Student Receives 55 Day Suspension for Tweeting #AllLivesMatter

By Joshua Krause | 3 August 2016

THE DAILY SHEEPLE — Shortly after five Dallas police officers were shot during a Black Lives Matter protest last month, Rohini Sethi posted a tweet that wasn’t all that different from thousands of other tweets made that day. It read, “Forget #BlackLivesMatter; more like #AllLivesMatter.” It wasn’t long before Rohini, who is the vice president of the Student Government Association at the University of Houston, received a massive backlash online from her peers.

For instance, the President of the Black Student Union claimed that “for her to say on her social media ‘forget black lives matter,’ it’s almost as if to say if all of us were to die tomorrow, she wouldn’t care.” Despite the absurdity of that statement and others like it, Rohini disavowed her tweet and apologized profusely for what she said.

However, that wasn’t enough for many of her fellow students, who wanted her to resign or be impeached. Unfortunately for them, Rohini hadn’t committed any impeachable offenses. There were no rules that applied to what she did, so the board of the student government drafted a bill specifically for her offense, so she could be retroactively punished (side note, god help us if any of these baby tyrants are ever employed by our government).

The student government voted 13-2 for Rohini to be punished with a 50 day suspension from the student government, which was arbitrarily expanded to 55 days at a later date. On top of that, she has to attend a Libra Project diversity workshop, and attend three cultural events per month.

The lesson here is obvious enough. When you raise the ire of the social justice crowd, apologize for nothing. It won’t save you when the mob is out for blood.

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