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So-Called ‘Anti-Semitic’ Third Position New Nationalist Gives Hat Tips to Jill Stein

I am going to surprise everyone by saying that I actually like (((Jill Stein))). I have looked over her positions and background thoroughly and — although she’s a tribe member (married to a Protestant) — I don’t see immediate evidence that her primary motivation for being President as being Jew-centric or focused on the promotion of Jewish power. Is she yet another kosher faux-candidate? Maybe, but focus on her well-articulated issues and stances and look at the larger picture.


I’m sure Stein wouldn’t define herself this way, but many of her positions are very much third-position new nationalist (NN). The difference is that third position nationalism transcends the (((Hegelian dialectic))) of the “left and right” and is fiercely anti-kleptocratic. Many on the alt-right don’t get this either and are unfortunately caught up in the dialectic. She even has a ridiculous quiz on her website to help people who lack self-awareness identify themselves as either liberal, conservative, populist or libertarian. My result was “populist,” but I don’t see this as useful labeling. Still, my lies-and-deceit radar does not go completely off the Richter scale with her. I think she is upright and not a criminal operator.

Unlike certain other “candidates,” Stein has laid out her positions on issues with some precision. What a novelty. Hat tip to her as this also affords me (or anybody) the chance to actually go through and articulate issues for the purpose of restoring political discourse and laying out some TNN positions. Although the country is too locked down and brainwashed, this useful exercise is what real (not faux) democracy should be like.


A NN could discard much of her Hegalian dialectic and (((Trotsky-Feldman))) racist and sexist labeling and still run with a number of her issues. She is light years above The Donald and Hillary in that regard.

Trump and Clinton are the wasted votes because, in addition to a proper protest vote, these third parties will get federal campaign funding in the next election cycle if they can garner at least 5% of the vote in this election. I can’t image a true Progressive supporting Hillary, with the Stein alternative available.

However, let me note where I strongly differ with Stein: her social justice warrior (SJW) and “white racism” guilt trip mindset. You can see her views by searching “Jill Stein on Civil Rights.” I would ask her how she plans on implementing her plan. With George Soros’ national police model? Jewish judges and SJW courts? Her views are far too much inside the narrow, Marxist class and race box, and exploits the victimization card. I am very opposed to this approach.

That is not to say NNs wash their hands of it. On race, I take the Tommy Sotomayer stance: clean up your own act, build families, counter the degeneracy (attack Jewish controlled “entertainment”), pitch in toward national and racial restoration, lift yourself up as a group and don’t depend on the multitude of poor whites to support you. Louis Farrakhan has sound black nationalist ideals. I am non-discriminatory as this is the exact same position I take with the many impoverished whites and males that nobody wants to stand up for [see “A Comment on Native-Born White Privilege“].

For those on the left or right who are still reading this because their emotions have not been triggered by my opening words and because they can get out of their own narrow worldview mental boxes, I am going to go through Stein’s issues with brief comments on her strong points and where I disagree.

On Foreign Policy

Stein hits it out the park on nearly every point! ANTI-NEOCON: Nobody else is even close.

End CIA-supported coups and regime change in Latin America (March 2016).

U.S. meddling in Mideast exacerbates terrorism (February 2016).

Iran does not threaten our national security (May 2012).
Yes, Jill, it’s (((Zio))) aggression. You need to go to the roots of this.

Stop U.S. funding and support of the Israeli occupation (February 2016).

Back to the drawing board on our relationship to the Mideast (February 2016).

End foreign aid to countries with human rights abuses (December 2015).

Take 65,000 Syrian refugees immediately, not over 18 months (September 2015).
65,000 vetted could be considered, as long as this doesn’t mean 650,000 from everywhere.

Work toward neutral Ukraine; don’t arm them against Russia (July 2015).

Libyan invasion was a catastrophe that inflamed the Mideast (September 2016).
This is a huge, underappreciated issue, plus started weaponized migration. Does Stein think the migration is only organic? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Lifting the Cuban embargo was long overdue (July 2015).

Expanding NATO threatens Russia and breaks our promise (July 2015).

Focus on human rights, international law and diplomacy (Jul 2015).

Re-establish foreign policy on basis of international law (June 2015).

