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Trump’s Open War With Neocons

Donald “Art of the Deal” Trump may have had a few chats with warmongering (((neocons))) in the week after the election. But on Tuesday, Nov. 15, he apparently gave them the final hasta la vista. Now, it’s all-out war as the neocon (aka neocohen) criminals attempt to sabotage Trump’s Presidency. Let’s roll the film shall we.

  • Neocohen (((Eliot A. Cohen))), tweeted on Nov. 15, “After exchange w Trump team, changed my recommendation: stay away. They’re angry, arrogant, screaming ‘you LOST!’ Will be ugly.”
  • Another leading neocohen, (((Daniel W. Drezner)))tweeted later the same day, “Btw, the scariest sentence in that tweet is ‘Flynn and Kushner are now controlling who gets basic posts.’”

Of course, the increasingly discredited neocohen media is fully engaged with slurs and slander. It is now looking more and more like America Firster and hero Lt. Gen Michael Flynn will be the new National Security Advisor. Readers need to be very wary of anything coming out of the Crime Syndicate media about any Trump appointments. It will also be hard to find those who are not compromised or blackmailed. Will the neocohens now be replaced by something equally bad? Or is this a new breath of fresh air? Unfortunately we don’t get the memos, but this is getting wild with intrigue.

Meanwhile at (((Huffington Post))), neocon (((David L. Phillips))), former executive director of the Holocaust survivor’s Elie Wiesel Racket, I mean Foundation, is hard at work slandering and slurring Flynn. TNN prays to God that the emerging America Firster patriots are making up their enemies “list.” They better, if they are to survive.

On the #fakenews front, (((Brian Beutler))) “senior editor”, aka overrated echoberg of the New Republic doesn’t even bother with new stories and headlines. What a news sniffing talent.


Dr. Steve Pieczenik refers to the “gatekeepers” and lays it out here. Let’s hear this out. I say trust, be hopeful, but constantly verify.

Trump and his family — especially his Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner — had better be quick learners of reality and discarders of myths. In the short time they’ve got left to start running the U.S. government, there’s a lot of  hidden and suppressed history they’ll need to learn and mine fields to cross. An intense reading of The New Nationalist might help.

In this chess game, they will need to have new people ready to go and skillfully navigate around the neocon swamp and land mines. Separately, Trump has put in new rules prohibiting lobbying for five years after service in his administration. That is revolutionary.


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  1. What can we make of the orthodox role here? I’m considering it’s a deal with the lesser of 2 evils, but the Chabbad crowd can be pretty radical and they’re still talmudists. I understand one Rabbi Ginsburgh in Israel is rallying the troops for a kingdom and a crown.

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