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Soros Associate Runs Vote Count in Key Battleground States

George Soros sidekick Mark Malloch­‐Brown is the chairman of Smartmatic, an electronic voting machine conglomerate that provides technology and support services to the electoral commissions of 307 counties in 16 U.S. states. Smartmatic holds the largest election automation contract in U.S. history – Cook County, Illinois. The company website states that it has configured 392,000 electoral devices across America and “deployed”  57,000 vote-counting machines. This company launched TIVI, which it calls, “a secure, verifiable online voting solution for governmental elections.”

British Lord Mark Malloch­‐Brown has a long globalist resume. He is vice‐chairman of Soros’ investment funds and Open Society Foundations philanthropy. He was formerly vice president of World Bank and lead international partner in a political consulting firm. He has served as vice chairman of the World Economic Forum and as deputy secretary general and chief of staff of the U.N. under Kofi Annan. He also authored a book called “The Unfinished Global Revolution.”

Nothing to see here, ignore the one-world government man behind the curtain! Yes, faux democracy in full bloom. They think you are stupid.

In 2005, Smartmatic acquired Sequoia Voting Systems, a California-based Company that had been automating U.S. elections for over a century. The list of Smartmatic’s clients is jaw dropping as it includes a big majority of toss-up states in the U.S. presidential election. It also explains the election anomalies witnessed in the Clinton-Sanders California primary.

If necessary in a close election with small margins in key battleground states, votes can be stolen using a small-scale algorithm, thereby affecting as few votes as possible. Close-outcome states with Smartmatic technology are in bold below.


District of Columbia
New Jersey

In the following video, Donald Trump comments on rigged voting. The nasty (((MSM))) dismiss this as “damaging rhetoric.”

This company is already accused of voter fraud in Mexico, the Philippines and Brazil, where a Marxist president with a 15% approval rating managed to get re-elected with key voting areas only counting only 75% of the votes.

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  1. Important piece here by Russ, showing that Soros’ pal & Smartmatic are expanding the Diebold black-box-enabling-fraud tradition … Seems that whoever ‘wins’ 8 Nov. in USA is the deep state choice. – Trump indeed may be ultimate ‘fake opposition’ – notice how he’s pumped by Matt Drudge, lead ‘real’ media USA people actually view … tho Trump does some mega truth bombs, like this one: “We have only the illusion of freedom & democracy, but are in fact controlled by a handful of global special interests rigging our system.” – Donald Trump (!)

    Russ, an interesting thesis put forth by Dr Jim Willie, that the 31 August Hanjin bankruptcy is not what it seems, their debt of USD 5.6bln was chump change even for Korea … also, the usual bankruptcy DIP bridge loan to continue operations was not done, tho creditors & nations such as China had huge incentive to do so … the reason:

    Willie suggests that Hanjin’s hit screwing up global trade, was a huge strike by Asian nations in concert, to underline that Asia no longer wishes to accept printed-up USA ‘dollars’ (or US Treasury bills etc) as payment … it pre-stages global ports rejecting the ‘dollar’ & begins the forcing of an earlier global reset of how international trade is paid & financed … per Willie, it is a door to Gold Trade Certificates restoring a 1913-style system of international commerce (tho fiat might remain inside countries for internal purposes)

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