End Israeli apartheid occupations and illegal settlements (October 2012).

Start holding all parties accountable in Israel/Palestine (January 2012).

End trade embargo and travel ban on Cuba (May 2013).

On Military Policy

U.S. should behave as member of the world community, not as the world’s cop (December 2011).
Amazing, very sound policies!

New 9/11 investigation and public release of evidence (September 2015).
Does Stein smell a rat on 9/11? Okay by me, but (((who))) runs the investigation?

Peace offensive should be to shut down bases, F-35 and Saudi funding (August 2016).

Close the 700+ foreign military bases (August 2016).

Immediate weapons embargo to the Middle East (October 2015).

Military-industrial complex shows woes of privatization (July 2015).

We’re not safer internationally with drone wars (February 2012).

Disarm North Korea as part of worldwide nuclear disarmament (July 2015).

Edward Snowden is a hero for exposing mass spying (July 2015).
Or is he a hero or a limited hangout? Hard to say, but I’ll take what he offered.

Bring troops home from 800 bases abroad (July 2015).

We are being bankrupted by our 700+ foreign military bases (June 2015).

End persecution of government and media whistle blowers (June 2015).

Burden of fighting is borne by families of lesser means (July 2014).

Torture creates enemies rather than eliminating them (April 2014).

Eliminate nuclear weapons in Middle East & whole world (October 2012).
In the Middle East this is primarily Israel. Israel with nukes is one of the greatest threats the world faces.

Switch from bloated military to spending at home (October 2012).

Bush and Obama criminalized the right to protest (October 2012).

Patriot Act ended the right to judicial review (January 2012).

Bloated military budget enables knee-jerk military solutions (January 2012).

End Patriot Act; it surrenders freedoms in name of security (January 2012).

PATRIOT Act is a flagrant violation of Fourth Amendment (December 2011).

Repeal National Defense Authorization Act; keep right to trial (December 2011).

Cut military 50%; spend that $500 billion on the economy (December 2011).

On Trade:

Very nationalist/anti-globalism and with intelligent targeted precision!

We want antidotes to NAFTA. (Sep 2016)

Oppose bipartisan job-killing corporate trade agreements. (Jan 2016)

Fight global trade deals’ “investor-state” court system. (Jan 2016)

TPP attacks our basic national sovereignty. (Jul 2015)

Opposes Fast Track and executive action. (Jul 2015)

TPP is like NAFTA on steroids. (Jul 2015)

International trade boards compromise American sovereignty. (Oct 2012)

NAFTA caused the wave of undocumented immigrants. (Dec 2011)

On Environment and Energy

Mixed but with some very sound ideas.

Nuclear power plants risk proliferation and going Fukushima (September 2016).
With modern technology this is nonsense, old plants need to be swapped out.

Climate change causes record storms, floods and drought (January 2016).
Overstated and exaggerated.

National ban on fracking; natural gas is not clean (January 2012).
Largely correct assessment, fracking is a problematic, unsustainable method.

Weatherizing homes creates jobs and addresses climate change (October 2012).
Climate change not that relevant, but this is sound economics and healthy policy. Society has an obligation to preserve fossil energy and the environment for future generations. Fossil energy does have negative externalities.

Create local, sustainable, organic, plant-based food system (March 2016).
Absolutely, and unregulated.

Water should be tested for radioactivity and heavy metals (February 2016).
Yes, natural preservation and sound health policy.

Current food subsidies drive system toward FrankenFood (November 2012).
Bingo! This is a corporate agenda put forth by captured government.

Supply $200 million for 50,000 green jobs; address both supply and demand (September 2010).
Good, could be tied into a Youth Corp workforce to pay off student loans and organize a sense of purpose [see comments On Education].

On Education

Cancel college debt; it’s now $35,000 per student (January 2016).
Who pays then? Poor whites and the elderly? No, don’t cancel but reduce through claw backs of the exploitative education system. [Also see Youth Work Corp.]

College loans trap students in financial prison of debt (January 2012).
Yes, usurious debt slavery, but why and by whom? Use claw backs, end government involvement in debt guarantees, prosecute fraud with a real Americans First attorney general.

