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Trump’s Hillary Meme Taken from /pol/

I am sure Donald Trump has little idea where the memes in his tweets come from. I seriously doubt if the Donald gives more than a glance at them. His recent tweet showing crooked Hillary Clinton and the star of David got quite the reaction from the mainstream media, the Jews and their cognoscenti. The question begs: Where did this meme come from? The answer is that it was created at /pol/ back on June 22. So whoever manufactured the tweet used this Alt-right source for it. Is a /pol/ operative well placed in the Trump campaign? The shit lords in the Alt-right are claiming that Trump is signalling them.


I doubt that. In fact, it is even more likely there is a Hillary operative or mole within that organization pulling dirty tricks. I suspect Trump’s campaign is riddled with moles. Do these dirty tricks followed by the one-trick pony anti-Semite labels and whines work? TNN is more concerned with the truth of the message behind the meme. Is corrupt Jewish political money behind Hillary Clinton? Yes, there is no doubt about that. A number of Jewish publications think so, too, and are openly bragging about it. The Jewish Forward details that over half of Clinton’s super-PAC money comes from Jewish donors and gives some of the names. This is the kind of dirty trick that can backfire as more look into the very real Jewish corrupt money in faux democracy and politics question.

Meanwhile back at /pol/, the following revised version of the Trump tweet is making the rounds on social media.


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