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‘Final Destination Reception Facilities’ and Hillary’s ‘Fun Camps’ Await

After yesterday’s post on the fate America Firster Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, it is fitting to bring this to the modern era. It is increasingly apparent the Department of Homeland Security/Department of Defense are going to work a “mental health” ploy and fraud to deep six troublemakers and whoever else they care to. Notice the slew of alleged “knife attacks” of late. In the real world, paranoid schizophrenics and bipolars are fearful and rarely act out violently against others.

Why else would “mental health assistance” be mentioned as a federal emergency support function and the transporting and processing of “patients” at their “final destination reception facilities.” Reception facilities, national ambulance services and weird Hillary’s “fun camps” are bold-faced Orwellian terms that really mean gulags.

The document “Emergency Support Function #8 – Public Health and Medical” is here. It states:

Federal Emergency Management Agency Medical Services include responding to medical needs associated with mental health assistance are executed by ESF #8 in coordination with DHS/FEMA. … primarily for communications, aircraft, and the establishment of base camps.

ESF #8 established the national ambulance contract, which is designed to provide support for evacuating seriously ill or injured patients. HHS will enlist the VA and Department of Defense assets (e.g. the military) in support of providing “transportation assets, operating and staffing NDMS Federal Coordination Centers, and processing and tracking patient movements from collection points to their final destination reception facilities”.

Hillary Clinton on adult “fun diversity camps” that “you all run.” Ha ha, real funny.

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  1. I spent one entire day in college trolling through the depths of the website. Some real sickening shit on there. I couldn’t understand how someone with a conscious or empathy work for FEMA. So devoid of anything that makes us human.

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