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World is Being Run by a Psychopathic Control Grid

imagesThere is an Irish author and lecturer by the name of Thomas Sheridan who has been important in my awakening about the dualism of evil and good in the world. Sheridan has written books on psychopathy and I am particularly interested in this from an institutional framework. He states that psychopaths are in high positions of power in many, if not most countries.

Sheridan describes a psychopathic pyramid that runs society. Of particular interest is his descriptive of the brain function of psychopaths. Psychopathy can also infect normal people who can then become fellow travelers, or proto-psychopaths. He discusses the disinformation ridicule campaign to co-opt and discredit the alternative media. Sheridan’s second book, which focuses on the control grid, is here in my bookstore.

If your eyes are open and you’re alert, you can identify psychopaths by their emptiness and patterns of lies. This is much more than just greed and narcissism. It is more about demonic behaviors that surface at times, called “the reveal.” You witness the cerebellum, or reptilian part of the brain, firing up and completely dominating the neo-cortex in these individuals.

An example is Hillary Clinton gleefully yucking it up about the death of Gaddafi and others, which subsequently resulted in nothing but chaos and misery throughout Libya. War is money. Crime is money. Chaos and mayhem is the business model for the psychopathic control grid. Therefore, one must ask: If this is her idea of a good laugh on mainstream broadcast television, what is she like in private?

As I have explored some of the stunts and crimes these people carry off, of which I’ve written about on these pages, I’ve come to recognize their ongoing, tiresome, psychopathic methods. Arrogant, pseudo-sceptic debunking and gas lighting are key tactics. I went into gas lighting techniques (creating a false perception, or reality) as a manipulation tool in my article “Gas Lighting: The Case of Benghazi.”

In the following video, Michael Chertoff — a man who has been instrumental in the 9/11 cover up, and who even appears rather demonic at times — employs gas lighting tactics when answering questions about 9/11 on C-Span. Notice the dismissive duping delight in the second question. [See “Lie Spotting and Duping Delight.”]

During my awakening about this psychopathic behavior, I came across this revealing video that shows John Gross — the head engineer of NIST, who was charged with examination of the World Trade Center’s total destruction — answering questions about molten steel. He smirks, fidgets around (reptilian brain firing) and just claims it didn’t exist. This was disturbing to me, and it indicated this strange psychopathic behavior is very deeply rooted in the system. Where did this guy come from anyway?

Another form of psychopathy is revealed by worked-up crocodile tears, unconvincing emotional responses and superficial laughter. You will sometimes see faked altruism cloaked in appeals for personal gain and money. Often the acting isn’t very good and would only fool the most trusting and naive people. One of the most blatant examples of this was Robby Parker, who spoke to the national press just 24 hours after his young daughter was allegedly murdered at Sandy Hook. He quickly asks for money in classic crime syndicate style. A large number of the hoaxes run recently have this psyop, New Age, “stay strong” messaging and fake persona.

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  1. I’m sympathetic to the first responders and their reports of molten metal and even steel-capped boots melting (how this could occur without the person suffering severe, life-threatening burns escapes me). The conclusion that high temperatures accompanied this seems at odds with the film footage of people walking about in t-shirts in close proximity to the rivulets of molten metal. The smoke that lasted months is certainly not something I can explain by high temperatures. There were dogs wandering about the site, too, and no visible signs of distress from heat.

    I don’t know what happened, but the high temperature narrative doesn’t convince me.

    • It’s quite shocking how the architects of these scams openly scorn their gullible audience. The falling painting is a laugh-out-loud moment. The actors struggle to maintain composure.

      • Thanks. Yes, I’ve seen all those shots. And the pictures do indeed look like molten metal, as per first responders’ accounts. But the heat just doesn’t seem evident. 4:22 in your clip shows an hydraulic crane operating in close proximity to temperatures that would be beyond its safe-working temperature. And the caps of the boots melting with feet inside them? Also, where is the vast energy for the heat coming six months after the event? It doesn’t make sense, even taking the thermite/thermate approach. There is a lot of visibly metal surrounded by unsinged paper. Some very strange sights. Were it not NASA the agency supplying the heat map, I might be less suspicious of its veracity.

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