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Psychotropic Drugs Have Created A Brave New Sheeple World

On a Personal Note: Staying Sane in an Insane World

I would imagine that even some of my best fans think I am depressed on a personal level. But I can assure you that, comparatively speaking, I am absolutely not. Yes, looking at these topics does cause the loss of one’s inner child, but I am beginning to think that is a small price to pay for being grounded in truth.

So since I’m not a member of the Ostrich Party, I obviously dwell on dark topics. If you wonder how I do it, for starters I am not on psychotropic drugs. I am not in poverty. I use alcohol occasionally to a mild buzz level only and don’t smoke. I use no recreational drugs. I do use and like caffeine. I watch my blood sugar level, although have some weakness for apple strudel. I use small doses of red vinegar to level sugar levels. I eat little bread. I am not exposed to sodium fluoride. I haven’t used prescription drugs in three years. I have good genes, both my parents are alive and in their nineties.

I use Omega 3, natural green and fresh air, and walking to clear my head. I use curcumin for pain (wonder spice) and ibuprofen sparingly. I focus on controlling acid reflex, sauerkraut is very effective. I go once a week for Thai massage. I sleep pretty well and take naps, if necessary. I don’t overwork.

In my view of the natural order it is not necessary to be happy all the time nor to shut down if an unpleasant topic is raised. That’s not real life. Plus awareness of evil helps protects oneself.

I have not been exposed to American “electric Jew” (television) for three years. No broadcast news and no entertainment. If I watch an American movie, which is rare, I will check its J-dar, or Jew-dar, rating and avoid anything over 20. Watch out for comedy, that’s where serious crap is disseminated. When reading, I am Jew-wise and pay attention to who is doing the writing, especially since so many undeserving voices get a soap box. I am publication aware. Avoid Twitter banter, a large nasty crowd lurks there. Reddit is often badly infected. It is better to be safe than sorry.


For me, this is much more about preserving mental sanity, avoiding depravity, bad influences, psychotics and lies. An anti-Semite (twilight language) is a non-Jew who notices (((coincidences))) he shouldn’t be noticing. I would recommend avoiding pornography (again a Jewish product). If I use it at all, it is in moderation, and I stick with soft-core. If you are addicted, try to at least dial back to standard and more normal heterosexual material, perhaps even showing genuine affection.

In music, I go with wholesome pleasantness and of course avoid the popular satanist artists. I enjoy artists like Kygo.

After being in central Europe for three years, away from the U.S. and following this prescription, I have noticed my brain operating “differently.” I describe it as being more “aware” and clear headed. I perceive better. I feel mentally balanced. Depression fluctuations are quite manageable although a bit more challenging during shorter winter days.

imagesWhen I view Americans, I sense they are drugged and brainwashed. Critical thinking is rare. Something really looks and feels wrong about them. This is very problematic as the U.S. is a powerful entity in the world. Europeans are as well, but less so. I am now convinced of a deliberate administration of psychotropic drugs into water and food supplies. For a good book on the topic, see “The Emperor’s New Drugs.”

Do a Google search of “psychotropic drugs water supply” and you will see that even the mainstream media acknowledges that these drugs are environmentally present in drinking water, at least in low doses. But could it be much worse than reported? Is it compounding and worsening over time, and at what rate?

It has also long been asserted that sodium flouride in drinking water has a sedating effect. But the fact is the mad scientists have openly promoted a more aggressive scheme in recent years. Now, and with the obvious criminal capture of gatekeeper government agencies, it is no leap to assume this plot is well underway.

Meanwhile, various quacks and quick-buck artists are rolled out to comment. George Lundberg, M.D., editor of MedPageToday, a mouthpiece for the American Medical Association, wrote a 2011 op-ed entitled “Should We Put Statins in the Water Supply?” In May 2008,  cardiologist Professor Mahendra Varma called for statins to be artificially added to drinking water.

Putting statins in the water supply was also considered during a November 2008 discussion that featured Robert Bonow, M.D. of Northwestern University in Chicago; Gordon F. Tomaselli, M.D. of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore; and Anthony De Maria, M.D. of the University of California at San Diego.

