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Website Taken Down for Identifying Leftist Jews

This Neo-Nazi Hit List Helps Jew-Hating Trump Trolls Find Their Targets

By Lilly Maier | 13 October 2016

FORWARD — A website with the deceptively innocuous name of “Jews in Modern Society” lists the names, photos and professions of almost 400 Jews from academia, social-activism, the financial world and left-wing politics.

It’s basically a hit list for neo-Nazis or white supremacists.

The mission statement of the site complains that “Jews have had over 100 years of unrestricted immigration into the USA. They now permeate Academic, Activist, Financial and Corporate institutions to the detriment of Western Society.”

“Sadly enough, sites like this are all too common,” Mark Potok told the Forward. He is a senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit fighting racism.

According to Potok, there has been a rise in anti-Semitism and racism over the last years that coincides with more and more of “this kind of demonizing material about individuals. Although these sites don’t explicitly call for violence against Jewish people, that is most certainly what they seem to be suggesting,” Potok added.

Some of the people listed in the “Jews in Modern Society” directory are publicly known to be Jewish, like Democratic mega-donor, George Soros; the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, Jonathan Greenblatt; Human Rights Watch Director Kenneth Roth, or Steven Julop, the mayor of Jersey City.

But they also list lesser-known people, like an activist for Black Lives Matter (with the added explanation that she was raised Jewish), several British rabbis who are helping Syrian refugees, and even a woman who complained publicly that LEGO wasn’t culturally diverse enough. […]

Online Neo-Nazi Hit List Shut Down After Forward Report

By Lilly Maier | 19 October 2016

FORWARD — Less than a week after the Forward broke the news about the existence of an online neo-Nazi hit list, the provider hosting the website suspended the account.

The page with the deceptively innocent name “Jews in Modern Society” listed names, photos and professions of almost 400 Jews from academia, social-activism, the financial world and left-wing politics.

“That site violated our terms of service and was disabled,” David Saxton, a spokesperson for Yola, told the Forward.

Yola is a website builder and hosting company that is similar to WordPress. Users can build a free website in a couple of minutes using the company’s templates.

Saxon wouldn’t give any additional information about how long Yola had hosted “Jews in Modern Society” before they shut it down this week. […]

4 Comments on Website Taken Down for Identifying Leftist Jews

  1. Is this “hit list” of “Jews in Modern Society” inaccurate? No?

    Does it call for anything illegal? No?

    Jews (ADL, SPLC, etc.) obsessively compose hit lists of the goyim. But the goyim must not have hit lists of Jews?

    The abscess oozes hypocrisy.

  2. Such is the power of the Jews. They don’t want the spotlight while they destroy everything that they touch. Take away their central banks & their power to print nations usurious currencies & their influence comes to an end.

  3. We can expect this censorship more and more they get closer to the Talmudic Messianic age.
    The closer they get to Zion the more we can see. Thank God for the Torah and the prophets that revealed that even God found they broke covenant. So God cursed them (diaspora) or was that us…

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