Make public college education free (January 2016).

jewish-privilege-over-asians-europeans-small-for-internet1Not free but reduced as part of national “Beauty of Work” service programs. Expand education grants by merit. End favoritism and Jewish privilege (see Myth of Americam Meritocracy).

Students are on the receiving end of generational injustice (January 2012).
Incorrect, Marxist, Hegelian framing of the issue; but Stein and NNs can come to terms. Would-be students and youth are an investment for the preservation and strength of the people and the nation.

Replace No Child Left Behind with professional teachers (July 2014).
Yes, gear up as part of national Beauty of Work program and national service.

Move school decisions from national to grassroots level (December 2011).

Common Core empowers contractors over teachers (July 2015).

Don’t assume that mothers should always get custody (July 2015).
Bingo! Tommy Sotomayer would agree.

Fund community youth programs for at-risk youth (September 2010).
I don’t presume to know what this is. Just gyms and playgrounds? No, work and study is key.

On Jobs

Guaranteed jobs for all who need work (October 2015).
I actually agree via national service, if necessary. I would like to see middle- and upper-class whites from all parts of America toiling (devices switched off) side by side with Hispanics and blacks for the nation.

Renew our infrastructure and assure everyone has a job (June 2015).
National service, minimize fat-cat, no-bid contracts.

A $15 minimum wage.
NN gets it and is willing to talk about this. Fifteen is probably too high, but the idea is to disrupt the service sector slave wages that infect the economy. This would best be done with her solid trade policy.

Directly create jobs, not via tax breaks (October 2012).
Yes, otherwise is a scam.

Full Employment Program; green jobs and community needs (January 2012).
No objection to “green jobs” but more more focus on community needs and infrastructure.

On Government Reform

Largely very sound views — bring it on — but she injects guilt trip on item No. 1.ka-cbg

I would go much further and do it all with a real attorney general and an untouchable, uncorruptable Roddy Piper enforcement arm gleaned from the heartland. I would have a limitation on Ivy League participants. Jews make up 2% of population. I will cut them a little slack and permit 5% participation — no dual Israeli citizens- and not the in-group promotion of 40% as is commonly seen in today’s captured and corrupt systems. Blacks and Hispanics in my agencies and nationalist leadership would make imagesup the same percentage as they do in the overall population. In the U.S., this will not be white nationalism, it is “Integrity, Honor and Courage” nationalism. Those outside of that construct will have difficulties and serious problems. The Crime Syndicate Media is a special project. Lying and fabricating should be investigated and exposed and the population given a major wake-up call.

No. 1, Confederate flag should be removed from all public locations (July 2015).
What’s the point? SJW pandering to insult my poor, white, non-slave-owning, Confederate soldier ancestors? And then Andrew Jackson next? Give it up for sake of some harmony. Call me odd or racist if you insist, but this brings a tear to my eye.

No money from lobbyists; no money from SuperPACs (September 2016).
Absolutely essential.

Replace Electoral College with national popular vote (August 2016).
Yes, current system disenfranchises large numbers of voters and can be gamed.

Term limits end guaranteed re-election and lifetime incumbency (July 2015).
Now necessary.

Earmarks grease the skids for corruption (July 2015).

No corporate nor lobbyist donations; just small donors (June 2015).
Contribution limits, yes.

The 2002 Clean Elections repeal meant “throw the bums out” (January 2012).

Voter Bill of Rights; full public financing; paper ballots (January 2012).
Yes, she has it figured out [see “Captured Faux Elections“].

PACs connect campaigns with rich donors and disconnect public (December 2011).

Re-establish Clean Elections Law; end “pay-to-play” (September 2010).

Tea Party hijacked by funding from major corporations (March 2012).
Absolutely correct.

Federal Reserve Bank should be audited by Congress.
Of course, and prison time afterward? This doesn’t go far enough. TNN calls for a Gottfreid Feder type Treasury system to replace Rothschild-dominated privately owned central banks.

UPDATE: See comments, as there is a claim (by a Jew) that Stein is a Federian. If verified, this would be huge. 

Gun Control

Her first two policies are reasonable, but more “mental health” and drugging is a core issue with me. It is a mind-control scam to keep the population in a Kosher dream state.

Gun ownership should be appropriately regulated (November 2012).
“Appropriately” is vague. Need more detail.