Also in November 2008, CNBC aired a segment lauding the effectiveness of statins, after which one of the hosts remarked, “Why don’t they just put statins in the water supply,” to which CNBC’s medical expert replied, “A lot of people have said that and they are in the water in fact.”

Fox News ran a story about considering adding trace amounts of lithium to public water supplies as a “mood stabilizer” in a bid to lower the suicide rate. Fox News medical expert Dr. Archelle Georgiou gave the concept tacit approval when she labeled the study an “interesting concept” and refused to even mention the moral aspects of mass drugging people against their will.

This is an excellent video of how this pseudo-science scam is promoted.

But the fact is that even if our food and water are not being laced with psychotropic drugs, the rate at which prescriptions are being written for them is off the charts. And under Obamacare, it’s becoming even more pronounced. The brave new sheeple psychotropic drug world is fait accompli, and I am standing aside.

3 Comments on Psychotropic Drugs Have Created A Brave New Sheeple World

  1. I think we are fast approaching the most seminal event in mankind’s history. We finally have a world culture and economy. All the ponzis have become one. The internet is a newly appeared hive mind re-creation. All the dark corners have light being shined at them (thanks Russ). All is becoming known, if you care to participate in it.

    We are still confused about humanity’s past, mostly due to faulty paradigms that infect people’s minds and an education system that disempowers people. This will take a long time to unravel, but the current control grid and how it works, and who is running it, is becoming known.

    You can’t have the good without the bad. Without the bad we have no measurement of the good. This earth dimension is a laboratory for how you handle this situation and if you can manage to tip the scales toward the good. Pretty simple really. Either you go with god/good-ness or you go with the luciferian crowd. What the future ramifications of your choice is, is unknown by me, but I am one of those humans that has an innate sense of the importance of making a positive contribution. It’s about fighting injustice and at the same time being a kindly person.

    Before this decade is out and probably sooner, we will see the outcome of the struggle we are in. The scales will tip back and forth, but something will emerge to point to whether humanity will survive itself or not. I don’t think we will have a protracted time period of police state repression. The center will not hold. We will have strife as the decentralization proceeds and regional and local war lords duke it out, but it will settle back into a healthy pattern. We will need to develop patience as it surely will take more time than we wish.

    Many of us here living on our little Hawaiian island are getting ready for community to become the be-all and end-all. Everybody needs to find a tribe. There will arise a great feeling of camaraderie in your sub-group and finally some sense of accomplishment in living and surviving. All the children will benefit from knowing their contribution to the group is essential. Myopia will disappear.

  2. “After being in central Europe for three years, away from the U.S. and following this prescription, I have noticed my brain operating “differently.” I describe it as being more “aware” and clear headed. I perceive better. I feel mentally balanced. Depression fluctuations are quite manageable although a bit more challenging during shorter winter days.”

    Ha, an interesting comment. It is my observation regarding Americans as well. It is a reason why I never went to live there and hold even my visits over the pond to a minimum. I live in Germany, which is a relatively sterile mental environment due to Holo-shaming, loss of war and male population, and lack of independent constitution and thus independent national / foreign policy.

    So people are a bit asleep and think that America is all good, but are not very aggressive in their MSM-media generated views (probably they also learned a lesson or two about following propaganda too much) and other psychoses easily observed in the US.
    I also follow similar rules for nutritional and mental cleanness like you, without overdoing it. So far has worked well for me, while I have learned a lot about how the world truly works.

    But now I have reached this dilemma: I see a lot of the evil gaining the upper hand over this world, which becomes more and more crazy and psychotic. But if you study spirituality, you learn that god / infinite consciousness was bored (or whatever) and on purpose created a world of duality, incl. the fight of good vs. evil. To really reconnect with god / full consciousness, one needs to actually move to a higher level above good evil. When one dies, probably it is like wholesome consciousness waking up from a subjective dream and one is part of the whole again. So what is then the point of uncovering and confronting evil? (assuming one does not believe in hell heaven as outcomes, or should one?).

    Your thoughts on this?

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