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San Bernardino Shooting: Going Down the Staged-Deception Checklist

Among TNN‘s missions is making an archive of some of the major staged deceptions so that citizens can review them. The San Bernardino “shooting” should be a case study in false-flag hoaxing. Let’s start with this early footage from the scene, which is now scrubbed and as fake as it gets. Like Colorado Springs, San Bernardino doesn’t have ambulances? Dummy alert at 1:12, “girl on back”?

Drill going on at same time? Check!

Muslim name to carry out Zionist agenda? Check! Hate monger Pam Geller was immediately throwing out the possible name of “Syed Farook” off of police scanners and re-tweets.

Nonsensical story line? Check! There is nothing real about this active-shooter scene, even the purpose of it makes no sense.

Police were quoted as saying one of the gunman got into a dispute at an employee party at the facility (which serves mentally handicapped), left the party and returned with two other gunmen. And they got dressed up in police gear?

So now we are asked to believe a disgruntled employee, his wife and a friend, who happen to be Muslim, targeted workers for the mentally handicapped? Is that a high value target? And they just so happened to bring an improvised explosive with them. Not one but three “crazies” with the wherewithal to make an unused explosive device, but instead shot 14 innocents dead.

What are the odds, a billion to one? A trillion to one? And a three-fer: mental-health scam, gun grab combined with the Zio agenda. This is the ultimate in boogeyman-style hate and Muslim demonization.

Next the three suspects were said to have fled – and two paid the ultimate price for their involvement. Per the Paris script, one of the dead suspects is female. After doing the dirty deed, they only managed to travel two miles in three hours before meeting their fate. Oh, while they were at it, they threw a homemade bomb from the vehicle.

Next, we have the chase scene and cornering of the suspects. The problem is that the media reporting is running about 10 minutes ahead of the police scanner, a major screw up, which you can hear here starting about 9:30.

Filtered news coverage? Check! “News” helicopter footage would all be routed through the authorities prior to any airing and that they would stay out of the area unless they had permission. The “news” complied, and so far images [see Google images], are sterilized and staged looking. It appears they are using dummies again as well [see “Colorado Springs Use of a Dummy“], [see Chattanooga, Gumby the Dummy].

Dummy on a gurney, again? Click to enlarge
Source: Click to enlarge

AR bullet wound in the real world.

Fake triage, stay-and-play is not done when a hospital is a mile away. And the arriving ambulances are sent away. Crime Syndicate isn’t even trying with this presentation.

Grainy, shot-on-side, jerky, circa 1963 Dealey Plaza video? Check!

Narrators messing up on their scripts? Check! Here MSNBC was using the word “actors” instead of shooters or suspects — not once but four times — and with two different script readers. Some may claim that using the word “actor” for criminals and perps is the new parlance, but I’m not buying it. It is either Orwellian double-speak or a mistake. This is the proper use of actor in English: actor (n.) … from Latin actor “an agent or doer” also “theatrical player.”

It’s another new technique: the “texting proof” of a real shooting. “Hey, pop, someone is blasting us to smithereens.” The response: “No problem, honey, I’ll come down, right away, and get you. Just stay low to the ground, like a mole, or maybe make a burrow for yourself – or hide in the bushes. Make yourself inconspicuous.” Same as seen at Orlando Pulse.

No one can find any of this believable. Is this meant to be a joke? It’s the worst, most sophomoric hoax conceivable.

imagesStay tuned, there is more coming here for sure.


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