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The ((( ))) Meme Goes to the Next Level

“Political correctness is a war on noticing.” — Steven Sailer

Readers may have recently seen the use of the ((( ))) echo meme on these pages. For me, this is used as an identifier of malevolent Jewish interests and privilege. I use it so that the curious or concerned can connect the dots about who’s who and the movers and shakers of the Jewish power structure.

To make it clear, I don’t use it for the local Judiac haberdasher, unless that person is part of the system. My goal is to knock malevolent Jewish power off its pedestal. I’ve used the analogy of firing losing football coaches.

That said, the alt-right “shit lords” have really put their memes and aggressive in-the-ring body punches and slams to good use in getting a (((reaction))). As a result, the Jews have resorted to self-identifying as ((( ))). Other non-Jews have “shown solidarity” with this marker.

Incredibly, even the infamous Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has adopted the meme. Are you sure you’re doing this right, Jews? Why would you purposefully raise awareness of an opposition group whose entire fight club strategy is based on memetrics?

For the record, of the 22 Southern Poverty Law Center senior program staff members 15 are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 68%, compared to approximately 2% of the U.S. population.

Meanwhile the (((ADL))) has formed a task force of paid hacks from “law enforcement”, “journalism” and “academia” to go after these fight club trolls. The standard modus operandi of the ADL is to get those involved fired and blacklisted. The effect of this is to further infuriate the trolls and shitlords. And haven’t you just proven the point, that you are a powerful identifiable malevolent in-group with a string puller agenda?

The Jewish supremacists are following Saul Alinsky’s advice of taking your enemies slander and owning it, glorifying it and, in doing so, hollowing out its potency.

The problem with this strategy is that it’s like a cancer patient drinking barium and highlighting where all of the tumors are located within government, media, academia and the financial system. They’re voluntarily outing themselves — and we should avidly encourage them to do so — as a malignant cabal embedded within our society.

Couple this with the growing support for the Israeli boycott, societal weariness with Jewish neo-cohen wars, the Israel police-state security model, the suppression of free speech, the bankster bail-outs, growing anger against cultural Marxist movements and the degeneracy of Hollywood and we can see that we’ve reached peak Jew, the paradox paradigm. From this point forward, tried-and-true Jewish strategies that they think still work when silencing dissent will in reality simply throw more fuel onto the fire.

The Jews are one-trick ponies. Calling critics “anti-semites” and “Nazis” is a tired brand. Repetition of approved memes and omission of other memes gives Jewish commentators a similar one-trick-pony flavor to each other, as they recount the same stale material, sing from the same handouts and use the same verbiage over and over. Their natural dullness seems to rule out anything original.

Even when they do troll, spam and engage in distractionary work, they don’t seem able to do more than ransack the world of old ideas — Orwellian phraseology, ridiculous anecdotes about Germans, and fantasy stories about ill-treatment. Mostly they resort to ((($-who-you-know-and-control))) getting governments and the State involved in clamping down. This has been increasingly centered on the internet of late.

Are Jewish authors afraid that readers, knowing that they are Jewish, will cast doubt on what they say as well as their motives and behaviors? Well, with ((( ))) — whether from their opponents or self-inflicted — they can check their privilege.

Now the alt-right memesters can take this to the next level and shame any Jew who doesn’t put echos around their name.

What’s the matter (((Amy Schumer)))? You ashamed of being Jewish? 

Where’s your solidarity (((Wolf Blitzer)))? Why won’t you support your people?

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