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How to Protect Yourself from the Knockout Game (Black Mob Violence)


ljNO4bOne of the wonders of YouTube is that the politically correct or the malintention agenda of the mainstream media can be circumvented. A case in point is black mobbing and the Knock Out Game. At worse, it is being called a myth or white hysteria by certain suspect media. At best, it is being misreported.

But there are no two ways around it, these assaults are cowardly black thug hate assaults against other races. The primary and frequently self-confessed motive is that it is a game or for fun. Rifling through the Knock Out victim’s pockets or purse is an after thought. There have been fatalities.


There are thousands of these often gruesome beating videos and accounts on the Internet. Some are calling cards put up by the criminals themselves. If anybody can find even a few examples of similar white assaults on blacks, feel free to document the cases in the comments below. If there is significant evidence of white mobbing, I will duly report it. I can’t find any.

Never heard of the Knock Out Game from the mainstream media? The following viral video with 2 million views comes from TJ Sotomayer, a black man who reads these thugs the riot act. Well done, as is the advice to white people who should be alert and at the ready. Older black folks are also targeted and should also be aware.

When you watch these assaults, you will see these are rarely mano-y-mano types of fights. Instead, they are deliberate mismatches of young black men with fighting skills against older victims, smaller people or women. If a stronger individual is marked, they use gangs. As seen in the previous video, the modus operandi are sucker punches and sneak attacks.

Defending against a one punch knockout.


Video defense instructions.

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      • Yes Ms Reporter, I have some information regarding this incident.

        A bunch of filthy watermelon eating niggers just trashed my Walmart and I want them arrested and charged.

        Just imagine a bunch of skinheads marching into the local store in a black neighborhood and….oh….wait….there are no stores in black neighborhoods….wonder why that is?

  1. I like Kelly McCann, Clint Sporman, mentored by the late, great Carl Cestari, Lee Morrison, all carrying on the tradition of WWII combatives. Street survival (dirty business), as opposed to art. Simple, intuitive techniques that can be replicated under extreme duress.

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