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Zionist Publication Clueless About Third Position Politics

Far Right Russians hold nationalist demonstration. Photo: Vocativ is yet another publication that waxes forth observations and opinion based on the extremist Jewish construct. If it doesn’t fit their tight little “Nazi” box, they profess bewilderment. Author Marc Bennetts writes about the Russian “Far Right” with an upside-down world view and no context of history or political theory. His research involves thumbing his copy of the Oxford dictionary, which is filled with definitions written by whom exactly? What we have here is branding that suits the Jewish view. Sorry, independent Third Position politics doesn’t work that way. Third Position political movements have the right to define themselves how they choose and are not subjected to Jewish or Shabbos Goy smart asses’ world views. They are not required to play your little “neo-Nazi” cat-and-mouse game either.

A little basic history for Mr. Bennetts, since he may have missed European History 101. Of course Russian nationalists are going to be “anti-Nazi.” They associate “Nazis” with the horrific events of WWII.  Many Russian patriots died in that ugly fight. Accordingly, I would be very surprised if very many signed off on the use of even revamped swastikas.

If you were to dig a little deeper, you would see that some — if not many — principles of National Socialism are quite at home with today’s Russian nationalists. That is if these are CORRECTLY DEFINED in their terms, not those of Jewish extremist agitation propaganda. And, yes, some of those concepts are opposition to Jewish supremacists, international banksterism, globalism and cultural Marxism. If opposing those aligned forces is “anti-semitism” (by your definition), than so be it.

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