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Are the Wikileak Hackers Actually American White-Hat Patriots?

In recent weeks the “DC Leaks” hackers involved with Wikileaks unleashed a successful and sophisticated operation into cracking the emails of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee. They have also managed to work around the controlled media gatekeepers. This also seems to be mostly, or even exclusively, about revealing the truth.

Now comes word that a treasure drove of George Soros’ material is forthcoming. Here are Soros’ Open Society Foundation leaks so far. In addition, ZATO (Zionist Atlantic Treaty Orgainization) emails appear to be hacked, including General Breedlove. More on this player is offered by Der Spiegel in this article. It’s a significant development and points to something major — and dare I say hopeful — in the works that goes far beyond the faux political campaign. “DC Leaks” Twitter can be followed here. Wikileaks in unblemished form comes directly from the source here.

The (((usual suspects))) and their hacks have tried to place this operation at the feet of the Russians.


Although the question of cui bono might point to Russian involvement, I have another glass-half-full explanation. Could it in actuality be the handiwork of American First white-hat patriots who are tired and angry about the hijacking of American foreign policy and politics by Trotskyite neocons?

As I have reported on these events over the last several years, I have constantly asked, “Where are the good guys?” Consider that many patriotic top-ranking military and intelligence officers and officials have been purged, especially under Obama. A synopsis on the military side can be gleaned here. Do these individuals just go out to pasture and play golf? Many are middle-aged, no longer personally ambitious and have the motivation to save the country and stop current trends. They also have the skills and contacts to do it.

I can only speculate about the role of Julian Assange in this. Sometimes it is good to leave some things unsaid, except to pray he stays alive. But there is no doubt about the plans, open intimidation and intent of the (((usual neocohen suspects))). TIME senior correspondent (((Michael Grunwald))) calls for a drone strike on Assange. Is this considered acceptable behavior at TIME magazine? What a lowlife.


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  1. However tasty to have some bashing of the criminal Hillary, there is nothing real about anti-9-11-truth Julian Assange, long ago admitted by both Bibi Netanyahu of Israel, and ultra-crime-syndicate advisor Zbigniew Brezezinski, as being a limited-hang-out fake … Wikileaks are all sanitised & cabal-selected, they massively shield Israel, & the Hillary-bashing is another game in this psy-op

    We already have Hillary’s seizure health problems & FBI investigation of her gangster bribery foundation in major media … Assange is another tool to fool the crowd

    Assange being a fraud is well known to all major global governments; this is why Assange was denied asylum in France the other year after Assange staged some allegedly pro-French ‘leaks’. EU officials laughed – apparently Assange is not ‘living at the Ecuador Embassy’, he’s moved in & out for photo ops & meetings, staying it seems with a Rothschild pal in a big country house

    Understanding the Assange fakery is easier if you understand the parallel hoax & fraud of his crime partner & successor, equally anti-9-11-truth ‘Edward Snowden’ … here the Moscow report on the Snowden & Greenwald fraud, which Vladimir Putin hints at to dopey Westerners too-eager for fake heroes:
    ‘Russia gov FSB SVR report, Snowden, Greenwald are CIA frauds’

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