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Torchy’s ‘merika: Gender Neutral ‘Fashion’ for Cucks, Kooks and Commies

Singer Kanye West is looking to invest $100 million in his non-gender clothing line called Yeezy. PHOTO: NY Magazine

During the feminist movement in the ’70s, women moved into the professional workplace dressed in masculine suits because they were told that in order to succeed and be taken seriously, they would have to masc it up, or dress more like men. Smart women soon realized that there was power in beauty and femininity but to never rely up on it.

By the mid ’90s, women began bringing sexy to the boardroom for a competitive edge. Meanwhile, men began dressing down. Thanks to Silicon Valley’s tech titans, CEOs aren’t “cool” anymore unless they slouch around in jeans, tennis shoes and faded t-shirts.

Flash forward 40 years and almost nobody dresses up for work anymore. Non-binary neutrality is the norm. Don’t stand out, just fit in. And increasingly it’s about gender neutrality – which depending on a given retailer could mean anything from everyday frumpwear (sweats, jeans and T-shirts) to men fem’ing it up.

How is this not putting gender identity pressure on a little boy?

According to (((the media))), Millennials are to blame – gay, straight and trans. They don’t just want gender-neutral clothing for themselves but for their kids, too. They apparently don’t want to put any gender or sexual-identity pressure on their children.

Though the trend seems to be draped in a wide banner labeled “non-gender,” there appears to be a wide spectrum in approach. At one end of the spectrum is truly non-gender clothing — sort of like a one sack fits all approach. At the other end, there’s transgender clothes — meaning women’s clothes tailored for men and vice versa.

Well-known retailers like Zara, American Apparel and The Gap are rolling out truly gender-neutral clothes. What a bottom-line coup for marketing, manufacturing and retail. Mass-produced, plain clothes sold as trendy “gender neutral” fashion with high markups and bulk-bin style merchandising. Oh, the profits! Brilliant.

Non-gender ‘fashion’ from Zara.

What’s most disturbing about non-gender clothes is that they’re reminiscent of Communist China after the Cultural Revolution.

GB Times: As a result of the political reforms of the Cultural Revolution, people’s outfits changed dramatically. Any expression of individual style or sexuality through clothes was highly discouraged. Symbols of a bourgeois lifestyle, such as Western-style suits, ties and jeans, as well as traditional Chinese gowns, disappeared from view almost overnight.

Women had to put aside their elegant cheongsam dresses, silk stockings and high-heeled shoes to say nothing about cosmetics and jewelry. Instead, they had to wear gender-neutral and rather humble robes. Long hair had to be cut and hidden under a cap.

The not-so-new non-gender uniform also brings to mind prison garb. Meanwhile, local police are getting new garb, too. Ah, life in ‘merika.

The transgender “non-gender” fashion is equally disturbing. These victim-card-carrying, gender-bending guys and gals are encouraged to flaunt a flamboyant style that screams, “Your rights end where my feelings begin!” I wonder if a SJW membership is included with purchase.


Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 2.00.24 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-23 at 2.00.03 PM

Lean in a little closer, Millennials [aka (((media)))], I have a secret for you: They’re not called “non-binary people,” they’re called androgynous — or as Gen-Xers call ’em, “Pats.”

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  1. I don’t watch TV or read magazines or newspapers, so I’m not bombarded with advertisement/social-engineering stupidity. Way back in the 80s I wore blue jeans and t-shirts or polo-shirts, white socks, and tennis shoes. Today I wear… the same exact thing, with some button shirts for “dressing up”. All this “trendy” and “fashion” stuff is for insecure confused people who come from broken homes and need someone to tell them how to “fit in”. It’s hard to keep my mouth shut when I go into a store, and see the depravity that women have sunk into.. wearing leggings or yoga pants in public, ruining their perfect skin with tattoos, and otherwise disrespecting themselves in awful ways to get attention. Then comes this insanity of the perverts who can’t look in their pants and figure out what gender they are… madness. History is rolling up on us, and I can see the edge of the society collapse cliff that is always preceded by rampant immorality and debauchery.

  2. Dov Charney, of American Apparel, is a well known pedophile based on 1st hand accounts of people that worked at their office.

  3. Creepy business these fucking psychopaths are up to. They get kicks out of fucking with people’s heads, turning them into zombies. They must think they’re real smart, these fucking satan worshippers. Are these people from off-planet or what? Hard to believe this spawn arose from the good and over-trusting people of the Earth.

    There’s an epic battle ahead to rid this bad seed from the planet. It’s gone on too long. The cancer is finally getting obvious.

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