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A Case Study in Psychopathic Calling Cards

imagesOpportunities abound to awaken the slumbering masses about the psychopathic takeover and take down. I see it constantly; but for the purpose of illustrating this for my readers, I focus on the more blatant examples. One that stands out in particular is the storytelling involving Cassidy Stay and the “murder” of her family. This incident reinforced my awakening. The following video gives the details. This “recovery” and performance of Stay just a few days after trauma is right up there with the in-your-face, “walking with angels,” bravo-sierra recovery of Vicki Gardner after the Roanoke shooting, which awakened many. She even uses the same playing possum ploy as Gardner.

These psychopaths possess a mania for grandiose performance. The psychopath has a clear perception of reality —he or she knows full well what they are doing —but they refuse to abide by society’s morals. Instead, they pursue personal gratification by way of criminal acts.

A good illustration is this photo of the “Stay family” on their charity Gofundme account. The wholesome, unblemished appearance of these people is over the top. I call it “psy-op face.” It is repeated over and over in these emotional appeals [see another example from Charleston]. The same is true of the tiresome use of balloons, angels and ribbons.


The psychopathic Crime Syndicate calling-card clues are there to see, but you have to look and pay attention. I suspect these errors are not sloppiness but rather deliberate. For example, in the following family photo, notice the length of the mother’s arm, and how the little girl’s right arm is missing. Next, notice the tree truck in front of the mother’s left shoulder. Notice all of the strange, disproportionate finger sizes, especially on the boy to the right. He has a tiny pinkie on the right hand and a freakish super-sized pinkie on the left. Notice the odd-size and bowing at the elbow of Cassidy on the left. In aggregate, this is not the least bit subtle.

(Click image to enlarge) Taken from the Stay Family Facebook account and posted on

The ability to utilize influential Crime Syndicate media, with no fear of being reprimanded or of ever being punished for the crime, must indeed be akin to ingesting a mind-altering aphrodisiac and give them great emotional delight and a big rush. They experience a sense of powerful superiority, perverse satisfaction and great hubris. The attitude is, “Ha! Aren’t we pulling one over on them! What control we have over the masses. What swill they can be made to swallow!” They take extreme delight in putting things over the masses, whom they consider inferior and sub-human.

This unique taste for deceit and chicanery is addictive. This performance in plain sight infuses power and mastery over others. It’s what I mean by “black magic.” It’s serious business, it’s ritual witchcraft and without it, their lives would revert to the mundane.

Being deceivers and practitioners of the Black Magic Craft, the psychopaths are more than capable of standing before the cameras and working their schemes and rituals right before our very eyes, pretending all the while they are simply acting normal, or even saintly. It has been said that if one really wants to hide a great secret, he should conceal it in plain sight.

The notorious Robby Parker of Sandy Hook, replete with little child posing with devil horn hand gesture.


8 Comments on A Case Study in Psychopathic Calling Cards

  1. Kind of looks like the daughters hair is blocking the moms shoulder, unless you mean the very tip/corner of her shoulder and the tree trunk? The sons fingers are freakishly long, and the younger daughter’s arms are bendy-wendy.

  2. I wonder if anybody has done a study on the Stay ‘family?’ Were they a manufactured family from the beginning? My bet is they’re off in some kind of witness protection program in some foreign country. Anybody gonna trail Cassidy to see if she reunites with her family someday?

    It seems the family, or at least part of them would have been in on the psyop from the beginning. Kind of like Peter Lanza’s hidden leadership role in the Sandy Hook case, in that instance offering up his son as a sacrifice, someone who was already part of the deep state establishment.

    • The Stay family were and are real people- they of course were not killed in any massacre, but moved to the father-in-laws house in Houston. Both Steve Stay and his wife have current ATT landline phones in their own names.

  3. Cassidy Stay’s message, “Stay Strong” is a not so subliminal communication to other crisis actors. These people are a breed apart. You can see it in their euphoria at having accomplished the con. They are atrocious actors, but the undiscriminating sheeple eat it up.

  4. The psychopaths love proving to themselves that the sheeple deserve it. They can screw up and purposely doctor photos, hire repeat crisis actors, use fake blood that stays bright red over hours, because they know normal people are blinded by the goodness of their hearts.

    I have many friends, most of them ‘progressives,’ some of the most kind and moral people you will ever know, but they have all fallen pray to the deception. They just can’t allow themselves to open up to the fact that such manipulative psychopaths walk among us. To do so would rock their world and cause them to lose faith in their positive view of humanity.

    That’s what’s going on these days – the well meaning sheeple are being led to slaughter while trapped in their self-image of being a good non-racist, non-doubting person. This is a serious disease of the soul. We have to figure a way for people to still feel good about humanity, but to stop hiding from recognizing evil in the world and doing something about it. People are afraid to see the dark side. They just want to stay “positive” and keep to the high road. They think that if they do that, everything will work out fine for them. Meanwhile this pathological debt slavery system we live under slowly degrades our well being and empowers the worst part of humanity to lord it over the unsuspecting.

    • When I first began waking up to this I came on like gangbusters to the sleepers. I would advise caution to those who are newly awakened because you are going to lose friends and colleagues anyway. So proceed carefully with people. You will also lose a chunk of your inner child.

      On the other-hand get well informed and don’t miss an opening to influence. The psychopaths have given us a lot of ammo and low hanging fruit to wake others up to the truth. I think I have developed a resource for this. Don’t be afraid to selectively rattle people’s cages.

      Also you will start to run in to other truthers. They are often in the closet and afraid to reveal themselves. But there are more than you realize. When you run into one you will encounter a special bond that offers some counterbalance to the relationships you will lose when you become an awakened truther.

      • It’s a lonely road for sure. I don’t claim to have “the truth” on anything, but have a discerning eye for anomalies and BS. I suppose you could call them “inconvenient truths.”

        I think the biggest sadness for me is seeing friends duped. It’s not so much my inability to set them straight, but their propensity for lying to themselves. I lose faith in these folks, who otherwise are really great people.

        I suppose part of my quandry is trying to understand how such people compartmentalize their intellect. It’s almost as if certain realizations are off limits. Somewhere along the line they were hamstrung by a belief system that they aren’t aware that they took on. They just can’t accept that the wool is being pulled over their eyes. They think they’re so smart and pride themselves they are nobody’s fool, and in this approach they have backed themselves into a corner. They can’t see the con because they are so invested in their smartness that led them into their original inviolable position.

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