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Jews Create J-Dar to Rate Jewishness of Movies, Films

The folks at the Toronto Jewish Film Festival have come up with their own in-group film-and movie-rating system called J-Dar (aka Jewish Radar). It rates films on the basis of “Jewishness.”


If it’s good enough for Judaic viewers, then it’s also good for gentiles seeking the opposite — a less Electric Jew infected world, with far less Jewish values. One can easily and quickly search a film for its J-Dar score and decide whether should be avoided like the plague or if it might be OK to view. What a wonderful way to keep young children and impressionable adults away from degenerate trash and the endless demonization of Muslims (see Reel Bad Arabs) and European-rooted whites. #ThanksJews!

Since I am still in recovery from (((Hollywood))) propaganda, I will personally use about a 10% cutoff. That would still be four standard deviations from the Jewish representation in the general population and strikes me as reasonably safe. Perhaps a special feature of TNN in the future will be an index of recommended movies with a low J-Dar score.

At above 20 J-Dar, you probably aren’t missing much. But it is not all hopeless, as there are some passables: “Lion King” 12.44%; “Ted” 12.74%; “Rainman” 16.62%; “Godfather” 12.92%; “12 Monkeys” 10.22%; “Dark Knight” 11.94%; “The Beach” 10.22%; “Reservoir Dogs” 8.35%; “Rambo” 5.84%; “Silence of the Lambs” 10.8%; “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” 1.65%; “Patton” 6.45%; “Gandhi” 6.9%; “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” 15.33%; and “Raging Bull” 13.3%.

Some recommendations and classics based on low J-Dar. Excellent thematic reviews of these TNN recommendations provided by the YouTuber What it All Meant.

“American Psycho” (2000): 0%

“Fight Club” (1999): 1.62%

“Moon” (2009): 0%

“Danny Darko” (2001):  7.98%

“Jacob’s Ladder” (1990): 3.2%

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  1. You do realise, don’t you, that putting triple parentheses around anything marks you out a a vicious twat whose opinions are worthless. Once this mark is seen, no decent person will read the rest of the article.

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