BB Talk’ whilst singing dressed up as a child … the male-type voice seems different from the more female voice she has in earlier popular songs, I wondered if someone else dubbed in for her, or if Miley’s young-&-rich-but-hard life has taken a toll on her

  6. The worst part is that these SJW are teaching their children a victim mentality that is crippling in adult life. I think that there may be some who are open minded enough which would rather choose self empowerment than control and “victimhood”, but for the most part they are impossible to talk to. Milo’s cheap value to the alt-right movement is to be able to penetrate SJW because he’s gay and Jewish, so he’s just a token or a one-trick pony to be able to say what they want with that shield of him being gay. He’s pure shock value and gay card, no real value or interesting commentary.

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