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Roanoke Shooting Part I: If You Believed This, You’ll Believe Anything

Various allah snackbar deceptions are coming on fast; but rather than dig into each one, TNN offers an examination of several of the prime cases in the last year or so. The idea is to demonstrate what to look for in repetitive-pattern staged deceptions, especially now that Alinskyite racial conflict is being whipped up.

We lead off with the shooting hoax in Roanoke, Virginia on Aug. 26, 2015. This featured a black “disgruntled former employee,” Vester Lee Flanagan, pulling a Glock 9mm on three people live on the air and filming them while gunning them down in a hail of hollow-point bullets. This one involved a deliberate, evil and tiresome racial agitprop narrative combined with the standard victimhood narrative. This one was aggressive in-your-face chutzpah. It was truly a monumental farce, and I encourage readers to examine it.

If you can believe this shooting scene is real, then they have you firmly in their grip. You can be made to believe and accept anything. What you will watch is a combination of twilight language and taking you into a dream-state rabbit hole. Then, the criminals will deliberately push the envelope and test the very limits of your credulity. For more information on how these psychological hoaxes work, see this article.

Here, all you need to do is evaluate and judge the reality of a 1-minute video. Use the trivium method with what we have here: who, what, where, when.

1. The 300-pound shooter strolls up, filming the scene with a head cam attached. The reporters are on the air, and you can hear his rather noisy footsteps. He utters “bitch,” draws and points his weapon and stands for some six seconds right next to the targets and in clear view. Yet, none of the three people conducting the interview even notices. Nothing to see here move along?

2. Shooter closes in to make the kill. He’s in close range, about 5 feet away, holding a powerful handgun with hollow-point bullets. He fires three rounds point blank and a fourth as she turns her back.

The intended target, Alison Parker, doesn’t even drop her microphone. The cameraman on the right doesn’t even budge. After the third round, instead of being plastered to the rail, she screams repeatedly, pivots and runs down the hall, where you can hear about eight more shots. Most curiously, Vester’s head cam falls off before you actually see any bullet hits. After watching the quick-moving scene unfold, I would recommend a few pauses so you can see the weapon aimed squarely at Parker.

3. Watch the preposterous, wide-eyed, bad acting of the anchorwoman as this all goes down. Parker is very psy-ops looking and cut right out of the Cassidy Stay school of hoaxes. These “victims” are always presented as “the best” of humanity, squeaky clean and super caring, all part of the emotional deceit and arch-fraud. This is followed up by large, emotional, charity drives and fundraisers.


4. The shooter has not only the wherewithal to change shirts in the middle of the shooting, but he also posts the scene on his Twitter account. He put out the standard absurd manifesto, all before he conveniently takes his own life during the manhunt. “Vester Lee.” Notice how they use sinister-sounding names, like Dylan Storm Roof, Lee Harvey Oswald, etc. It’s all in-your-face chutzpah.

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