More local regulations; more background checks (October 2012).
I like that she uses local governance, not federal. This seems recurring on various issues. She has an anti-globalist world view.

Reduce culture of violence via mental health and legal drugs (October 2012).
Scam, as is the staged violence.

Address community violence with more mental health services (October 2012).
Scam, pre-crime agenda.


You can go to this link to see her full position. It is a weak suit with the wrong dialectic. NNs would cherry pick the world’s talent without regard to race, creed or color in order to benefit — not burden — the nation. The U.S. is too much a third-world country now to be the beacon for all comers. Illegals should be subject to serious — not token — vetting and be deported if they don’t provide a benefit to the nation. Humanitarian instincts can be served by helping people in their own countries.  Stein’s sound foreign and military policies will help that.

On Society and Morality

Weak here, not so good.

Moral foundation for society good; religious basis bad (July 2015).
I am not personally religious, but judging religion as bad or by taking a secular approach is badly flawed, and rather disturbing. Is this some type of dog whistle or a Talmudic tick inside her brain?

Have no major disagreement on her reproductive stances.

End the racist war on drugs and school-to-prison pipeline (February 2015).
There’s that Hegelian dialectic again.  The motive is corporate profit, not racism. Impacts all races, putting blacks in prison is a burden on all society.  Certainly doesn’t benefit poor ol’ white me. Blacks have a drug culture that must be addressed through vitalization, but bad apples need to be put to work and/or rehabilitated in more structured facilities. Whites and Hispanics are hardly immune, this is a national not a racism problem.

Marijuana is dangerous because it’s illegal, not vice-versa (December 2011).
In large measure true. There can be ways to enforce publicly, in work places and through insurance costs. Social suasion and education can be used, much like anti-smoking campaigns.

There is not much from her on satanic degeneracy and moral decay. NNs would enter the fray and use a bully pulpit to condemn.

On Taxes

Rich should pay 55%-60% taxes, not 15% or 35% (September 2016).

Increase inheritance taxes; use it as “Aristocracy Tax” (July 2015).

Close tax loopholes and stop corporate welfare (October 2002).

Replace “trickle down” with 50% tax cuts on lower incomes (October 2002).
Agree. Take anybody making less than $20,000 in annual income off the tax rolls.

A 90% tax on bonuses for bailed-out bankers (January 2012).
No punitive tax, but my attorney general would be aggressively and constantly pursing claw backs.

Transaction tax of 0.03% on every Wall Street transaction (November 2012).
No, but institute a tiny high-frequency trading tax.

On the Internet

This is a freedom of speech issue. I would like to see her details, but no safe spaces and “hate speech,” laws Jill.

Four million people wrote to FCC to preserve net neutrality (February 2015).

No government policing of the internet (May 2012).

6 Comments on So-Called ‘Anti-Semitic’ Third Position New Nationalist Gives Hat Tips to Jill Stein

  1. Psyops are unbelievable this election cycle. Depressing to see such a gross failure of democracy and apparent total capture. I would encourage those who plan to vote to cast a ballot for any independent 3rd-party member. Doesn’t necessarily have to be Jill Stein’s Green Party. Point is, if a third party can get 5% of the national popular vote, they may qualify for federal election funds in the next cycle []. Meanwhile, doesn’t really matter whether Trump wins or Hillary wins. We’ve all been set up to lose.

  2. Looking at the high-profile, high-readership ‘Lots of truth, but compromised’ sites, we see Jeff Rense, & Alex Jones Infowars, both pumping for Trump … But another high-popularity site – which sometimes has the most radical truth of all in its mix (such as exposing the Assange / Snowden frauds) – Veterans Today, is pumping for Hillary

    However, what is very funny is that the Veterans Today sister site – Veterans News Now – with different, usually less-radical articles … but same web page formats, same company, just different editors … is pumping for Trump!

    Same company doing ‘truth’ journalism … in both big flavours, ha! … Makes me think the cabal game is neither really Hillary nor Trump … the goal is civil conflict & chaos. In Europe it’s migrants … in the USA it’s Black Lives Matter & city riots, & the Trumpsters vs the status quo stooges & SJW terrorists

  3. I always admired Quannel X here in Houston for standing up for his people. We don’t really have a white community activist of that caliber for the white community.

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