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Police Demonstrate They’re Not Racist with Release of Video Showing They Shoot White People, Too

Police Release Dramatic Footage Of Deadly Shooting Of Unarmed White Man

By Tyler Durden | 14 July 2016

ZERO HEDGE — Perhaps in order to address the public’s perception that all deadly police shootings are focused on minorities in general, and blacks in particular, something we showed is not true recently, the Fresno police overnight released body camera videos showing two officers fatally shooting an unarmed white man amid renewed scrutiny across the United States over the use of force by police.

Dylan Noble was shot and killed on June 25 during a traffic stop by two unidentified police officers who thought the 19-year-old was armed, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer told a news conference. Dyer said the decision to release them was based on public concern over how police handled the incident, which has sparked protests. “I am calling for calm in our community,” he said. The release of the videos comes as police are under sharp scrutiny across the country over numerous high-profile police killings of unarmed black people, sparking widespread and sometimes destructive protests.

In the video, Noble – who subsequently was found to have been unarmed – appears to hide his hands behind his back and walk toward officers, disobeying commands to show his hands, get on the ground and stop advancing.

“I fucking hate my life,” Noble shouts a split-second before an officer shoots him twice. The video then shows Noble continue to reach toward his waist before he is shot twice more, including one shotgun blast from a second officer. The video does not appear to show Noble pulling his hand out “very quickly” before the shooting, however, as Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer told reporters last month. []

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