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A Blast From the Past: Deceptive Imagery from Paris Attacks


After last year’s Paris attacks, “forensic experts” were seen examining a terrorist’s suicide vest located right next to a restaurant’s windows. Yet, incredibly, the windows of restaurant were spotless and unscathed. Oh miracles of miracles.

“Forensic specialists” can also be seen smoking and joking on the job. According to a U.S. national crime investigation manual (page 5): “Persons should NOT smoke or chew tobacco … within the established boundaries of the scene.”

If this guy is so dangerous, then why didn’t they remove his bag? After all, it was said that the Bataclan suicidal “terrorists” carried detonation devices.

Did “Andre the Giant” from the Bataclan’s alley end up dead on a Paris sidewalk? Actually, he looks bigger than Andre. Those bollards in Europe are 90 cm.

At last, a clean and decent higher-resolution in the second photo below, but where’s the sign of a bomb in this establishment? Did the set-up ops forget to break the glasses? Gee, guys. Couldn’t you have just knocked them off the tables? Maybe it was the same set crew as the Berlin Christmas market who forgot to knock over tables in the direct path of a huge 25 tonne truck?

Chairs are neatly stacked as though this were a storage locker. If I didn’t know any better, I would think someone is trying to make a false insurance claim. Second photo shows a real bomb blast in Pakistan.

A WTF Hoax Fail and Test of the One Trick Ponies

It was stated categorically that a “terrorist” detonated this as a suicide bomb. If so, then where are the body parts?

The fraud on video, shown with the standard grainy and shaky circa 1963 Dealey Plaza-quality film footage and the ubiquitous station banner ticker across most of the money-shot portion of the screen. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought they just blew a mattress out the window with a pyrotechnic device.

Sanity Check

Are you lookin’ at me?

During a curbside news report by Europe’s notorious Sky News after the Paris attacks, a dead ringer for one of the alleged terrorist and subject of a “massive manhunt” Abdeslam Ben Salah casually strolls in front of the camera and gives us a little smirk. Does this look like a terrorist on the run to you? Either this is a sick joke or French security is worthless. Regardless, I’m sure somebody will ask for a large police state budget increase in due course.

I was waiting with baited breath for the “miracle story” part of the script, and here it is: “A man named “Sylvester” claims his cell phone blocked shrapnel. Ah, that finally explains why eyewitness video footage from the public has been so lacking.

One of the more ludicrous scenes in these events flashes back to Charlie Hebdo (January, 2015) and the gunning down of a “terrorist” at the Jewish supermarket . At 0:42 the gunman comes running out and is met by a corridor of 20-30 policeman on each side and in close proximity. The “terrorist” is then mowed down in a crossfire. In the real world how many police in this line of fire would have also been hit?

Hebdo again: “police officer” is administered a head shot coup de grace by “terrorist.” Yet not one speck of blood or splatter anywhere to be seen.

What would a good fraud be like without my favorite tugging-at-the-heartstrings crisis actress. She was at Boston, Sandy Hook, Aurora and wouldn’t you know it, now Paris.

The Magnet: How unlucky could a person get?

And who can forget Mason Wells the alleged shrunken head “Mormon missionary” who survived his third “terrorist attack” in Brussels. The incredulous story goes that Wells was in the Boston Marathon and Paris events as well.

A test for the one-trick-pony gaslighters to determine who is actually sick and/or crazy: Suppose you were told by someone with a track record of lies and deceit that there is an elephant in your living room. You go there, going so far as looking up the chimney and out the window, you find no indications of the presence of an elephant. Are you justified in inferring that there is no elephant in your living room? This storytelling continues to break down under the weight of logic.

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