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Andrew Breitbart: Revenge From the Grave?

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“What’s in your closet, John Podesta?” — Andrew Breitbart

A year before collapsing in the street from heart failure on March 1, 2012, at age 43, there were strong indications that Andrew Breitbart was well on the scent of what he was referring to as a “Podesta related cover up of world class underage sex slave operation.” Indeed, on Feb. 4, 2011, Breitbart was tweeting messages such as this one:


In the video below, an unhappy, combative Breitbart is seen on camera with choice words for John Podesta that go far beyond standard political rivalries. To a critical thinker, this has all the appearance of players who have the blackmail goods on each other. It would be reasonable to surmise that Breitbart was about to engage in mutual-assured destruction and had to be taken out.

Breitbart also claimed that ACORN was involved in underage sex pimping. This was refuted at the time by none other than George Soros’ Media Matters. Media Matters was run by David Brock, the ex-boy friend of Comet Pizza owner James Alefantis. What a coinkydink. However the same assisting sex ring allegations were raised against Planned Parenthood, completely separate from Breitbart and O’Keefe exposures. This is shown in “Eyes Wide Shut” fashion in this next video. Breitbart was tweeting about Podesta’s involvement here as well.


Of course, when Breitbart died, there were very few details reported in the Lügenpresse (lying press) during this period. It was mostly buried, as the Lugenpresse quickly claimed (shades of Antonin Scalia) “no foul play”, and death by “natural causes” well before any autopsy. Additionally, the Crime Syndicate ran the standard “fake news” narrative that we are seeing repeatedly now on Pervertgate aka Pizzagate.

The autopsy came later, when veteran Los Angeles coroner and forensic technican Michael Cormier died suddenly on April 20 – the same day the city officials had released their preliminary autopsy report on Andrew Breitbart. Cormier was “seemingly healthy,” yet “suddenly stricken” with a fatal condition – just like Andrew Breitbart. LA detectives were investigating a possible “arsenic poisoning” in the case.

Michael Cormier’s brother Ed recently said the following on his You Tube channel about his brother’s case:

My brothers’ death still remains an open case. Everyone I know that has begun to look into his case quickly backs off. Including a lawyer who offered to look into the case and review the facts to an x FBI from LA. I believe they backed off because of fear… The Lawyer looking into it made the statement that ” this goes deeper than anyone realizes”…It is very suspicious Linda…You would be amazed at what has taken place within LAPD North Hollywood division as well as the LA County Coroners office. Our family is looking for someone we can trust to help us determine what happened to our dear brother..”

Food for thought: Obviously, if Andrew Breitbart knew, Steve Bannon probably knows.

4 Comments on Andrew Breitbart: Revenge From the Grave?

  1. We can only hope this topic stays alive until the new administration takes office. Thanks Russ for keeping the heat on. Who knows whether Trump and Bannon will keep it near the front burner. Taking out the Podestas and related pedofiles and satanists could unravel a chain of criminal behaviors in powerful people, easier to prove than other frauds.

  2. Crime syndicate runs deep. Andrew was a fellow traveler I’d say and after his death I noticed Breitbart became much more pro-israel. Not that Andrew wasn’t, but it wasn’t the main topic of the day, every day, on that website. Faustian Deals for everyone…

  3. RIP Andrew! Your legacy of truth and exposing corruption lives on and shines brighter than ever now!

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